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Providing the highest
quality standards

Automotive Tech News

Car engine oils for
specific automotive needs

  • Keeps your vehicle performing at its best.
  • Optimal selection of motor vehicle fluids for your requirements.
  • Oils for automobiles to the latest Grand Prix cars.

Commercial Vehicles Tech News

For all-season performance
in Commercial Vehicles

  • Trusted port of call for commercial industry operation specialists.
  • Assisting you with maintaining superior productivity levels.
  • Offering you superior service delivery.

Marine Tech News

A 90-year legacy
of Marine lubricant

  • Providing premium quality products for engines and shipboard equipment.
  • Utilizing Mobil's global network of marine lubricant supplies.
  • Optimizing your fleet operations to be efficient and cost-effective.

Aviation Tech News

aviation lubricant

  • "Nose-to-Tail" lubrication products.
  • Technical expertise and services for commercial and general aviation needs.
  • Awarded supplier of pioneering ExxonMobil products.

Latest automotive Tech News Articles :
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Happy Christmas to all our customers - some winter tips if you are Driving home for Christmas

If only driving home for Christmas had the mellow, laid-back vibe of the infamous Chris Rea song. The reality is more likely to involve long, stressful journeys on unfamiliar roads, often with overexcited children in the back. And then there's always the possibility of the ultimate festive nightmare – breaking down on Christmas Day. Peter...

McLaren Mercedes / Mobil1 Technology Partners

Take a look at this video on the McLaren Mercedes and Mobil partnership. ...

Winter driving tips

Winter Driving Tips Take a look at the driving tips below to make sure you're safe on the roads in winter. ...

In preparation for the 2014 extreme winter forecast watch this RAC instruction video on how to top up your vehicle with antifreeze

                        Video transcript: Lift bonnet Explanation that the system is sealed/pressurised so it shouldn’t need to be to be topped up Only check the level when the engine is cold If you have used the...

Extreme weather is forecast for winter 2014/2015. It is advisable to prepare your car for winter now. Read the advice on preparing for winter driving from the RAC.

Preparing your vehicle for winter driving   Keeping your vehicle well maintained is important all year round, but doubly so in winter. For example, worn tyres won't hold the road in wet conditions as well as those with with a good, deep tread. Make sure all exterior lights are working correctly and that windscreen wiper blades...

Don't get burned by high-temperature grease claims

Technical Topic Grease upper-operating-temperature claims Don’t get burned by high-temperature grease claims   High-temperature claims can be confusing Grease upper-operating-temperature claims can be based upon many different tests and standards, leading to significant variability across products and suppliers. This...

Mobil Grease - Learn why this is technology that sticks

Mobil Grease - Learn why this is technology that sticks       ...

2014 40th Anniversary of Mobil 1 - An Odyssey Tooned video

2014 40th Anniversary of Mobil 1 - An Odyssey Tooned video     ...

Hydraulic Fluid Shear Stability

    Machinery and the lubricants that protect them are often exposed to a wide variety of ambient and operating temperatures. As a result, lubricants are often required to maintain good pumpability at low temperatures and sufficient film strength at high temperatures. Prime examples are hydraulic fluids used in industrial and...

Mobil 1 Product Range

Mobil 1: Keeps engines performing like new ...

Advance Synthetic Oils Supporting the Evolution of Vehicle Performance

Advanced Synthetic Engine Oils – Supporting the Evolution of Vehicle Performance Burke Lubricants – Authorised Distributor of ExxonMobil Lubricants and Specialties Much has changed in the world of engine oils over the last 50 years.  Historically, multi-grade lubricants were seen as a technology breakthrough as they...

Mobil Engine Oils

Read how Mobil engine lubricants can benefit your vehicle. For more information on Mobil Delvac Lubricants, please contact Burke Lubricants, your local Mobil industrial lubricants distributor on +353 (404) 20333, or visit ...

Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil For Turbo Chargers

Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil For Turbo Chargers     ...

Mobil 1 cold weather protection

Mobil 1 Performance Advantage   Tests Show How Mobil 1 Peak Life 5W-50 Retains its Exceptional Cold Weather Performance   When it’s freezing outside, the last thing you want is for it to be freezing under the bonnet of your car. That’s why,...

ExxonMobil - Nobody gets hurt

  ExxonMobil - Nobody gets hurt" is not a slogan. It's something ExxonMobil absolutely believes. We don't put any business above safety   ...

Is Synthetic Motor Oil Good for Everyday Cars?

Mobil 1 Research team efforts debunk the top five myths about synthetic motor oils.     ...

News Release - leading synthetic engine oil

Jenson Button bangs drum for world’s leading synthetic engine oil   Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 star Jenson Button demonstrates how to check oil levels and talks about benefits offered by Mobil 1 Research shows vast majority of UK drivers unaware of benefits offered by synthetic engine oils Mobil 1 flows...

Mobil DTE 10 Excel Series

Next-generation hydraulic oils   Introducing the new standard in lubricants for hydraulic systems.   Driven by the harsh lubrication demands of today’s new machinery, the makers of Mobil Industrial Lubricants have formulated the revolutionary Mobil DTE 10 Excel Series. Representing the latest in hydraulic fluid technology,...

Over One Million Porsche Cars Factory-Filled with Mobil 1

The Spirit of Excellence, Declared   2012 lineup latest to feature Mobil 1 engine oil in both the new Boxster and Porsche 911   Industry leaders celebrate at Leipzig factory event   Milestone reflects 17 years of collaboration between Porsche and Mobil 1   LEIPZIG, Germany   Porsche...

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