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“A vexatious afternoon”







Fastest lap

1m31.162s on lap 46 (+2.892s, 10th)


Three:  laps 11 (3.23s), 27 (3.98s) and 44 (4.81s) [Opt-Pri-Opt-Opt]

“My car was pretty scary to drive today:  as soon as I touched the throttle, it just snapped away from me.  It was unpredictable: in low-speed corners, the car was just slow, because I got wheel-spin immediately; in the high-speed stuff, it was just scary, because the rear end would snap away immediately under power.

“I was talking to my engineers for most of the race to try to find out what the root of the problem was, and we switched on quite a lot of handling balance changes to try to cure it.  It got a little bit better towards the end of the afternoon, but it was a pretty tough afternoon.

“Now, we’ll thoroughly look at the data and see what the matter was – it’s something we’ve got to look into.”






DNF – rear break issue (26 laps)

Fastest lap

1m33.387s on lap 23 (+5.117s, 18th)


Two:  laps 21 (4.28s), 26 [Opt-Pri-retired at second stop]

“My pitstop was a scary moment – I didn’t have much rear braking for my whole in-lap, then even less at the stop.  It was scary for the mechanics, but luckily I didn’t hurt anyone.

“My brake issue was separate form Jenson’s problem yesterday; in qualifiying, he had a single disc that wasn’t reaching temperature, but I had no brakes.  I think the rear disc stopped working, so I only had front brakes.

“Things are coming together.  We’re still a long way off the front and need to take bigger steps, but this is a very challenging project and I’m happy that we’re recovering well.

“This has been a disappointing day, but the team will investigate what happened, and we’ll come back stronger in Monaco.”


Racing director, McLaren-Honda

“For all at McLaren, a team that has won the Spanish Grand Prix no fewer than eight times in our illustrious history, it’s superfluous to state that this afternoon has been a more than somewhat disappointing one.

“Fernando was running reasonably well until his race was abruptly terminated by an as-yet-unspecified rear brake problem that caused him to overshoot our pit-box.  That was irksome for all of us, Fernando in particular, but more important is that no-one was hurt.

“As for Jenson, he too had a vexatious afternoon, losing ground right from the start and complaining of poor rear traction thereafter.  He eventually finished 16th.

“We arrived in Spain with robust but measured ambitions: to manage both our cars through to Q2 in qualifying and to score world championship points for the first time this year.  The former objective we achieved; the latter we did not.

Disappointing it was, but disheartening it isn’t.  Yes, we’d all be more sanguine if progress could be made more expeditiously; equally, and importantly, our underlying pace is improving with every race.

“In two weeks’ time we’ll be in Monaco, on whose famously serpentine Tarmac we’ll be hoping to fare appreciably better than we did here in Barcelona today.  McLaren has won at the Principality more often than has any other marque – 15 times to be precise – and, although we aren’t anticipating notching up victory number 16 there this year, I won’t shy away from proclaiming here and now that we’ll be aiming to score world championship points on May 24th.”

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/335 <![CDATA[2015 BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/335 Tue, 21 Apr 2015 14:44:55 +0100 Bahrain International Circuit, Sunday April 19


“The whole team is united and everyone is hugely motivated by the challenge ahead.”









Fastest lap

1m38.992s on lap 38 (+2.681s, 13th)


Two:  laps 13 (3.33s) and 35 (3.07s) [Opt-Pri-Opt]


“We weren’t quite fast enough to get into the top 10, but we finished the race and got a bit more valuable experience with the car, which had been our main objective.

“Everything worked fine on my side of the garage, but unfortunately Jenson couldn’t start the race.  We need to look at many things before the Spanish Grand Prix, and we have three weeks in which to increase our performance and improve our reliability.  There’s a lot of work ahead, but we’re optimistic.

“Its clear that we’re all committed to this project and doing all we can to bring about our eventual comeback.  The whole team is united and everyone is hugely motivated by the challenge ahead.  Hopefully, we can build on what we’ve achieved so far, and see further improvements over the next few races.”









Fastest lap





“Obviously, that was a disappointing day to end a disappointing weekend.

“However, although I was unable to get the running I required, and was also unable to make the start of today’s race at all, it’s clear that our car is improving, and that’s the good news for all of us.

“That’s a result of a lot of hard work.  In particular, I want to say a big ‘thank you’ to the boys in the garage, who worked unbelievably hard all weekend for so little rewards.  Their commitment and team spirit are massively impressive, and I know we’ll get the rewards they deserve in the end.”



Racing director, McLaren-Honda


“Fernando drove hard and well all afternoon, in difficult and frustrating circumstances, and almost scored our first world championship point of the season.

“In the end he finished 11th.  Although that isn’t an achievement that’s likely to to tempt us to start popping champagne corks, nonetheless, following our first appearance of the year in Q2 yesterday, it clearly demonstrates that things are going in the right developmental direction.

“Having said that, we’d love to have been able to put on a better show for our Bahraini colleagues and friends, whose Grand Prix has been as resounding a success as ever.

“As for Jenson, his wretched luck continued today.  The team had worked prodigiously hard to try to ready his car for the race after his technical issues yesterday, but, sadly, during the fire-up we noticed data that indicated an unresolved issue originating from the electrical glitches that had struck during the practice sessions yesterday and the day before.

“We believed that there was a significant likelihood that the issue would recur in running, and would indeed eventually scupper Jenson’s race.  We tried our best to fix it but, sadly, we weren’t able to find a remedy in time for the start.

“That’s disappointing for all of us, and particularly for Jenson, but that’s racing; these things happen and we’ll live to fight another day.

“As we enter the European season, it seems a good time to take stock of our state of play generally.  During the first four fly-away races of the year – Australia, Malaysia, China and Bahrain – we’ve steadily improved our car via a series of developments, the result of which has been a palpable and linear upward trend in performance.  The next race, the Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, is three weeks hence, which affords us time sufficient in which to prepare further upgrades.  We’ll make no predictions as to where they’ll place us, pace-wise, relative to our chief current competitors, but we expect that upward trend in performance to remain linear and palpable.

“Clearly, we aren’t satisfied with our level of competitiveness – our team exists to win – but we’ve made gargantuan strides since the Australian Grand Prix and that’s been a result of tremendous effort by a large number of people, all of whose passion and commitment I hereby take the opportunity to salute.

“I believe the way we’ve approached the task in hand has been characterised by honesty, humility and hard graft, and that’s how we’ll continue to approach it.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  we still have a mountain to climb, but climb it we will; of that you may be 100 per cent certain.”

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/334 <![CDATA[2015 CHINESE GRAND PRIX]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/334 Fri, 17 Apr 2015 10:21:31 +0100 Shanghai International Circuit, Sunday April 12


“It feels like we’ve started the season proper”

McLaren-Honda got both cars safely to the finish in today’s Chinese Grand Prix, Fernando and Jenson finishing 12th and 14th respectively.

Both drivers started on the Option tyre, but then ran contrasting two-step strategies. Fernando switched to Primes at his first stop, which made his car oversteer, before fitting Options for the run to the flag.  Despite a longer- than-planned stop (to clear debris from the rear wing), the softer tyre enabled him to make up significant ground to the cars in front.

Jenson, switched to a second set of Options at his first stop, setting a string of competitive midfield times, before ending the race on the Prime.  He struggled with a lack of rear grip on the harder tyre, which dropped him into the sights of the Lotus of Pastor Maldonado, with whom he enjoyed a spirited tussle for many laps.

Into the closing laps, the action between Jenson and Pastor intesified, the pair passing and re-passing each other before colliding on the high-speed entry to Turn One.  Pastor was pushed into a spin, and the contact broke off Jenson’s right-hand front-wing endplate.  With his car’s balance not too badly compromised, Jenson made it to the finish line in 13th, but was later given a five-second penalty for his role in the Maldonado accident, which cost him an extra place.

The incident enabled the closely following Fernando to move cleanly past.  When a late-race Safety Car period neutered the race, he came home 12th.




Started           18th

Finished        12th

Fastest lap    1m43.728s on lap 40 (+1.520s, 13th)

Pitstops         Two: laps 12 (3.34s) and 35 (3.58s) [Opt-Pri-Opt]

“This wasn’t the easiest race for us.  We weren’t very competitive at the beginning, then we had a few issues with the aero behaviour of the car, which slowed me down in the middle stint, but I was able to push a bit harder on the soft tyre at the end of the race.

“We still need to learn a lot more about this car in order to extract its maximum, but an afternoon like today was extremely useful for us as it enabled us to better understand the car.

“It was a useful race for me too:  my longest stint during winter testing was 12 laps; in Malaysia, I did 22; and here I completed the race, so this is a step forward.

“Hopefully, we can improve again for Bahrain.”




Started           17th

Finished        14th  - finished 13th but received 5s post race penalty

Fastest lap    1m44.991s on lap 21 (+2.783s, 16th)

Pitstops         Two: laps 14 (3.45s) and 32 (3.47s) [Opt-Opt-Pri]

“Today wasn’t too bad – we’re still fighting at the back of the field, which is a shame, but it’s positive to see that we’re progressing.

"My middle stint on the Option tyre wasn’t too bad – I don’t think our pace was too bad at all on the softer tyre – but the Prime was a bit trickier in those closing laps.  A lot of that was due to all the blue flags and traffic I encountered – they meant the tyre temperatures dropped off quite a bit thorough the stint.  It wasn’t easy.

“Regarding the collision with Pastor, I thought there was room on the inside – a collision is something you never want to see happen.  It was just a misjudgement, I guess.

“Still, we go to Bahrain hoping for more progress, although the circuit configuration doesn’t suit us, so heading to Europe will hopefully work out a little better for the team.

“We need to improve at every race because we’re quite a way back.”



Racing director, McLaren-Honda

“First, it’s a real positive for the entire team that we managed to get two cars to finish the race with no issues whatsoever during the race.  I think that’s a great reward for Honda, and we should congratulate them – today’s double-finish is the result of an enormous amount of hard work, much of which goes unappreciated, so I want to personally thank everybody working in Woking, Sakura and Milton Keynes for their efforts.  It’s great that we’re starting to make progress.

“Second, our race pace showed further improvement:  Jenson drove strongly in the middle stint, and Fernando was reasonably quick relative to the others in the final stint.

“Fighting towards the back of the pack still isn’t where we want to be.  We know we’re not in a position to fight for points yet – but, little by little, we’re getting there.  And we must keep pushing to ensure there are improvements coming for every race.”


http://www.oil.ie/news/view/333 <![CDATA[2015 MALAYSIAN GRAND PRIX]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/333 Fri, 10 Apr 2015 01:00:00 +0100 Sepang International Circuit, Sunday March 29

“Able to mix it with the others”

Despite failing to get both cars to the flag, the Malaysian Grand Prix marked a significant step-up in performance for the whole McLaren-Honda team.

The two MP4-30s were the only cars to start the race on the Hard (Prime) tyres, but were able quickly to switch to the Medium (Option) when both boxed during an early Safety Car period. Jenson was delayed at his stop by an issue with the left-front, and was also hampered behind Manor’s Roberto Merhi, who failed to catch the cars in front ahead of the restart.

During the race itself, both cars ran more strongly than they had in Autraila two weeks ago – Fernando ran as high as eighth before an ERS cooling problem required him to stop his car on lap 21. Jenson was able to latch onto a midfield battle but was also ordered to stop by the team. He retired on lap 41 with a turbo issue.


Started 17th
Finished DNF – turbo (41 laps)
Fastest lap 1m46.056s on lap 38 (+3.994s, 16th)
Pitstops Three:  laps 4 (10.66s), 21 (3.80s) and 35 (4.11s) [Pri-Opt-Opt-Opt]


“The start of the race was a bit of a mess for me:  I’d had a longer-than-normal pit-stop under the Safety Car, and came out behind Roberto [Mehri], who didn’t close down the gap before the Safety Car came in. At the restart, I then started about four or five seconds behind the pack, had to get past him, then chased down the cars in front – which hurt my tyres.

“But I enjoyed it out there – we’re actually racing people.  To be able to see one of the Red Bulls ahead of me – and so far in the race – was obviously a nice surprise. And we were able to mix it with the others a little bit more, too. Fighting in the pack is the most positive thing to take away from this weekend – hopefully, before too long, we can start to pick them off on race-by-race basis.

“Today has been a useful day; its just a pity that both Fernando and I ended up finishing it early.”


Started 18th
Finished DNF – ERS cooling (21 laps)
Fastest lap 1m48.460s on lap 17 (+6,398s, 17th)
Pitstops One:  lap 4 (3.24s) [Pri-Opt]


“This whole weekend has been better than I expected.

“The main positive to take away from today is the fact that we were able to run with other cars – Jenson and I weren’t simply fighting with each other. That was the first step we needed to take, and we’ve taken it already.

“Indeed, our race pace was surprisingly good; I was running with the pack, and I was even able to catch the Red Bulls before the pit-stops.  That was a nice surprise.

“We still need a little more time to investigate the exact cause of my retirement. The team came over their audio to tell me to back off a little, to save the car, so I brought it back to the pits.

“For us, these are the sort of reliability problems you’d usually discover in pre-season testing, but, given our lack of running over the winter, unfortunately we’re likely to encounter such issues in the first few races of the year.

“Hopefully, we can take another step forward in China”

Racing director, McLaren-Honda
“The fact that neither Fernando nor Jenson finished today’s race is of course disappointing, but they both drove extremely well in arduous, challenging and frustrating consitions.

“Moreover, in line with the MP4-30’s improved qualifying pace of yesterday, its race pace today was also a significant improvement over what it showed in Melbourne two weeks ago.

“Furthermore, the 62 laps driven by Fernando and Jenson this afternoon has garnered us additional invaluable data that will inform the ongoing intense development programme in which we are relentlessly engaged.

“Last but far from least, I want to say ‘merci beaucoup’ to our mechanics, a mettlesome troupe who have been working indefatigable tenacity, in severe heat and humidity, ever since we arrived in Sepang.


http://www.oil.ie/news/view/310 <![CDATA[Winter Driving Tips]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/310 Thu, 18 Dec 2014 00:00:00 +0000

If only driving home for Christmas had the mellow, laid-back vibe of the infamous Chris Rea song. The reality is more likely to involve long, stressful journeys on unfamiliar roads, often with overexcited children in the back. And then there's always the possibility of the ultimate festive nightmare – breaking down on Christmas Day.

Peter Rodger, chief examiner for the Institute of Advanced Motorists, says the best way to avoid this is by thorough preparation before setting off. "Get your battery checked, check the fluids and tyres. Remember that if you normally drive alone but on this occasion are loading the car with two adults, two children and lots of luggage and gifts, you'll need higher tyre pressure from the ones you have normally.

"It's also important to plan for the weather you'll be driving into – it might be mild in London, but if you're heading for Dundee you'll have to make sure you've got the correct levels of antifreeze and a winter motoring kit in the boot."

A surprisingly high percentage of breakdowns happen because the driver has simply run out of fuel, so fill up before you set off – don't be tempted to save money by only adding £20 worth of fuel. Motorway service stations are contractually obliged to be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but the more remote the area you're driving to the more difficult it will be to find fuel over the festive period.

It's important to keep some breakdown essentials in the car – a fully charged mobile phone, a torch, warm clothes, comfortable and waterproof shoes, hot drinks and snacks. According to AA figures, Christmas Day is the quietest day of the year for breakdowns, with 4,000 last Christmas compared with a daily average of 9,500. But if you're one of the unlucky ones, it can be a horrible experience.

"Every breakdown is stressful," says Brian Barnard, roadside patrol with Green Flag breakdown service. "But if it happens on Christmas Day it's especially difficult. People are often travelling to relatives for Christmas dinner, which tends to be at a set time and difficult to delay. Children can get very upset as they think they'll miss Santa. I was once called out to a priest whose car had broken down en route to taking a service. It wasn't possible to repair his car there and then, but I took him to the church and then got his car back to his home."

Rodger advises planning your journey in advance and not relying on your satnav. "Doing your own research will make life just that bit easier," he says. "Check online and via the radio for any traffic problems. If you're travelling with someone else then share the driving if you can. And if there's a spare adult in the car then arrange for them to be the one who keeps the children occupied so the driver isn't distracted."

Many people drive through the night at this time of year, partly to avoid heavy traffic and partly because children are more likely to sleep during the journey. But Rodger urges drivers not to travel overnight unless they absolutely have to.

"At 3am your body clock will be protesting strongly that you should be asleep and it'll be difficult to concentrate. It's vital to stop at least once every two hours and walk around."

Routes identified by motoring organisations as traffic hotspots for the festive period include the M1, A1 and A1(M) northbound, the M4 westboud to Wales and around Heathrow, the M3, A303 and M5 heading to the West Country, the M23 to Gatwick and the M11 to Stansted. The RAC points out that the M62 over the Pennines is often affected by snow, as is the A1079 between Hull and York.

Above all, don't forget to stay calm. Many people who usually only drive locally find themselves hitting the road for their annual pilgrimage to visit family. These drivers might not be as confident as more experienced ones, and are more likely to be hesitant.

"Don't let yourself get wound up by their behaviour," Rodger urges. "Give them space and let the festive spirit of peace and goodwill extend to other motorists."

Breakdown cover over the festive season

The breakdown organisations below will be operating a normal service over the festive season and on December 25. You can even join on Christmas Day. For other service providers, check before travel. Response times will vary if the weather is severe, but should average about 40 minutes.



0800 887766



0800 212810



0800 051 0636



0800 828282

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/311 <![CDATA[McLaren Mercedes / Mobil1 Technology Partners]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/311 Wed, 17 Dec 2014 06:53:59 +0000 Take a look at this video on the McLaren Mercedes and Mobil partnership. 


http://www.oil.ie/news/view/307 <![CDATA[2014 Brazilian Grand Prix]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/307 Tue, 11 Nov 2014 00:00:00 +0000
2014 Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix

The penultimate round of the 2014 Formula One World Championship goes to São Paulo and the Autódromo José Carlos Pace, better known by the name of the suburb in which it resides: Interlagos. The shortest of the permanent F1 circuits, Interlagos crams a lot into its 4.309km. The 15 turns swoop and dip across the hillside, linking high-speed, full-throttle blasts with an intricate, looping middle sector.

Interlagos offers plenty of overtaking opportunities and, roared on by a huge crowd jammed into the tight confines of the narrow circuit, the race is always captivating.

It’s been the site of some famous McLaren victories, starting with Emerson Fittipaldi in 1974 (on the old, longer version of the track) and in more recent times Ayrton Senna, Mika Häkkinen, David Coulthard, Juan Pablo Montoya and Jenson Button. It was also the venue for the pure theatre that was Lewis Hamilton’s last-gasp World Championship triumph in 2008.

Below are the race statistics:

1. Nico Rosberg

2. Lewis Hamilton
    +1.4 secs

3. Felipe Massa
    +41.0 secs

4. Jenson Button
    +48.6 secs

5. Sebastian Vettel
    +51.4 secs

6. Fernando Alonso
    +61.9 secs

7. Kimi Räikkönen
    +63.7 secs

8. Nico Hülkenberg
    +63.9 secs

9. Kevin Magnussen
    +70.0 secs

10. Valtteri Bottas
    +1 Lap

11. Daniil Kvyat
    +1 Lap

12. Pastor Maldonado
    +1 Lap

13. Jean-Éric Vergne
    +1 Lap

14. Esteban Gutiérrez
    +1 Lap

15. Sergio Pérez
    +1 Lap

16. Adrian Sutil
    +1 Lap

17. Romain Grosjean
    +8 Laps

18. Daniel Ricciardo


http://www.oil.ie/news/view/305 <![CDATA[2014 USA Grand Prix]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/305 Tue, 04 Nov 2014 00:00:00 +0000
2014 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix

The Circuit of the Americas (COTA) was an instant hit with drivers when the US Grand Prix was revived in 2012. This brand new track on the outskirts of Austin attracted a spectacular crowd to the Texan capital, vindicating the gamble to take Formula One out of its comfort zone.

The new circuit features several sections of track that bear more than a passing resemblance to more-established grand prix destinations, including a sweep of high-speed bends reminiscent the Maggotts-Becketts-Chapel complex at Silverstone. COTA’s signature corner, however, is completely original: the daunting Turn One is approached uphill and blind. It offers a choice of several different racing lines and an excellent overtaking opportunity.

McLaren won the inaugural grand prix at COTA with Lewis Hamilton delivering in the MP4-27. It gave the team and Hamilton back-to-back USGP wins, albeit with a long gap back to the preceding race, held at Indianappolis in 2007. These are the latest of McLaren’s dozen victories in America – but our history goes back further still, to Bruce McLaren who, at the tender age of 22, took his debut F1 win in Sebring at the 1959 United States Grand Prix.

Below are the race results:

1. Lewis Hamilton

2. Nico Rosberg
    +4.3 secs

3. Daniel Ricciardo
    +25.5 secs

4. Felipe Massa
    +26.9 secs

5. Valtteri Bottas
    +30.9 secs

6. Fernando Alonso
    +95.2 secs

7. Sebastian Vettel
    +95.7 secs

8. Kevin Magnussen
    + secs

9. Jean-Éric Vergne
    + secs

10. Pastor Maldonado
    + secs

11. Romain Grosjean
    +1 Lap

12. Jenson Button
    +1 Lap

13. Kimi Räikkönen
    +1 Lap

14. Esteban Gutiérrez
    +1 Lap

15. Daniil Kvyat
    +1 Lap

16. Nico Hülkenberg
    +40 Laps

17. Sergio Pérez
    +55 Laps

18. Adrian Sutil
    + secs


http://www.oil.ie/news/view/299 <![CDATA[2014 Russian Grand Prix ]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/299 Tue, 14 Oct 2014 13:36:55 +0100


2014 Russian Grand Prix
Sochi, Sunday October 12


“We got the maximum out of our car today, and our race was good”


Started           4th
Finished         4th
Fastest lap      1m41.964s on lap 47 (+1.068s, 4th)
Pitstops          One: lap 22 (2.93s) [Opt-Pri]


“Well, that wasn’t a bad day at all – I reckon we got the maximum out of the car.

“I had a little scare at Turn Three on lap on, when Fernando (Alonso) and I got very close to each other, but apart from that it was a pretty straightforward race. 

“It was odd that we were able to run so many laps on a single set of tyres today. The Primes [tyres] felt like they could have gone on forever – it was a bit like going back to ‘old school’ racing in that respect. The track surface is in Austin [Texas] is very similar to the track surface here, as it happens, so I look forward to seeing how we fare out there in terms of tyre wear.

“It’s been a tough year for us but over the past few Grands Prix it’s been clear that we’ve been improving. Today’s result, fourth and fifth, is the best we’ve ever had for a little while, and the 22 World Championship points that Kevin and I scored are very welcome from a Constructors’ World Championship point of view.

“Having said that, unless you’re standing on top of the podium, you always want more; that’s the Formula 1 mindset. But believe me: we got the maximum out of our car today, and our race pace was good, but better results still will come soon enough.”


Started           11th
Finished         5th
Fastest lap      1m.43.076s on lap 44 (+2.180s, 14th)
Pitstops          One: lap 26 (2.63s) [Opt-Pri]


“I decided to go flat-out from the start, in an effort to make up as many positions as possible from my P11 grid slot, and it worked; I had a great lap one, and then moved up to P5 very quickly.

“After that though, it cost me dear because I had to do a lot of fuel-saving, especially in the second half of the race.

“Even so, it was a pretty uneventful afternoon for me. It was almost like a chilled-out Sunday drive, in fact, because I was easing off the power 200 metres before the corners in an effort to save fuel. I was really surprised that no-one was able to catch me, in fact; I guess the guys behind me must’ve been experiencing the same problem.

“Overall, therefore, I was pleased to finish fifth – and for Jenson to qualify and finish fourth was a great result in two ways; it meant that together we scored a lot of very valuable Constructors’ World Championship points and it also showed that our car is steadily improving.

“So it’s been a good weekend. We’ve been a bit quicker than we’d expected to be, which was great. Now we need to push really hard so as to carry that improved form forward for the rest of the season.”


Racing Director, McLaren Mercedes

“After a more than somewhat irksome day yesterday, it was a pleasure and a relief to enjoy a trouble-free race today.

“Jenson drove faultlessly all afternoon, defending well against Fernando (Alonso) in the early stages and thereafter serenely holding fourth place until flag-fall.

“Kevin made a stunning start, passing no fewer than five cars before the end of the first lap, and thereby emerging at the end of it in sixth place.

“Like Jenson, he then drove hard and well to the finish, putting in some impressively rapid laps towards to the end of his first stint in order successfully to leapfrog Fernando when they both pitted for fresh tyres, and fuel-saving diligently as the race neared its end.

“And while I’m on the subject of pitstops, I want to pay tribute to our pit-crew, who once again wrought impeccable pitstops; well done, guys. 

“Admittedly, McLaren didn’t get where it is today by finishing Grands Prix fourth and fifth, we know that, but it’s clear that the direction of our improvement is both positive and linear. Moreover, the 22 World Championship points we scored this afternoon have lifted us well clear of Force India in the Constructors’ World Championship, and we fully intend to consolidate that advantage over the final three Grands Prix of the season.

“Finally, on that subject, I want to take this opportunity to congratulate our friends at Mercedes-Benz for having sewn up the Constructors’ World Championship: and effort doughty and result lustrous.”


http://www.oil.ie/news/view/298 <![CDATA[2014 Japanese Grand Prix]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/298 Wed, 08 Oct 2014 01:00:00 +0100




Suzuka, Sunday October 5


“For me, the race doesn’t really matter today.”




Started 8th

Finished 5th

Fasted lap 1m51,721s on lap 33 (+0.121s, 2nd)o

Pitstops Four: laps 1 (during red-flag stoppage), 9 (2.76s), 31 (6.87s – including steering wheel change) and 42 (3.21s) [Wet- Wet-Inter-Inter -Wet]




“For me, the race doesn’t really matter today.


“I haven’t seen anything of Jules’ accident, but the most important thing to say is that all our thoughts are with him, his family, and his team right now.


“It’s an accident that you hope never happens in Formula 1.”






Started 7Th

Finished 14th

Fasted lap 1m53,510s on lap 38 (+1.910s, 9TH)

Pitstops Five: laps 2 (during red-flag stoppage), 11 (2.73s), 15(6.02s – including steering wheel change), 33 (2.12s) and 40 (2.58s)

[Wet- Wet-Inter-Inter- inter- Wet]




“Let’s really hope that Jules is okay. It’s such a bad feeling when something like this happens, so let’s hope and pray for him.


“We did the best we could today, but we had an unfortunate problem with the steering wheel, which basically dropped me out of the race. I tried my best to come back, and get some points, but unfortunately it wasn’t possible to do so.”





Racing director, McLaren Mercedes




“More important than anything else, on behalf of everyone at McLaren I want to say how shocked and sorry we were to hear the news of Jules’ accident. Our hearts go out to him, of course, to his family, and to all at Marussia.


As far as today’s race was concerned, Jenson was the first driver in the field to stop to fit intermediates, and, having done so, thereafter he drove very well all afternoon. Indeed, he may well have finished third had things panned out better for us at the end of the race in terms of Safety Car and pit-stop timing.


“Even so, the 10 points he scored for fifth place may well be useful to us in our efforts to move up the Constructors’ Championship table.


“By contrast, Kevin had a disappointing afternoon. From early in the race his car began to develop electronics issues, which we attempted to ameliorate by replacing his steering wheel in an unscheduled pit-stop.


“After that he was always going to be playing catch-up – and, although he pulled off some good moves, especially his overtake of Daniel [Ricciardo], he was never going to be in with a chance of scoring points here today.


“From here we go to Sochi [Russia], where we’ll all be hoping for a much better weekend, from every point of view.”




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2014 Singapore Grand Prix
Marina Bay Circuit, Sunday September 21

“That was the hardest point I’ve ever earned”


Started           11th (10th following Rosberg’s pit-lane start)
Finished         Retired – 52 laps, power box failure
Fastest lap      1m53.707s on lap 16 (+3.290s, 16th)
Pitstops          Two: laps 14 (2.23s) and 31 (2.32s) [Opt-Pri-Pri]


“I was cueing things up for the end of the grand prix: I’d been looking after the tyres for a whole stint, and I knew
the last five laps were when things were going to get tricky for Valtteri ahead of me.

“I’d just switched the car into a different mode, and the chase was starting to get quite exciting. Then, a few corners
later, the car just died going into the hairpin. Going across the bridge, it just turned off, so I had to stop.

“I’d been really looking forward to the end of the race, because I definitely think I’d have got past Valterri. But it just
didn’t work out – I was pretty unlucky.”



Started           9th (8th following Rosberg’s pit-lane start)
Finished         10th
Fastest lap      1m51.639s on lap 48 (+1.222s, 2nd)
Pitstops          Three: laps 13 (2.33s), 26 (2.34s) and 46 (2.31s) [Opt-Pri_Opt-Opt]


“It was a very, very tough grand prix.

“During the race, I don’t know if there was something wrong with the car but my seat started getting very hot, which
made things extremely uncomfortable for me.

“Without that, I think we could have done better than 10th, but at least we got that one point. It’s better than nothing.

“It was the hardest point I’ve ever earned.”


Racing Director, McLaren Mercedes


“To score just a single world championship point, after two hours’ toil in intense heat and humidity is of course extremely
disappointing for the entire team.

“For Jenson, who was driving exceptionally well in seventh place, cleverly optimising a tricky two-stop strategy, to be forced
to retire with power box failure was an especially bitter blow.

“For Kevin, who had driven such an excellent qualifying lap here yesterday, this afternoon was grueling; there’s no other word.
His first stint was satisfactory, but in stint two he began to experience tyre degradation to a greater degree than we’d predicted,
forcing us to convert his strategy from a two-stopper to a three-stopper.

“To add injury to insult, he was then subjected to severe bodily discomfort as his car’s cockpit began to overheat, necessitating
his holding his arms aloft, first one and then the other in an effort to direct cooling air down his sleeves and inside his race-suit,
which was an unusually painful complication for him.

“In the end, after an impressive plucky drive in extremely challenging conditions, he was able to score a single point for the team.
It was a scant consolation, of course it was, but it’s indicative of his tremendous fighting spirit, and I commend him for it.”


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2014 Italian Grand Prix
Autodrome di Monza, Sunday September 7

 “Superb wheel-to-wheel action – fantastic entertainment for the fans”


Started           6th
Finished         8th
Fastest lap      1m29.245s on lap 35 (+1.241s, 11th)
Pit stops         One: lap 22 (2.93s) [Opt-Pri]


“This wasn’t the result I was after – but it was good fun nonetheless. It’s just a pity that we didn’t quite have the race
pace we’d hoped for: when you start fifth and sixth, you’re not just looking for a points finish, you want a bit more than that.

“If we’d had a clear run, I think we could have done a bit better – but, in the traffic, it was easier for the cars around us to
pick us off than it was for us to pick them off.

“I had an amazing battle with Checo – we took the first Lesmo side by side, which doesn’t happen very often. It’s a pity I
couldn’t get past him – I tried so many times – but he was so strong under braking that to match him into the turns I was locking
up the fronts and the rears, which left me struggling for position on the exits.


“But I was really on the limit. It was superb wheel-to-wheel action – I hope it was great entertainment for the spectators and fantastic
TV for the fans at home.”


Started           5th
Finished         10th (after a penalty)
Fastest lap      1m29.283s on lap 34 (+1.279s, 12th)
Pit-stops         One: lap 21 (2.52s) [Opt-Pri]


“I made a great start – I got up to second into the first corner – but I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep that position, and inevitably I
fell back. Obviously, it was nice to be up at the front for a while, and disappointing that we couldn’t stay up there, but as I say I knew
it wouldn’t last forever.

“It’s unfortunate to come away from the weekend having only scored a single point. Okay, we’re not battling for the world championship,
but we’re still fighting for crucial positions in the constructors’ championship, and the points we lost today would have been very useful from
that point of view.


“It’s frustrating to get another penalty, of course it is, but we’ll analyse them and see what we can learn. Let’s see if we can do something
different next time.”


Racing director, McLaren Mercedes

“Kevin made a truly tremendous start from the fifth place on the grid, which gave him a momentum enough to slip neatly past Felipe
into second place into Turn One.

“Thereafter he drove hard and well, making no errors, but was unable to prevent a number of faster cars from passing him over the
next 53 laps.

“In the closing stages he and Valterri were involved in a spirited and entertaining dice – the kind of wheel-to-wheel racing that Formula 1
fans thrill to see – and in our view he was unfortunate to be penalised for what we saw as a legitimate defence. But the stewards’ decision
is final, and as a result of it Kevin ended up being classified 10th.

“Jenson drove a typically controlled yet combative race, finishing ninth on the road, which became eight as a result of Kevin’s penalty.

“As a team we scored only five world championship points today, which was quite a lot fewer than we’d expected to score, but there are
positives to take from the weekend too; our qualifying pace was strong and our race was solid, as I said yesterday it’s clear that we’re making
sure and steady progress.

“The next race, the Singapore Grand Prix, will be run on a tight and torturous circuit whole layout could hardly be more different from flat-out
speed-bowl that is Monza, but, on fast circuit or slow, you may be well sure that we’ll be doing out damnedest to score as many points as possible
in an effort to consolidate our fifth place in the constructors’ championship.”


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2014 Belgian Grand Prix

Spa-Francorchamps, Sunday August 24


“Formula 1 delivered a magnificent afternoon’s entertainment here in Belgium today”




Started           10th
Finished         6th
Fastest lap      1m53.483s on lap 38 (+2.972s, 8th)
Pistops            Two: laps 13 (2.80s) and 29 (2.39s) [Opt-Opt-Pri]

“We played the long game today – most people were making their pit-stops early – and I felt like I kept the tyres in good condition.

“I also had a lot of fun out there, especially racing Kevin [Magnussen], Sebastien [Vettel] and Fernando [Alonso] at the end.

“In the final laps Kevin and I didn’t touch, although I had to back off a bit at Turn Eight, where Fernando ran off as he and Kevin were dicing. I lost a place to Fernando there, which was a bit of a shame, and in turn a place to Sebastien after that, but as I say I really enjoyed it out there.

“It’s such a fantastic circuit; driving here always feels so good.”




Started           7th
Finished         12th (after receiving a 20-second penalty, having finished 6th on the road)
Fastest lap      1m54.203s on lap 28 (+3.692s, 15th)
Piststops         Two: laps 11 (3.21s) and 23 (2.50s) [Opt-Opt-Pri]

“Despite being penalized after the race, I have to say I enjoyed the weekend. I had great fun out there this afternoon – I was involved in exciting racing on an awesome circuit.

“It was a tough challenge, because everyone around me had slightly fresher tyres than I did, and they’re all great drivers: they’re not the easiest guys to keep behind. So I just tried my best to defend my position as well as I could.

“Changing the subject. I wasn’t to say how brilliant it was to see so many Danish fans in the crowd. The support I’ve had this weekend has been incredible - I’ve never experienced anything like it, to be honest.

“Last but not least, it was good that Jenson got past Fernando at the end, to score some useful points for the team.”


Racing Director, McLaren Mercedes


“Before I say anything else, I want to pay public tribute to Formula 1, which delivered a magnificent afternoon’s entertainment here in Belgium today.

“On the most daunting racetrack on the Formula 1 calendar, there was cut and thrust all through the field, and the resulting spectacle must have made for fantastic television.

“Throughout, Jenson and Kevin were in the thick of it, and it was great to see them racing the Red Bull’s and the Ferraris fast and hard. They both drove extremely well, exhibiting redoubtable derring-do, and, although they raced wheel to wheel with each other, they never touched.

“From here we go to Monza, another classic low-downforce circuit, where we’ll be hoping to capitalize on our steady ongoing performance development and score a useful number of World Championship points.”




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2014 Hungarian Grand Prix

Hungaroring, Sunday July 27


“We tried our best, but it didn’t work out”




                             Started           7th
Finished         10th
                             Fastest lap      1m29.156s on lap 50 (+3.432s, 13th)
                             Pitstops          Three: laps 8 (6.40), 15 (3.42s) and 37


“I’m glad it was an exciting race for the fans, but it was a tough afternoon for us. We didn’t make the right decisions today.

“The opening laps in the rain were great: I got up into fifth – which wasn’t a bad position for us – but it went downhill from
there. As the track started to dry, we thought it was going to rain again – unfortunately, however, we were the only ones thinking that.”



MP4-29-04 * new chassis for Sunday

Started           Gridded 21st (qualified 10th, but started from the pitlane due to yesterdays Q3 accident)
Finished         12th
Fastest lap      1m28.883s on lap 41 (+3.159s, 10th)
Pitstops          Two: laps 15 (2.70s) and 39 (2.51s) [Int-Opt-Pri]


“We didn’t make the best of things today, but having started from the pitlane, don’t think I really lost too much by choosing to
stay on the inter when everybody pitted for dries. I know we took a risk to wait for more rain, but I think we had to take that risk.

“I don’t think things would’ve been much different if we’d made a different strategy call, but we now need to sit down with the engineers
and strategists to discuss it.

“Once we switched to the Prime, we didn’t have the pace to challenge for too many points. After a race like today’s, we just need to stay
positive and look for areas where we can further improve. The whole team now has the opportunity to take a break, rest and return feeling
stronger than ever. I want to thank everybody for their hard work, spirit and determination throughout these first 11 races – we can come back
and achieve better thing in the second half of the year.”


Racing Director, McLaren Mercedes

“Formula 1 put on a great show for its fans today – but, unfortunately, it wasn’t a great afternoon for the team.

“We worked hard to make the most of the tricky conditions at the start of the race – but it didn’t go our way. That’s frustrating, but, equally
that’s racing – it happens sometimes. We made the wrong call, but, in such a topsy-turby race weather-wise, sometimes there are some very
narrow margins involved.

“If things had panned out differently, we may have had a good afternoon – but we don’t dwell on the maybes. We’ll learn from this experience
and we’ll move on. We tried out best today but it just didn’t work out for us – that’s a shame for both Jenson and Kevin, because they both drove
very well in some difficult circumstances.

“This isn’t a great reward for the team after a lot of hard work, but we’ll regroup over the summer, and learn from our mistakes, and work hard to
improve our fortunes for the second half of the season. There are positives to take away from many of our performances this year, but areas where
we can still work harder. I want to wish the whole team a restful and relaxing summer vacation, and we’ll come back ready to work even harder to
return McLaren to the front.”

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Hockenheimring, Sunday July 20

“We expected more today”


Started           11th
Finished         8th
Fastest lap      1m21.346s on lap 64 (+1.438s, 8th)
Pitstops          Three: laps 31 (6.17s), 31 (2.15s), and 61 (2.65s) [Opt-Pri-Pri-Opt]


“I got a good start – I was running as high as sixth in the early stages – so things were looking okay. But I think we got the strategy
wrong when we made our second stop. I’m not sure why we stopped so early, but it made it extremely difficult for me to keep the set
of tyres alive until the end of the race, which was the plan at that point.”

“The strategy didn’t work out for us, which was a shame, but we’ll learn some useful lessons from it.

“When I felt the hit from Lew [Hamilton, on lap 30], I was a bit surprised. A lot of drivers take a wider entry line into Turn Six in order to
get a better exit – perhaps Lewis expected me to let him past, but why would I let anybody through? We were racing.

“We expected more from today.”


Started           4th
Finished         9th Fastest lap      1m20.224s on lap 56 (+0.316s, 2nd)

Pitstops          Three: laps 1 (8.54s – nosebox change), 29 (2.15s) and 53 (2.90s) [Opt-Pri-Pri-Opt]


“A real pity: I think I could’ve had a decent race if I hadn’t had the accident at Turn One. I need to see a replay of the accident,
but I feel that, if I’d had somewhere to go, then there wouldn’t have been contact with Felipe. I did my best to try and avoid the accident,
but there wasn’t much else I could do.

“I spun after that, and had to box to change tyres and the noxebox. Then I spend the first half of the race coming through from
the back of the field. Really, it wasn’t the best thing that could happen.

“Still, there are some positives from today – the car behave extremely well; the rear tyres held on – which is something new for
this car, it’s usually a bigger problem to keep the rears alive, but today it was okay.

“I’m happy to come away with some points, but I’m disappointed because we could have scored more. I hoe we can be on the pace
and get a decent result in Hungary next week.”



Racing Director, McLaren Mercedes

“Obviously, we’re extremely disappointed with this result. This should have been a day when we scored a useful clutch of world
championship points; instead, we go home having lost ground to all our key rivals, which is extremely frustrating.

“Kevin’s turn one incident at the start was very unfortunate; he’d made a great getaway, and was pushing to stay close to Valtteri Bottas.
Massa was on the outside and probably didn’t see Kevin, who was on the inside line, and nowhere to go. Kevin was quite blameless in
the accident, so it’s even more annoying that it destroyed his chances of finishing in the top four.

“However, I think Kevin deserves commending for the level-headed drive he posted thereafter; with the promise of a good result lost,
and having been relegated to the very back, it would have been very easy to lose focus, but Kevin drove with great maturity. Two points
is scant reward, but he worked hard for them today.

“Jenson drove well, too; he showed tremendous fighting spirit even when the odds were somewhat stacked against him. His was a very
aggressive strategy, which, as the race wore on, we began to appreciate wasn’t going to succeed. Despite some great defending, Jenson
was ultimately powerless to stop other drivers from leapfrogging him as his tyres faded away.

“We’ve worked hard to get ourselves into a situation where we can score good points regularly, so today was disappointing. Still, the
Hungarian Grand Prix is but one week away, and we’ll be doing our best to score some good points before the onset of the summer break.”


http://www.oil.ie/news/view/282 <![CDATA[ 2014 Santander British Grand Prix Race Report]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/282 Wed, 09 Jul 2014 10:25:48 +0100  

Started                       3rd
Finished                     4th
Fastest lap                  1m38.284s on lap 52 (+1.108s, 5th)
Pitstops                      One: lap 28 (2.73s) [Opt-Pri]


“Circuits with high-speed changes of direction aren’t really our car’s forte, so I think we can go away from Silverstone
feeling encouraged by what we achieved this weekend. Specifically, it w as great to have such a good fight with Fernando
(Alonso), and it was encouraging to be able to pull away from him and Sebastien (Vettel) in the last stint.

“At the end, I crossed the line only 0.9s behind Daniel Ricciardo); if there’d been just one more lap, I think I could have made
it past.

“I got so close to a podium finish – and I think it would’ve been so great for the fans to see Lewis and me up there together.
I’m sorry it didn’t quite happen, but I want to say a big thank you to all the fans, and to my family, and last but not least to the
entire McLaren team – everyone has been so supportive this weekend.

“Looking to the future, although today has seen us take another step forward, it’s apparent that we still have a lot of work to do:
for example, even though Williams started behind us (on the grid), they still beat us today.

“Nonetheless, we’re certainly not giving up. On the contrary, it’s important that we continue to work hard to develop this car,
so as to score as many world championship points as we can this year and learn as much as we can for next year.”


Started                       5th
Finished                     7th
Fastest lap                  1m38.677s on lap 32 (+1.501s, 10th)
Pitstops                      One: lap 27 (2.81s) [Opt-Pri]


“Today has been a good day for the team – we scored 18 points – so we should feel reasonably satisfied, because
we’re continuing to improve. Also, the engineers and mechanics did a truly great job this weekend. Having said that,
all the other teams are continuing to improve, too; so our challenge is really about making progress faster than the others do.

“My race went okay – we struggled a little on the Option (tyre), and we had much better pace on the Prime. It’s always
frustrating when you slip back through the order a bit – but I made a really good start to be third initially, and after that I
struggled to keep the Ferrari and Red Bull behind.

“So, as I say, I think we should be reasonably satisfied with seventh place. But I’m really pleased for Jenson, who was able
to score a great fourth place for the team.

“Last but not least, I want to pay tribute to the Silverstone fans. It’s been fantastic racing in front of them all today, especially as
so many of them are McLaren fans. I’d love to have finished a bit higher for you guys but I don’t think we had the pace today.”


Racing Director, McLaren Mercedes


“We’re satisfied that we were able to convert a good qualifying performance yesterday (P3 and P5) into a decent race
result today (P4 and P7).

“In achieving that outcome, our engineers and mechanics here at Silverstone didn’t put a foot wrong, and they deserve
credit for getting the absolute maximum out of the package that they have at their disposal at the moment.

“Obviously, we’d like to have scored more points still, especially as Jenson missed achieving his first ever British Grand
Prix podium finish by a whisker.

“Indeed, once Nico (Rosberg) has retired, we decided to target a third-place result for Jenson, but in the end it wasn’t quite
possible. Nonetheless, he drove a superb race and richly deserved the 12 world championship points he scored here today.

“Kevin drove very well, too, making a storming start to be third into Turn One and ending up a solid seventh at the flag.

“We hadn’t expected to be competitive at this circuit, whose many fast corners we felt wouldn’t suit MP4-29’s aerodynamic
envelope, so we’re pleased to have scored 18 points here.

“More broadly, as I’ve said before, it’s clear that we’re making progress, even if that progress is necessarily not as rapid as
we’d ideally like it to be, and I’m confident that progress will continue; we’re on track.”

“Last but no least, on behalf of all at McLaren, I want to say how relieved we all are to hear that our old friend Kimi (Raikkonen)
is okay following his hefty lap-one shunt. “


http://www.oil.ie/news/view/279 <![CDATA[Austrian Grand Prix Race Report]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/279 Tue, 24 Jun 2014 08:53:16 +0100


2014 Austrian Grand Prix

Zeltweg, Sunday June 22


“We got everything out of our package this weekend”




Started                       11th

Finished                     11th

Fastest lap                  1m12.858s on lap 60 (+0.716s, 8th)

Pitstops                      Two: lap 27 (2.62s) and 58 (2.45s) [Pri-Pri-Opt]


“I’d hoped we could make up some places today, but it’s never easy to overtake around here. We went for a different strategy –
starting on Primes – but it didn’t really work for us.

“At the start, Nico [Hulkenberg] pushed me wide at the exit of Turn One – there was no real need for that as there was enough room
for both of us – so I lost a couple of places. From then on, my race was all about sitting in the train, waiting for people ahead of me to pit,
and trying to make my strategy work – which in the end I couldn’t. It was a long afternoon’s work for the 11th place.

“I’m now really looking forward to Silverstone.”




Started                       6th

Finished                     7th

Fastest lap                  1m12.746s on lap 53 (+0.604s, 7th)

Pitstops                      Two: lap 10 (2.86s) and 40 (3.01s) [Opt-Pri-Pri]

“I really thought we were going to finish sixth today, but Checo [Perez] just had too much pace at the end of the race. That wasn’t great,
but it’s positive that we’re making improvements. We’ve made progress this weekend, but we still need to keep pushing: we still need
to find good, efficient downforce.

“Still, I think we got everything out of our package this weekend. It’s tough racing in the midfield pack, like we did today, but we’re going
to get there. It’s maybe difficult to see it from the outside, but, believe me, we’re making improvements all the time.”



Racing director, McLaren Mercedes


“Kevin drive extremely maturely all afternoon, balancing the need to turn fast laps when required with the ever-present necessity
to manage tyre wear.

“For the first half of the race, he was able to maintain a steady sixth place, bext of the rest behind to the Mercedes-Benz, the two
Williamses and Fernando’s [Alonso] Ferrari. He did well to hold that position until lap 66, when running on worn Primes, he was
unable to prevent Checo, running on fresh options from passing him.

“Jenson was never quite able to compensate for his less-than-optimal grid position, but he nonetheless did his level best to capitalize
on an adventurous race strategy which in the end didn’t quite work out. As a result,  he was able to finish only 11th, through no fault of his own.

“In summary, then, seventh and 11th isn’t the result we were hoping for, but, as I said yesterday, we’re on the right development path,
even if the gains we’re making are frustratingly incremental at the moment. We’ll continue to work as hard as we possibly can in an effort
to gradually enlarge those gains, but it won’t be an instant fix.

“Even so, we’re much looking forward to the Santander British Grand Prix, at Silverstone, the spiritual home of British motorsport, where,
once again, you can be well sure that Jenson and Kevin will both be driving their hearts out in an effort to put on a good show for McLaren’s
many UK-based fans, who’ll be cheering them on from the packed grandstands all around the circuit.”

















http://www.oil.ie/news/view/278 <![CDATA[2014 Canadian Grand Prix]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/278 Wed, 11 Jun 2014 12:43:31 +0100

2014 Canadian Grand Prix

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Sunday June 8


“I fought my way through at the end”





Started           9th

Finished         4th

Fastest lap      1m 18.759s on lap 64 (to 255s. 5th)

Pitstops          Two laps 14 (2.84s) and 39 (4.47s) [Opt-Pri-Pn]


What a fantastic race. Big congratulations to Daniel – I’m a big fan of his, he’s a great guy and he’s obviously got the skills.  Your first grand prix victory is always very special to very well done to him.

The opening stint on the Option tyre was tough going for me so I decided to jump off it quite early and move to the Prime.  But then I just kept coming up on traffic – there were cars everywhere, if you were racing against a single car, it was easier to get past but if you were in a bunch it was tough enough because lots of drivers were able to use the DRS.

Still, I fought my way through at the end I had a little dice with Fernando and Nico [Hulkenberg] – Fernando almost hit Nico at the hairpin and had to dive down the inside. Then they both ran wide and I got down the inside of both of them.

On the final lap, you never want to see an accident like Felipe and Checo’s – but fortunately, they both got out of their cars okay, which was good.

“We came out of this weekend knowing that there’s a better overall feel to our car – it’s encouraging that we’re making progress in a straightforward race I wouldn’t have finished fourth, but we did a good job today and ought to be happy.  These points are helpful, and they’ll spur us on to do another good job in Austria.”


Started        12th
Finished    9th
Fastest Lap    1m 18.819s on lap 56 (+0.315s  6th)
Pitstops        Two laps 12 (2.43s and 45 (3.14s) [Opt-Pri-Pn]

“Before the race.  I told myself that I’d be happy if I could score some points this afternoon.  Getting both cars home in the top 10 was great for the team but we know there’s still work to do to catch up with the teams ahead of us in the championship.”

“Everyone is pushing so hard at the moment so we just have to try and push that little bit harder.  At the moment.  I think we’re finding our way – there are a lot of good things happening back at MTC – and the whole team is working flat-out doing a really great job.”

“This was a bit of a challenging and frustrating race for me it’s tough when you have to focus on looking after the tyres – I was racing Vergne for a long time at the end of the race but I just didn’t have the pace to get past him.”

“Still, I think we can be encouraged – we have some positive steps in the pipeline but it’s still reality tough-going for us at the moment.  We just need to be patient and things will start to come our way.”

Racing director, McLaren Mercedes

“Firstly, it’s worth saying that, as both a sporting event and as a piece of pure spectacle, this afternoon’s Canadian Grand Prix was an absolutely fantastic showcase for Formula 1.  As always, this circuit created the circumstances for an incredible race some tense battles and the sports newest-ever victor.  Daniel Ricciardo Bravo.  Daniel – yours was an exceptional performance today.”

“Secondly, we’re also fortunate to be able to pass on our best wishes to both Felipe and Checo, both of whom escaped uninjured from a frightening accident on the last lap, it’s a testament to the safety work that the sport tirelessly undertakes that both men are able to walk away from such a sizeable impact.  We wish them both a full and speedy recovery.”

“As Jenson said yesterday, eventful races like these really demonstrate the strength in depth of out trackside and strategy operation we didn’t have the raw pace to finish fourth, but a combination of good strategy calls some excellent pits-to-driver communications and aggressive drives from both drivers pushed both cars into the points.”

“Jenson showed the never-give-up attitude that has served him so well at this circuit in the past, he started the penultimate lap in eighth position and finished the race in fourth, making a brilliant move at the hairpin on lap 69 to overtake Nico and Fernando.”

“Kevin’s pace has been extremely strong all weekend but his grid position, and the closeness of the cars around him, meant that much of his race was spent battling with traffic.  After his pitstops, he did well to push back strongly in the second half of the grand prix.”

“We take 14 points home from this weekend – let’s hope we can continue to rack them up once we return to Europe.”


http://www.oil.ie/news/view/277 <![CDATA[Monaco Grand Prix Race Report]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/277 Wed, 28 May 2014 11:47:28 +0100

2014 Monaco Grand Prix

Circuit de Monaco, Sunday May 25


“It was messy out there”





Started           12th

Finished         6th

Fastest lap      1m21.047s on lap 42 (+2.568s, 12th)

Pitstops          One: lap 25 (2.80s) [Opt-Pri]


“This was a typical Monaco Grand Prix – it was messy out there’ people were making mistakes; there were cars all over the place; you had to stay focused; keep up with the pack, and look after the tyres, using them when necessary.


“For entirety of my final stint, I looked after my tyres and dropped back into the clear air behind Kevin. Then it was just about pacing myself to the end. I couldn’t quite get past Nico [Hulkenberg] at the end – he was struggling with his tyres, but whenever I pushed, I struggled as well, so I couldn’t make it stick.


“In the closing laps, we had a good little battle, but it’s so tough when you’re shoved up behind another car. It’s difficult enough as it is, but when you can’t really see anything because there’s a car in front, if it’s even more difficult.


“This wasn’t a bad result for us – I just wish I could have picked off Nico at the end. It’s just a pity that Kevin’s late-race problem meant we couldn’t get more points for both cars at the finish.”




Started           8th

Finished         10th

Fastest lap      1m20.657s on lap 75 (+2.178s, 8th)

Pitstops          One: lap 26(6.76s) [Opt-Pri]


“Despite a lot of things going against us today – the long hold due to traffic at my pitstop, the unsafe release in front of me in the pitlane, and the engine issue – I can draw a lot from the fact that our car felt really good. That’s a real positive: it might be hard to see from the outside, but things are moving forward within the team.


“There were lots of little issues – Jean-Eric’s team probably didn’t calculate his release properly – it’s never the driver’s fault – it’s just one of those things that happens. And it was a pity I didn’t get to finish the battle with Nico [Hulkenberg]; I’d been saving my tyres in the expectation that Nico would struggle, but then I had a problem with my power-unit, which dropped me back.


“I’m still not really sure what happened with my car at the end of the race. And I didn’t see what happened with Kimi – I went to the inside to block his entry inot the hairpin, but he chose to move anyway. It’s hard to overtake here, but he tried and it didn’t work. That’s racing.”



Racing director, McLaren Mercedes


“Sixth and 10th isn’t where we want to be, but we have to be realistic and acknowledge that this was a good performance – both from the perspective of the team, who worked brilliantly together, and also from both drivers, who drove tenaciously all weekend.


“Finishing 10th will be tough for Kevin to accep – he looked set for at least sizth place until the closing laps, when a problem with his power-unit dropped him down the order in quick succession. Fortunately, we were able to rectify the problem so he could proceed, but the incident with Kimi obviously didn’t help.


“As usual, Jenson showed all his customary flair and experience to relentlessly move up the order from 12th on the grid. He was always well positioned to benefit from the incidents and action ahead of him and judged the second Safety Car (to recover Adrian Sutil’s damaged car0 to perfection, choosing to dive inot the pits at exactly the right time.


“Finally, I just want to pass on my congratulations to Jules Bianchi, john Booth, Graeme Lowdon and everybody at the Marussia team fro scoring their very first world championship points today. Jules drove fantastically all weekend, and ninth place was a fantastic reward – not only for Jules’ charging drive, but alos for the team’s efforts all season to improve and develop their car. “


“They’re a fantastic bunch of guys, and they really deserve this today.”


http://www.oil.ie/news/view/272 <![CDATA[Spanish Grand Prix Race Report]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/272 Mon, 12 May 2014 10:09:25 +0100 Spanish Grand Prix Race Report

Posted on Sunday, 11 May 2014 16:30 (BST)

"We learnt something useful today"

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Sunday May 11

Today was another disappointing race for McLaren. 

From eighth on the grid, Jenson had a difficult first lap, scrabbling for grip and dropping to 13th. That setback was to dictate the rest of his afternoon, as he spent most of the race on the fringes of the top 10. A delayed second pitstop, during which he was held in the box owing to traffic, meant that he couldn’t use strategy to his advantage, and he eventually finished 11th.

After yesterday’s qualifying problem, Kevin started an unrepresentative 14th, but made a strong start, and battled alongside Jenson for much of the first lap before running wide at Turn 13. He then tapped Sebastian Vettel as the pair entered Turn 14, which dropped him to 15th. Like Jenson, though, he went on to drive a hard, committed race, closing the gap to his team-mate throughout the final stint to finish 12th.

At the chequered flag, the pair was separated by just 0.657s – a strong indication that each got the maximum from his car this afternoon.






Fastest Lap:

 1m30.563s on lap 43 (+1.645s, 10th)


Two: lap 17 (2.59s) and lap 36 (5.30s) [Opt-Opt-Pri]



"The start and the first lap cost me a lot of time, and my second pit-stop compromised my strategy.

"During the first two stints, it felt like we were making progress, because we were faster than the cars in front. But we gambled on taking the second stop early, thinking we could jump one of the Force Indias, but Daniil’s [Kvyat] Toro Rosso followed me in, and caused my release to be delayed by a few seconds while he came past me in the pit-lane.

"Then I came out of the pits just in front of Lewis [Hamilton], who was lapping me. He was running old tyres, while I was on fresh rubber; I had to let him past, but it delayed me a bit more.

"Nonetheless, I think we learnt something useful today. I’ll be staying on here for next week’s test, so hopefully we can learn a bit more again and make further progress. The test should be useful – not necessarily for Monaco, but for two or three races down the road.

"The midfield is extremely close, so even small improvements will make a difference."






Fastest Lap:

1m30.318s on lap 43 (+1.400s, 7th)


Two: lap 19 (2.92s) and lap 41 (2.68s) [Opt-Opt-Pri]



"Today was pretty hard work.

"I made a good start, and was having a really good first lap. Then, into Turn 13, I went side by side with Jenson and went wide onto the marbles. As I came back onto the circuit, Sebastian [Vettel] hadn’t seen me, and our cars briefly touched. Luckily, there was no damage to either of our cars, so we could both carry on without problem.

"I knew it would be difficult to go forward from 14th on the grid – the midfield is very tight, so making progress is extremely tough. Moreover, today there was little to choose between the Option and the Prime, which meant we couldn’t use a different strategy from the others’ in an effort to make up places.

"If we’d started where we should have [ie, without the qualifying problem], I think we could have scored some good points today. As it was, there wasn’t much we could have done out there other than what we did."


ERIC BOULLIER - Racing Director, McLaren Mercedes

"Yesterday, our qualifying form showed that we’d taken a small step forwards in terms of performance, although that increment was somewhat disguised by the power-unit issue that prevented Kevin from setting a time in Q2.

"Today, we were unable to translate that small step into points-scoring form, largely as a result of the fact that Jenson lost a few places on lap one and Kevin had started from P14 through no fault of his own.

"Their lap-one scrap was combative but clean, and after that they both drove very well in difficult circumstances, Kevin eventually crossing the line in Jenson’s wheel-tracks, less than a second behind, after an excellent and spirited drive.

"Next week Jenson and Stoffel [Vandoorne] will conduct a two-day test for us here in Barcelona, during which we hope to build on the small step we’ve taken recently.

"We know our journey to full competitiveness won’t be a short one, but it’s already clear that the trend is in the right direction."


http://www.oil.ie/news/view/269 <![CDATA[Chinese Grand Prix Race Report]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/269 Thu, 24 Apr 2014 10:41:45 +0100 Chinese Grand Prix Race Report

Posted on Sunday, 20 Apr 2014 11:00 (BST)

"We know what we have to do, and we’ll work night and day to do it"

Shanghai International Circuit, Sunday April 20

That was a difficult weekend for the whole McLaren team.

After qualifying 12th (Jenson) and 15th (Kevin), both drivers struggled in the midfield throughout the race. Kevin was the sole starter on the Prime tyre, running until lap 17 before making his stop for Options. Jenson was the first runner to stop, after complaining of graining during his first stint – he changed from Options to Primes on lap seven.

Both drivers pushed back into the fray to run 13th and 14th at half-distance. Two further stops (Jenson, Primes, on lap 28; Kevin, Primes, on lap 31) saw the order settle with Jenson running 11th, chasing Daniil Kvyat, and Kevin in 13th, trying to close down Jean-Eric Vergne.

They finished in those positions: 11th (Jenson) and 13th (Kevin).






Fastest Lap:

 1m43.375s on lap 30 (+2.973s, 18th


 Two: lap 7 (2.44s) and lap 28 (2.51s) [Opt-Pri-Pri]



"It was pretty difficult out there. It felt a little bit like qualifying yesterday: we just couldn’t get the front tyres working – they just grained.

“We’ve got a few upgrades for the next grand prix, in Barcelona, but they won’t be enough to close our performance gap to the fastest cars. But the guys are doing their best, and a result like this is disappointing for everyone, especially for the mechanics and the guys back at the factory, because they’ve all been working so hard."






Fastest Lap:

1m42.701s on lap 33 (+2.299s, 12th


Two: lap 17 (3.56s) and lap 31 (2.62s) [Pri-Opt-Pri]



"It felt like a long race, because there wasn’t much I could do out there.

"Our car lacks downforce – that’s its main problem. The way it’s set up, and how it feels, has always been positive; it’s just low on grip, that’s all. So, clearly, we need to work as hard as we can to create that missing downforce.

"I know the guys back in Woking are doing their best, and I have faith that they’ll deliver that downforce before too long."

ERIC BOULLIER - Racing Director, McLaren Mercedes

"Our car isn’t competitive enough, we know that, its deficiencies mostly the consequence of insufficient downforce.

"Furthermore, the Shanghai circuit is front-limited – in other words it punishes lack of front-end grip. That being the case, the fact that we’ve been unable to get sufficient heat into our front tyres in the chilly weather conditions we’ve experienced this weekend has further compromised our performance here.

"There’s a three-week gap between now and the Spanish Grand Prix, and we’ll work flat-out between now and then in an effort to address our car’s shortcomings. We know what we have to do, and we’ll work night and day to do it."

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/267 <![CDATA[Gulf Air Grand Prix Report]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/267 Thu, 10 Apr 2014 09:07:10 +0100

McLaren Mercedes
Bahrain International Circuit, Sunday April 6
“Only one team were demonstrably quicker than us today, sadly they were a lot quicker than us”
Jenson Button
Started 6th
Finished DNF (Classified 16th)
Fastest lap 1m39.565s on lap 37 (+2.545s, 10th)
Pitstops Two: lap 17 (2.55s), lap 35 (2.93s) [Opt-Opt-Pri]
“In terms of pace, we took a step forward this weekend.
“Moreover, our degradation was positive and I think we did a very good job understanding our tyres. 
“Only one team were demonstrably quicker than us today – Mercedes – but sadly they were a lot quicker than us. Having said that, our long-run pace was very good, especially over the last few laps, so I reckon we could have raced very hard to finish on the Primes. But unfortunately I didn’t get that opportunity. 
“It’s tough for all the team, because they worked really well and really hard. We were set for the fifth place at worst and a podium finish at best, and that would have been a very positive outcome for all of us. 
“In summary, then, there was lots of good racing out there – I can’t even remember how many cars I overtook but it was quite a lot – and I think it was the same for almost everyone out there. I really enjoyed it, in fact. 
“Formula 1 may have new power units and technical regs this year, but it’s clearly every bit as good as it ever was in terms of on-track spectacle.” 
Started 8th
Finished DNF
Fastest lap 1m40.108s on lap 40 (+3.088s, 14th)
Pitstops Three: lap 14 (2.71s), lap 25 (3.59s) and lap 38 (3.36s)
“That wasn’t a great race for me. The start wasn’t ideal – I lost three positions – and after that we just didn’t have enough pace to make progress towards the front. 
“We’d been expecting that the colder conditions might help us, but, as things panned out, we were actually a little less strong here than we were in Malaysia, for some reason. 
“We’ll analyse that carefully, and I’m sure we’ll learn from it. We’re learning all the time, in fact. 
“It’s disappointing that we didn’t score points today – two DNFs is never pleasant for any team – but we’ll approach the Chinese Grand priz with the aim of doing quite a bit better than we did here in Bahrain. 
Racing director, McLaren Mercedes
“Well, it goes without saying that we’re leaving Bahrain bitterly disappointed. 
“We didn’t have the fastest car tis weekend, we know that, but, had our cars not both been afflicted with clutch problems towards the end of the race, triggering retirements, at least we’d have been leaving with some more championship points on the scoreboard. 
“In fact, had Jenson’s car run reliably to the flag, there’s every chance that he’d have been fighting for fifth, fourth or potentially even third place. 
“Granted, minor placings aren’t what McLaren is all about – on the contrary we exist to win – but a third-, fourth- or fifth- place finish would have been extremely welcome in terms of our achieving what we’d set out to accomplish in these early-in-the-season fly-away races: namely, steadily pick up the championship points while we develop our car’s performance envelope for the beginning of the European season in Barcelona. 
“Anyway, from here we’ll go back to Woking, where we’ll work as hard as we possibly can to improve our cars for Shanghai, where we’ll be hoping to put up a significantly better showing than we did here in Sakhir this evening." 

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/266 <![CDATA[Malaysian Grand Prix Race Report]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/266 Tue, 01 Apr 2014 10:47:53 +0100 Malaysian Grand Prix Race Report

Posted on Sunday, 30 Mar 2014 13:00 (BST)

"We got the best from the car, but still need to improve"

Sepang International Circuit, Sunday March 30

From eighth (Kevin) and 10th (Jenson) on the grid, both drivers made clean getaways. However, Kevin tangled with Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari as the pair jostled for position into Turn Two. The resultant contact shattered Kevin’s left-hand-side front-wing end-plate, losing him downforce during his first stint and causing him to drop behind Jenson, and struggle to keep both Williams drivers at bay.

Kevin stopped for fresh tyres on lap nine, during which pit-stop the team also fitted a new nose-box to his car. However, soon afterwards, he was awarded a five-second stop-go penalty in respect of his coming-together with Kimi, which he took at the start of his second pit-stop. Despite those setbacks, he pushed hard until the end, finishing ninth, his second consecutive points finish in as many grands prix. 

Jenson’s race was incident-free – he vaulted Kevin to run seventh in the early laps, expertly keeping Felipe Massa’s Williams at bay throughout the first stint. He gained another place when the Red Bull of Daniel Ricciardo was delayed by a number of issues in the middle of the race. Then, in the closing laps, he put up a spirited defence, again facing an attack from Felipe, to come home sixth. 

With four points finishes from four starts in 2014, McLaren currently sits second in the constructors’ world championship.







Fastest Lap:

 1m46.039s on lap 47 (+2.973s, 11th)


Three: lap 13 (3.18s), lap 25 (2.83s) and lap 39 (3.35s) [Opt-Opt-Opt-Pri]


 23 (4th)

"It was hot out there this afternoon! And when you’ve spent all that time watching the two Williams battling in your mirrors, it makes it feel even hotter.

"Still, it was an enjoyable race, and I couldn’t really have expected more. I think we got the most we could out of the package this afternoon, and I didn’t think I’d be finishing sixth after the way the car had performed earlier in the weekend. 

"It’s encouraging for all the guys that we called both the pit-stops and the fuel usage perfectly throughout the race. I also want to say a big ‘thanks’ to everyone back at the MTC [McLaren Technology Centre] for working so hard to bring the updates to the track. Every little helps. 

"Nonetheless, there’s no getting away from the fact that we’re still weak in the high-speed corners; this car does have its strengths, but we’ve got a lot of work to do. We got the best out of the car today, but we know we still need to improve."







Fastest Lap:

1m45.373s on lap 44 (+2.307s, 8th)


9 (15.1s + front-wing change), lap 24 (3.76s +5.0s stop-go) and lap 39 (2.68s) [Opt-Opt-Opt-Pri]


 20 (5th)

"I’m sorry for the team that I messed things up going into the second corner, with the incident with Kimi. I think we could have scored some good points today, so I’m disappointed with and for myself, too. Grands prix are long races, so I shouldn’t have made a mistake like that so early on in the afternoon.

"But that sort of stuff happens sometimes – and, when it does, you just have to learn from it, and I will.

"After the incident, it wasn’t easy to recover, and we struggled with the high track temperatures, and in the high-speed corners, too.

"As I say, I’ll learn from this race and I’ll see what I can do at the next one. It’s good that the Bahrain Grand Prix is so soon; it’ll feel good to put this one behind me, and move on."

ERIC BOULLIER - Racing Director, McLaren Mercedes

"Clearly, we’d expected to be leaving Sepang with rather more than the 10 points we scored here this afternoon. 

"Having said that, Jenson drove a faultless race, moving steadily from his P10 grid slot to P6 at flag-fall. Had qualifying gone better for him, perhaps he could have finished a little farther up, but probably not much. 

"Kevin made a good start, but, as he shaped up to pass Kimi’s Ferrari, the two cars touched, causing a puncture for Kimi and a broken left-side front-wing end-plate for Kevin. 

"Kevin’s first pit-stop was consequently elongated by our need to fit a replacement nose-cone assembly, which deficit was compounded by the stop-go penalty he was awarded soon after. 

"Such races are a Formula 1 rookie’s rights of passage, inevitable and unsurprising, but Kevin’s reaction was impressive from two perspectives: first, he put his head down and drove his heart out for the remainder of the afternoon, recovering very well to finish ninth at the finish; and, second, he apologised to the team unreservedly on the slowing-down lap, which wasn’t strictly necessary but was good to hear all the same.

"Overall, then, despite having got both our cars to the finish in points-scoring positions, we’re far from satisfied; but we’re working tirelessly to improve things, and that’s exactly what we’ll do. 

“From here we go to Bahrain, where we hope to spice things up a bit by putting on a better show in the home race of our principal shareholder, Mumtalakat."

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/264 <![CDATA[Australian Grand Prix]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/264 Wed, 19 Mar 2014 10:24:56 +0000


“As a team, we can be very proud of the job we did today”


Albert Park, Sunday March 16

Starting from fourth (Kevin) and 10th (Jenson), both drivers began the race on Pirelli’s Option tyre; Kevin stayed fourth in the opening laps despite a scary sideways moment as he powered off the startline, and Jenson ran in 11th place after steering clear of the first-corner chaos.

Both drivers gained a position after Lewis Hamilton’s retirement on lap 3. Jenson took full advantage of the race’s Safety Car on lap 11, which was brought out to allow marshals to clear debris from the track after Valtteri Bottas brushed the wall at the exit of Turn 10. Jenson’s pitstop was incredibly well timed, allowing him to duck in to the pitlane at the last moment on lap 11 to make his first stop (3.10s), switching to another set of Options. He fully capitalised on the situation to emerge sixth.

Kevin stopped a lap later – also under the Safety Car – and took on a set of Options (3.35s). Throughout the middle stint, both cars held position, Jenson sitting closely behind the battling Fernando Alonso, while Kevin maintained a steady gap to second-placed Daniel Ricciardo.

The team boxed Jenson early, on lap 32, to switch to Primes (3.31s), using the undercut to vault both Alonso and Nico Hulkenberg, and emerge fourth. He began to close down Kevin, but his slightly older rubber meant he ultimately held this position until the chequer. Kevin’s second stop on lap 37 (2.93s, Primes) allowed him to narrow the gap to Ricciardo. He closed to within a second, but was just unable to pass the Red Bull driver. Nevertheless, as a result of Ricciardo’s exclusion, Kevin’s second-place finish makes him the most successful F1 rookie since Jacques Villeneuve managed the same feat in the 1996 Australian Grand Prix, also in Melbourne.

By virtue of getting both cars to the finish in high-scoring positions, McLaren now leads the constructors’ championship.

Drivers’ championship                                        Constructors’ championship

1 Nico Rosberg                     25                            1 McLaren                              33

2 Kevin Magnussen              18                            2 Mercedes AMG                   25

3 Jenson Button                   15                            3 Ferrari                                  18

4 Fernando Alonso               12                            4 Williams                              10

5 Valtteri Bottas                      10                            5 Force India                         9

6 Nico Hulkenberg                8                              6 Scuderia Toro Rosso        6

7 Kimi Raikkonen                  6

8 Jean-Eric Vergne               4

9 Daniil Kvyat                         2

10 Sergio Perez                     1




Started                   4th

Finished                 3rd

Fastest lap             1m32.917s on lap 39 (+0.439s, 5th)

Pitstops                 Two: lap 12 (3.35s) and lap 37 (2.93s) [Opt-Opt-Pri]


“It’s just fantastic to be on the podium! What happened today just feels surreal. Being on the podium in the first race of my Formula 1 career – it’s amazing.

“My ‘moment’ at the start was quite scary – I got on the power a bit too quickly, and nearly lost it. But the car was fantastic today – I was always able to place it exactly where I wanted, and I had the pace to fight the Red Bull. I had a bit of a go at Daniel towards the ends of the race, but didn’t quite have the speed to get past.

“I want to say a big congratulations to the team for doing such a good job over the winter and for working so hard to prepare me for this – it’s just crazy!

“Where do we go from here? Well, we need to continue improving. And I’m sure we will. I’ll try to learn as much as I can, and to carry this experience forward to Malaysia. It’s a completely different circuit, so there’s no guarantee we’ll have the sort of speed we showed here today, but I’m sure the team will keep pushing as hard as they’ve done already this year.

“I’m very happy, and I’m sure the guys are happy to be leading the constructors’ world championship, as indeed I am too. That’s a big boost, and the guys completely deserve it.

“Me? I’ll just keep pushing as hard as I can.”




Started                   10th

Finished                 4th

Fastest lap             1m33.186s on lap 57 (+0.708s, 7th)

Pitstops                 Two: lap 11 (3.10s) and lap 32 (3.31s) [Opt-Opt-Pri]


“It was a great drive by Kevin today – I had a lot of fun chasing him and Daniel down at the end of the race, but my tyres were several laps older than theirs, so it was always going to be tricky. Still, I had a good race – the car’s balance wasn’t quite right when I was in traffic – I struggled with understeer when I was behind people – but the car worked very well in clear air.

“For some reason, it seems to be more difficult to overtake now than it used to be, so we had to do it during the pit stops. During my second stop, we damaged the nose – which made it a bit cooler in the cockpit! – but the guys did a great job of putting me in the right place at the right time. When the Safety Car came out, I quickly dived into the pit lane at the last second – which gained me a couple of places. And then the second stop gained me a couple more. They were both great calls.

“As a team, I think we can be very proud of the job we did today. I don’t think we expected to be leading the constructors’ world championship at the end of this weekend, but I think the pace in the car is generally there: in clear air, we seem capable of fighting every team except one. I’m really looking forward to getting back in the car in Malaysia.

“It’s been an emotional day for me, but it’s been great to have my sister, my fiancée and lots of friends around me, so that definitely helped.”


Racing director, McLaren Mercedes

“To be in first place in the constructors’ world championship is a very nice feeling, but let’s not forget that today’s race was only the first of 19, and I’ll be a lot happier if we’re still in first place in the constructors’ world championship after the 19th race!

“Having said that, I’m not making any predictions, and it’s clear that we’ve got a lot of work to do in order to close the performance gap between our car and the fastest car.

“Kevin scored 18 of the 33 constructors’ world championship points we racked up today, Jenson 15, and both guys drove superbly.

“Indeed, Kevin’s drive was one of the finest performances by a Formula 1 rookie in living memory. Despite his youth and inexperience, he drove like a man who’d notched up 100 grands prix already. It was a complex and challenging race, yet he managed those complexities and challenges faultlessly.

“Jenson recovered skilfully from his disappointing qualifying result, which was the result of his not being able to put in a final quick lap owing to inopportune yellow flags, and drove the sort of measured yet combative race that he’s become famous for.

“Finally, I want to give a huge amount of credit to the guys, not only here in Melbourne but also in Woking and Brixworth, who have done such sterling work to deliver such a solid and reliable car for Kevin and Jenson to race here today.

“Our next stop is Malaysia, which will be hot and hard. But we’re ready for the challenge.”


Matt Bishop                                              

Group head of communications & public relations 



Steve Cooper                                                  

Media manager



Silvia Hoffer Frangipane

PR officer



Follow McLaren Mercedes online:







http://www.oil.ie/news/view/263 <![CDATA[Mobil and McLaren celebrate 20-year partnership in Formula 1 with special Mobil 1 and Mobil livery at the Australian Grand Prix]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/263 Fri, 14 Mar 2014 06:31:41 +0000

ExxonMobil and McLaren will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of their technical and commercial relationship by featuring a special Australian Grand prix livery that will include both Mobil 1 and Mobil brands.

ExxonMobil began its relationship with McLaren in 1995, with its Mobil 1 synthetic lubricant brand, developing new lubricants and fuels designed to help improve the race team’s performance, efficiency and reliability.

This weekend’s race in Albert Park will mark the partnership’s 333rd event together.

McLaren COO Jonathan Neale said:

“We are privileged to have worked closely with ExxonMobil. During the 332 races together, we have achieved four world championships, 78 wins, 229 podium finishes and 76 pole positions – a huge testament to our powerful technology partnership. Seeing Mobil fuels branding alongside Mobil 1 on the MP4-29 is a great recognition of the relationship’s contribution to performance over our two decades together.”

Artis Brown, global motorsports manger, Mobil 1, added;

“To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Mobil 1’s relationship with McLaren, we are looking forward to showcasing a special branding scheme during the first race of the 2014 season. There is a lots of energy entering this race. Not only are we celebrating our 20th anniversary with McLaren, but we are also welcoming Kevin Magnussen into the team. When you combine these elements with the introduction of the new V6 engine, this should be a very exciting weekend.

“We are proud to celebrate our relationship with McLaren this weekend and are looking forward to and exciting season.”

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/254 <![CDATA[Sam Michael - Technical Lowdown: McLaren Mercedes MP4-29]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/254 Mon, 27 Jan 2014 07:54:41 +0000 See Sam Michael, McLaren Mercedes Sporting Director, giving an in-depth insight into the 2014 McLaren Mercedes MP4-29. Take a closer look at the technical specifications of the 2014 Formula 1 season. View the video below.


http://www.oil.ie/news/view/249 <![CDATA[Mobil Industrial Lubricants and McLaren]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/249 Thu, 12 Dec 2013 00:00:00 +0000 These two companies have been racing partners since 1995 with the Exxon providing expertise to allow McClaren to win three Formula 1 Driver championships.


http://www.oil.ie/news/view/248 <![CDATA[POST-RACE REPORT: 2013 BRAZILIAN GRAND PRIX]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/248 Tue, 03 Dec 2013 00:00:00 +0000 POST-RACE REPORT

VODAFONE McLaren Mercedes



Autodrome Jose Carlos Pace, Interlagos, Sunday November 25

"A great way to end the year"




Started 14th
Finished 4th
Fastest lap                   1m16.450s (+1.014s, 7th)
Pitstops Two: laps 20 (2.95s) and 43 (3.94s) [Pri-OptoOpt]
Points 73 (9th)









"For Checo, myself and the whole Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team, today was an incredible day.


"I'm pleased to have finished fourth: it's almost the podium position that I cam here aiming for. We really needed today's result.


"The 2013 season hasn't been an easy one - it's been tough for all of us at the circuits, but it's probably been tougher for the guys back at the factory, working flat-out to make parts. They're a really amazing bunch of totally passionate and utterly dedicated people, and they richly deserve the 'lift' that today's result will have given them.


"I'm also pleased for Checo. He won't be with us next year, but he drove a great race today. Well done, mate.


"I also want to say a big 'thank you' to Vodafone. Vodafone has been an absolutely incredible title partner, and we've also had a lot of fun together - both on and off the track. SOme of the videos they made with us have been truly brilliant. I'm sad to see them leave, but I guess nothing lasts forever.


"This is a great way to end the year, and now our focus turns squarely to 2014. McLaren is an incredibly strong and powerful organisation - and, believe me, we will fight back."




Started 19th (following yesterday's five place grid penalty for an unscheduled gearbox change)
Finished     6th
Fastest lap             1m16.246s (+0.810s, 5th)
Pitstops Two: laps 19 (2.58s) and 44 (2.46s) [Opt-Opt-Pri]
Points 49 (11th)










"What a contrast today was to yesterday, when we were unlucky to lose five grid positions owing to a gearbox-change penalty, but I think we made a very strong recovery this afternoon.


"I was praying for heavier at the end of the race, so that I could have a go at making up some more positions. But unfortunately I had to save fuel in the final laps, which meant I couldn't really attack Nico [Rosberg] as heard as I'd otherwise have been able to.


"I've learnt so much from everyone at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, the best team I've ever raced with, and I wish every single one of them all the best for the future. I wish Jenson and Kevin all the best for the future, too.


"I think I've grown up a lot this year - both as a racing driver and as a man - and I think I'll be an even stronger competitor in the future as a result."



Team principal. Vodafone McLaren Mercedes


"Unboubtedly, that was our best grand prix of the year.


"It's frustrating to have to say that after a race in which our drivers finished only fourth and sixth, but it's also true.


"Moreover, the manner those results were achieved was heartening indeed: both Jenson and Checo had difficulties in qualifying, through no fault of their own, but the way they charged through the field from their lowly grid slots this afternoon was seriously impressive.


"It also illustrated very creditable trace pace, which was good to see.


"Having said all that, 2013's been a long, hard and disappointing year. Nonetheless, I want to take this opportunity to pay particular tribute to our trackside mechanics and engineers, who are without doubt the best in the pit-lane. That's not only my opinion, by the way; the stats bear it out, too.


"As of today, McLaren became the first team in Formula 1 history to have both its cars classified in every grand prix during the season. 


"And, also as of today, McLaren completed 99.7% of the season's total possible distance - 7139 miles [11,488km] out of a possible 7198 miles [11,584km] - which is not only better than every other team managed this season but is also a new world record, beating the previous record of 98.0% set by BMW-Sauber in 2008.


"Those two stats constitute compelling proof of the fact that our trackside mechanics and engineers possess the three D's in impressive abundance: dedication, determination and discipline. Well done, boys, I'm proud of you.


"Today, Jenson broke a record, too, becoming the first British F1 driver to start 247 grand prix, eclipsing the previous British milestone of 246 set by our old friend David [Coulthard]. And the way Jenson drove today proves that he's hungry and as competitive as ever he was.


"Checo also drove a superb race today, surging from 19th on the grid to sixth at the flat, and I'm personally delighted that he was able to end his year McLaren with such a fantastic performance. As I've said many times, he's a fine driver. He's also a lovely guy, and the way he's conducted himself over the past 10 days, in particular, in extremely challenging circumstances, has been hugely impressive. He's a class act.


"Today we also have to bid farewell to our title and total communications partner Vodafone, after seven seasons in which together we won one  world championship, here at Interlagos, in 2008, perhaps the most dramatic denouement in Formula 1 history, and also scored 34 grand prix wins. Vodafone has been a fabulous partner for McLaren, and has contributed in not only funding but also technology. Moreover, our partnership delivered all the marketing objectives that Vodafone has set for it, and gave its clients and customers a lot of fun, too.


Finally, I want to say something about the future. Formula 1 is a relentlessly demanding sport, and next season's new regulations are already presenting all the teams with a daunting array of technical challenges - not only power trains but aerodynamics, too. For quite some time we've been working extremely hard on those technical challenges, and our focus will be unstinting and unwavering from now onwards, throughout the winter. 


"In other words, the 2014 season starts this evening."







http://www.oil.ie/news/view/244 <![CDATA[POST-RACE REPORT - 2013 UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/244 Mon, 18 Nov 2013 00:00:00 +0000 VODAFONE McLaren Mercedes


2013 United States Grand Prix

Circuit of the Americas, Sunday November 17


"Formula 1 has now found its spiritual home in the USA"






Fastest lap




1m41.830s (+1.974, 15th)

One: lap 22 (3.17s) [Opt-Pn]




"To be honest , I was expecting to achieve a little more than seventh today.


"On the opening lap, I managed to push past Fernando [Alonso], and the car initially felt pretty strong. After that, however, between about lap 10 and lap 15, the tyre degradation started to kick in, and we struggled relative to the others around us. They seemed to be coping with the [tyre] deg[radation] a little bit better than we were.


"But, more importantly, I want to say a big 'thank you' to all my Mexican and American fans for the support they've shown me all weekend.


"They came here to watch me perform, and, while I would love with all my heart to have given them a better result than seventh, it was still amazing to have their support throughout what has been a difficult but very special weekend."











1m41.285s (+1.429s, 12th)

One: lap 20 (3.39s) [Opt-Pn]

61 (9th)





"Even though I was only battling for a single world championship point, I still wanted to do the best job I could this afternoon.


"As in all the past few races, I made contact with another car on the first lap - and the contact broke my left-hand front-wing endplate. It wasn't quite as bad as in Abu Dhabi, but it still left me with quite a lot of understeer. 


"We considered changing the nose-box at the pit-stop, but instead, the mechanics added some extra front wing, and that helped to re-balance the car. It still wasn't ideal, because losing downforce at the front doesn't affect only the front-end, it affects air-flow across the whole car aswell.


"Still, I enjoyed the race. The first 30 laps, during which I was stuck behind Felipe [Massa], were particularly tough, but I was able to make some good moves at the end, and that made our day a bit more interesting.


"How, I'm hoping for a trouble-free, exciting and prosperous final grand prix of the season in Brazil next weekend."



Team principal, Vodafona McLaren Mercedes

"Both Checo and Jenson drove very well in trying circumstances here this afternoon, hampered in their efforts to make significant forward progress by a pit-stop strategy that didn't quite work out for either of them and a circuit whose layout makes overtaking extremely difficult.


"We opted to put both our drivers on early one-stop strategies, in an attempt to allow them to 'under-cut' their nearest rivals, but, as I say, as things turned out we failed to gain any advantage by doing that. 


"That being the case, Checo drove a solid and controlled race to come home seventh, which was in face the position from which he'd started the race, further underlining how difficult it was to overtake here today.


"Jenson started from P15, owing to a troubled qualifying yesterday, but thereafter drove an excellent race, skilfully nursing a car whose left-hand front-wing endplate had been significantly damaged in a lap-one contact with another car. Despite the understeer handicap that that damage has caused, however, Jenson was able to record some impressive lap-times - and, driving with measured aggression all the while, climbed the leader-board to 10th place at the finish, expertly controlling his tyre wear, and taking a very hard-earned world championship point by pulling off a slick yet spectacular passing manoeuvre on Daniel [Ricciardo] on the race's penultimate lap.


"That move marked a fitting end to a frustrating weekend for Jenson, but I hope he'll take some comfort from the knowledge that today he equaled our friend David's [Coulthard] all-time record of 246 grand prix starts by a British driver. He'll establish a new benchmark of 247 grand prix starts by a British driver next weekend in Brazil.


"Talking of Brazil, which will be the final grand prix of gruelling 19-race schedule, we'll now make our way to Sao Paulo as determined as ever to do our utmost to score as many world championship points as we possibly can and thereby consolidate our fifth-place position in the constructors' world championship, No, finishing fifth isn't what McLaren is all about, but I want to say a big 'thank you' to our mechanics in particular, who have worked very hard and extremely diligently to ensure that our reliability has been first-rate this season even though our relative competitiveness hasn't.


"Last but not least, once again I want to pay tribute to the Circuit of the Americas, and all who sail in her. Undoubtedly, Formula 1 has now found its spiritual home in the United States, and I think I speak for all at McLaren when I say that we love visiting Austin Texas and are already looking forward to coming back again next year, where we'll be aiming to compete closer to the front of the field than we did her today."


http://www.oil.ie/news/view/238 <![CDATA[Spirit of McLaren - 50 years in the making]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/238 Thu, 07 Nov 2013 07:32:09 +0000 12 world champion drivers - 8 constructors world champions, why McLaren will never give up. Celebrating 50 years of achievement.





http://www.oil.ie/news/view/237 <![CDATA[Post-Race Report- 2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/237 Wed, 06 Nov 2013 13:42:43 +0000 VODAFONE - McCLAREN MERCEDES

2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Yas Marina Curcuit, Sunday November 3

Jenson did a truly brilliant job of tyre management







Fastest lap:

1m45.435s (+2.001s, 8th)


Two: lap 6 (2.80s) and 27 (2.59s - puncture)


35 (12th)


"This was a very complicated race – and harder than we'd expected.

"I struggled a little on my first set of Prime tyres, and I’m not too sure why. We had bad rear tyre degradation and poor traction overall. We'd opted to run with minimal downforce in the hope of being able to pass other cars in the race. But, despite that, in the event I found it difficult to overtake, and the face that I spent a lot of the race stuck in traffic therefore made things very difficult.

"Still, it was a positive to be able to take ninth position from Adrian [Sutil] on the very last lap – one more point for the team may not sound much but it's always helpful.

"The next race is in Austin [Texas, USA]. I can't wait to go racing again so close to my home [Mexico], and to see the people who've supported me so well during this difficult season."







Fastest lap:

1m46.336s (+2.902s, 17th)


Two: lap 2 (8.21s - front wing) and 11 (2.69s)


60 (9th)


"You make your own luck when you start down in 12th - where first-lap congestion is inevitable - and, sure enough, there was a little bit of argy-bargy into Turn One. I duly locked-up both my front tyres, couldn’t slow the car down sufficiently, and drove into the back of Paul [di Resta], which broke my front-wing end-plate.

“It's a real pity to keep on having first-lap incidents, especially when the car is working reasonable well now.

"I've been in a similar situation for the past two races, and things haven’t really gone my way. Still, I managed 44 laps on the Prime - and, in terms of getting the most out of what we had, that felt positive.

"So, all in all, given how far behind we were after lap two [when he made his unscheduled early pit-stop], to finish so close to 10th by the chequer wasn't so bad."


Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

"Checo was unfortunate in that he spent a lot of the race stuck behind slower cars - and, although he showed his fighting spirit at the end by passing Adrian for ninth place, ultimately his was a disappointing result.

"Jenson was unlucky to incur front-wing damage at the start, as a result of contact with another car, triggering an unscheduled early pitstop. However, thereafter he did a truly brilliant job of tyre management, running the Prime for an extremely impressive 44 laps [from lap 12 to lap 55, inclusive].

"Had that early mishap not occurred – and had he instead been able to drive the first 44 laps of the race on the Prime - undoubtedly he'd have been able to finish very strongly and thereby score a decent number of world championship points. So that was a great pity, because as I say, he drove beautifully and in my view a performance of that quality deserves to be rewarded with world championship points. But that's racing.

"From here we travel to Austin, where we hope that Formula 1 will once again put on a spectacular show in a market that's full of avid racing fans and is of course also crucial to most if not all of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes' many partners."

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/235 <![CDATA[Post-Race Report- 2013 INDIAN GRAND PRIX]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/235 Thu, 31 Oct 2013 09:53:35 +0000



Buddh International Circuit, Sunday October 27

“It’s always sweeter when you perform well under pressure”



Started                  9th

Finished               5th

Fastest lap          1m28,503s (+0.824s, 4th)

Pitstops                Two; laps 28 (2.43s) and 33 (3.79s) [Pri-Opt-Pri]


“Unlike the past two or three weekends, I was finally able to enjoy a clean race without any bad luck”

“Fifth place is a great result for me. Without question, I have a lot of pressure on my shoulders, but it’s always sweeter when you perform well while under pressure. I’m extremely satisfied.”

“In the closing laps, it was a fantastic feeling to get past Kimi [Raikkonen] and Lewis [Hamilton] in a single move. I just braked as late as I could for Turn Four to try and keep Lewis behind – and I managed to do it.

“it’s been a tough season, but today’s result is a promising sign and really motivates the whole workforce ahead of the last three races, where we’ll be doing our best to get more strong finishes under our belts.

“Finally, I want to say big congratulations to Sebastian. He’s shown over the past few years that he’s a truly great champion. He’s had a great season; what he’s achieved is incredible.

“Now, I really hope we can fight against him next season!”




Started                  10th

Finished               14th – ret (gearbox)

Fastest lap          1m28,814s (+1.135s, 8th)

Pitstops                Three; laps 6 (2.46s - puncture) and 32 (3.61s) [Pri-Opt-Pri-Pri]


“Today was just one of those days...

“Exiting Turn Four on the first lap, I got hit quite hard on the right-hand-side by Fernando [Alonso]. I don’t quite know why he couldn’t make to the apex, as I’d given him loads of room, but he hit me in the side pretty hard. The contact damaged the car and damaged the wheel rim, which also gave me a puncture, although it didn’t cause me an issue until about three laps later.

“It was an extra shame that I was running on the Medium tyre when I had the puncture, as that was the one you wanted to run long around here! So that incident destroyed my strategy for the rest of the afternoon.

Without that contact, and the resultant puncture, I think we could have had some fun out there. It’s just a shame, because our car was quick around here – Checo showed just what was possible by driving an extremely good race.

“Congratulations to Seb for winning his fourth world championship. That’s very impressive – especially to win four in a row. His team did a great job, Adrian Newey demonstrated how good he is, and Seb finished it off nicely with a win.”


Team principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

“Checo drove a very committed ad disciplined race all afternoon to take a very well-deserved fifth position at the chequered flag. He didn’t put a foot wrong: he made a strong start, pushed hard throughout the race, and pulled off some great overtaking moves, all while carefully looking after his tyres, particularly on his long, first stint.

“Jenson was less fortunate this afternoon. He was unfortunately clipped by Fernando on lap one – that contact cracked the rim of his right-rear wheel and caused a puncture. That was extremely regrettable, because he was running on the Prime tyre, which he should have been using for the next 25 laps!

“Thereafter, his was destined to be a three-stopper, which was always going to be hard work. Unfortunately, in the closing gaps, he reported a mis-shift in the gearbox, so we stopped his car as a precautionary measure before the end.

“Congratulations to Sebastian today. He once again drove faultlessly to put the title beyond the reach of his closest rival. To win four world titles – particularly four in a row – is incredibly impressive stuff. He’ll have a few days to enjoy this achievement, but it’s a mark of his relentless competitiveness that I’m sure he’ll be fighting for victory in Abu Dhabi in a week’s time.”

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/231 <![CDATA[Post-Race Report- 2013 Japanese Grand Prix]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/231 Thu, 17 Oct 2013 11:25:58 +0100 VODAFONE - McCLAREN MERCEDES

2013 Japanese Grand Prix

Suzuka Circuit, Sunday October 13

“Both drivers showed stout character today”







Fastest lap:

1m35.549s (+0.692s, 6th)


Three: lap 8 (3.04s), 23 (5.97s) and 40 (2.85s)


60 (9th)


“The first two stints of the race were pretty difficult as I had massive understeer. That was my fault on the lap-to-grid, it felt like I had too much front-end, so I took some wing out of the car. It was the wrong thing to do – it left me with too much understeer, and I kept locking up the fronts, which destroyed the front tyres.

“For the third set, we added some front-wing, and the balance came back to me. In the end, the car was really good to drive – especially my final stint on the Option tyre, which was a lot of fun, especially as I was able to chase down and pass a couple of other cars.

“In the closing laps, I made a great move on Paul [di Resta] around the outside of the chicane. I made the same move on Felipe [Massa] too, but he forced me over the kerb, so I ended up getting him on the straight.

“So it was an enjoyable end to the race, but a disappointing beginning.”







Fastest lap:

1m35.845s (+1.258s, 7th)


Three: lap 12 (4.47s), 30 (7.42s) and 42 (4.02s – puncture)


23 (13th)


“It was a very unfortunate afternoon for us.

“I had such bad luck – things just didn’t go our way today. In fact, I think you could say that everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

“We had an incident with Nico [Rosberg] in the pitlane, some of the slow pitstops, and then another incident with Nico, which caused me to suffer a puncture – luckily, however right at the entrance of the pitlane.

“After a difficult race like this, all we can do is look ahead. In two weeks’ time we’ll start all over again – I’ll be hoping for more luck in New Delhi.”



Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

“Today’s race was a tough one for both our drivers, but they both showed stout character in dealing with various adverse occurences with great determination throughout all 53 laps.

“Jenson made a good start off the line, but through no fault of his own was then embroiled in a first-corner incident, consequently dropping a few places. As a result, he also flat-spotted his tyres, which caused a significant vibration that we elected to curtail by bringing him in for his first tyre stop earlier than we otherwise would have done.

“We were consequently forced to convert his planned two-stop strategy to a three-stopper, which was a pity, but he drove a truly excellent race thereafter, taking advantage of rubber fresher than that of his rivals in his fourth and final stint to pull off some excellent overtaking manoeuvres and bag a hard-won ninth place by the flag.

“Checo made an excellent start, moving from P11 on the grid to P8 at the end of lap one, and was able to keep pace with all but the three front-runners throughout his first stint.

“Unfortunately his first tyre stop was compromised by the unsafe release of Nico’s Mercedes, causing him [ie. Checo] to emerge behind Esteban’s [Gutierrez] Sauber, behind which he lost a lot of time throughout his second stint, unable to overtake despite making plenty of brave attempts to do so.

“Then, in his third stint, Checo suffered a left-rear puncture, also ironically in an incident with Nico, which necessitated an extra unscheduled pitstop that put him out of contention for a points-scoring finish. Had that not occurred, he, like Jenson, would have earned some valuable points.

“From here we go to New Delhi, where we hope to consolidate our fifth place in the Constructor’s World Championship by enjoying what we hope will be a less eventful and more productive afternoon than we did here at Suzuka today.”

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/230 <![CDATA[Jenson Button write up]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/230 Fri, 11 Oct 2013 15:03:45 +0100  JENSON BUTTON

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Driver
Nationality British
Born Frome, Somerset
Height 1.82m
D.O.B 19th January 1980
Resident Monaco
Hobbies Water sports, cycling, cars, music and skiing


Even before he graduated to racing cars, Jenson was breaking records.

In karting, he became the youngest driver ever to win the European Super A Championship, at age 17. In 1998, he moved to cars and won the British Formula Ford Championship, followed by the coveted McLaren Autosport BRDC Young Driver Award.
He finished third in his first year of the British Formula 3 Championship in 1999, and, just a few months later, notched up another memorable first, becoming the youngest British driver ever to start a Formula 1TM race.
F1 highlights: 210 GPs, 12 wins, 7 pole positions, 811 points, 2009 FIA Formula 1™ World Champion
2012 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes: Driver, Car #3
2011 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes: 270 points, second overall in the Drivers’ Championship. Victories in Canada, Hungary and Japan
2010 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes: Joined Vodafone McLaren Mercedes. 214 points, fifth overall in the Drivers’ Championship. Victories in Australia and China
2009 Brawn GP: FIA Formula 1TM World Drivers' Champion, 95 points. Victories in Australia, Malaysia, Bahrain, Spain, Monaco and Turkey
2008 Honda Racing F1 Team: Three points, 18th overall in the Drivers’ Championship
2007 Honda Racing F1 Team: Six points, 15th overall in the Drivers’ Championship
2006 Honda Racing F1 Team: 56 points, sixth overall in the Drivers’ Championship. Scores first Grand Prix victory in the Hungarian Grand Prix
2005 BAR-Honda: 37 points, ninth overall in the Drivers’ Championship. Podium finishes in Malaysia and Belgium
2004 BAR-Honda: 85 points, third overall in the Drivers’ Championship. Runner-up spots in San Marino, Monaco, Germany and China
2003 Bar-Honda: 17 points, ninth overall in the Drivers’ Championship.
2002 Benetton-Renault: 14 points, seventh overall in the Drivers’ Championship.
2001 Benetton-Renault: Two points, 17th overall in the Drivers’ Championship
2000 Williams-BMW: 12 points, eighth overall in the Drivers’ Championship
1999 Formula Three: Third in British Championship
1998 Formula Ford: Winner, British Championship and second in the European Championship
1997 Cadet Class: Ayrton Senna Memorial Cup at Suzuka; winner and the youngest-ever winner of the European Super A championship.
http://www.oil.ie/news/view/229 <![CDATA[POST-RACE REPORT- Korean Grand Prix]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/229 Tue, 08 Oct 2013 15:27:30 +0100 VODAFONE - McCLAREN MERCEDES

2013 Korean Grand Prix

Korean International Circuit, Sunday October 6

“Jenson and Checo both drove great, spirited, combative races here this afternoon”







Fastest lap:

1m43.07s (+1.693s, 12th)


Two: lap 4 (6.96s- nosebox change) and 22 (4.40s)


58 (9th)


“Turn Three was always going to be something of a mess on the first lap.  And, sure enough, there was an incident; a car got hit, went wide and hit me. That contact damaged my front wing endplate.  It didn’t really cause too much of a problem in terms of staying with the cars in front, but it really started to hurt the temperatures, so we had to pit for a new nosebox on lap four.  That cost me a bit of time.

“Our pace on the Prime tyre was very good, however, and i was able to run two strong stints on the Prime to stay in the hunt. During my second pitstop, the [pit-release] lights went green then went red again, so I briefly stopped as a precaution straight after I was released.  I had a quick look behind me to check that everything was okay- everything seemed fine, so I continued.

“Considering those delays, eighth place wasn’t a bad result.

“Still, i was a bit gutted to lose the seventh right at the end of the race.  As soon as i lost the DRS to the bunch of cars in front, that was it for me.  I couldn’t get any temperature back in the tyres. It was always going to be difficult with Nico [Roseberg] at the end: his tyres were almost 10 laps fresher than mine.  I did 33 laps on my final set, whereas the previous set did 18.

“I’m really happy to have picked up those points – four points were about as good as it was going to get today”







Fastest lap:

1m42.973s (+1.593s, 11th)


Two: lap 10 (3.24s) and 31 (17.04s – puncture & nosebox change) [Opt-Pri-Pri]


23 (12th)


“We definitely deserved more today – we were very unlucky.

“With regards to my tyre delamination, although that particular set was already quite old. I braked at the same point as normal and got a flat-spot from the lock-up.  I’s done 21 laps with that set, when, all of a sudden, the front-right just exposed, destroying the front wing.

“It was lucky, because there weren’t any other cars around me.  Still, from a team point of view, its very disappointing for a single incident like this to destroy the good progress we’d made all weekend.

“Regarding Felipe, we were racing very hard trying to get some points- on one occasion, I thought he was going to leave me more space, then he turned in, I tried to brake and we touched a little bit.  On the second incident, i thought i had the corner.  I’m pleased that the stewards felt there was no need for any further action – it was just racing.”



Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

“Sometimes, it takes a difficult race to bring out the strengths of our people – and i’m pleased that, despite our drivers enduring a puncture and two nosebox changes this afternoon, we still managed to get both Jenson and Checo into the points.

“That was achieved through a combination of great tactics – our strategies worked on the fly to ensure Jenson recovered superbly from an earlier-than-planned stop to replace a damaged front wing; well-executed teamwork – our mechanics performed brilliantly under pressure to replace two broken front wings and a severely delaminated front tyre; and great driver focus – Jenson drove a scarcely believable 33-lap stint on one set of tyres, effectively turning his race into a one-stopper, and Checo showed great racing spirit to take the battle to those around him after a delamination destroyed his right-front tyre and his front wing.

“To incorporate all those setbacks into a single afternoon, yet still run competitively, is a great bonus to the team.  And while the final classification may only show we finished eighth and 10th, those bald facts cruelly fail to do justice to the way we overcame adversity on our way to those positions.

‘Although fighting for minor points finishes isn’t really what we expect at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, today’s results were greatly deserved after a day of extreme difficulty.”

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/228 <![CDATA[Post-Race Report- 2013 Singapore Grand Prix]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/228 Tue, 08 Oct 2013 08:09:48 +0100 VODAFONE - McCLAREN MERCEDES

2013 Singapore Grand Prix

Marina Bay Circuit, Sunday September 22

“Jenson and Checo both drove great, spirited, combative races here this afternoon”






Fastest lap:

1m51.740s (+3.166s, 15th)


Two: lap 13 (3.15s) and 25 (3.91s) [Opt-Opt-Pri]


54 (9th)


“We thought we might have a chance of a podium, but in the end we didnt have the pace to keep us ahead of the closing cars. It was good fun trying through, and we have to take risks if we want to get podium finishes this year.

“We expected to spend most of the race on the Option tyre, so we’d set the car up for that. The Prime tyre didn’t work so well for me, and having to hold Kimi off for so long destroyed my rear tyres and made things very tricky. In the end, as I say, we simply didn’t have enough pace to stop him overtaking.

“It was a good try though, and a P7 finish isn’t too bad. We couldn’t have done any better with a different strategy.  I’m certain of that, and I’m glad we got some good points for the team.”







Fastest lap:

1m51.926s (+1.758s, 16th)


Two: lap 14 (2.63s) and 25 (3.28s) [Opt-Opt-Pri]


18 (12th)


“I think we should be satisfied with today’s result-as Jenson says P7 and P8 was probably the best we could have achieved today.

“In my view the Safety Car came at the wrong time for u s, so we had to take a risk by choosing to drive to the finish with two pit-stops. It was pretty tough to keep the car out of the barriers- not to crash yet to lose too much lap-time- but as I say I think it was the right choice.

“Last but not least, although P7 and P8 isn’t brilliant, it’s the best we could have hoped for – and i dearly hope it’ll put a smile on the faces of my people, in my country, Mexico, who really need something to smile about at this very difficult time.”



Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

“Jenson and Checo both drove great, spirited, combative races here this afternoon, and the result was a brace of points-scoring finishes for Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes.

“Our strategy involved an element of risk, but that risk was worth taking. After all, the second-placed and third-placed finishers both ran the same strategy- and, although our cars didn’t have sufficient pace to beat them to those podium finishes, our drivers boldly embraced the challenge set by a strategy that required them to attack and defend with an impressive mix of aggression and restraint.

“Checo, in particular, made an extremely good start, moving from his P14 grid slot toP11 on lap one, and thereafter fighting his way through heavy traffic all afternoon to finish eighth at the flag, just behind Jenson in seventh.

“From here we go to Mokpo, South Korea, where we will be aiming to score points with both cars once again.”

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/227 <![CDATA[10/10 Porches prefer Mobil 1. Find out why]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/227 Fri, 04 Oct 2013 14:44:27 +0100 Mobil 1 helps the competitors in the Transiberian Rally Challenge cope with the various challenges they face during the race.



http://www.oil.ie/news/view/226 <![CDATA[Niki Lauda's near fatal crash]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/226 Wed, 25 Sep 2013 10:32:12 +0100  

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/224 <![CDATA[Tooned: What's It Oil About]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/224 Fri, 20 Sep 2013 09:07:55 +0100 Mobil 1 and McLaren present Tony Stewart, Jenson Button, and Sergio Perez in the animated series Tooned. Join the Mobil 1 team in episode 1 and learn about the importance of your engine's motor oil.


http://www.oil.ie/news/view/221 <![CDATA[Post- Race Report - 2013 Italian Grand Prix]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/221 Tue, 10 Sep 2013 13:51:41 +0100 VODAFONE - McCLAREN MERCEDES

2013 Italian Grand Prix

Monza, Sunday September 8

“A very hard-won championship point”




Started: 9th
Finished: 10th
Fastest lap: 1m27.830s (+1.981s, 16th)
Pitstops: One: lap 21 (2.865s) [Opt-Pri]
Points: 48 (9th)



“I had a bad start when my clutch slipped, and I dropped a few places. That first stint was quite good fun, but, once I got stuck behind Daniel [Ricciardo], there was no way of getting past him.

"We didn't get the gear ratios quite right today. Consequently, as our fuel loads decreased, and our cornering speeds should have  increased, we were hampered by our rev-limiters, and that made it easier for the cars behind to overtake us and harder for us to overtake the cars ahead of us.

“In clear air, our pace was pretty good - but, with such a short top gear, especially with DRS deployed, we were hitting the rev-limiter while other cars weren't being rev-limited.

“Moreover, about 15 laps from the end, I locked up Into the first comer and severely flat-spotted my front-right tyre - I couldn't really see a lot after that, because of vibration, but  I still managed to bring it home and score a world championship point for the team.

“Finally, I just want to say a big ‘thank you‘ to all the guys in the garage today. They had to really work hard to repair my cars fuel system before the race, in record time, and  they pulled out all the stops to get it all done. It was touch-and-go for a while, but they responded really well and did an incredible job.

“In a tight spot, they're the best guys out there - and, once again, they were faultless today."




Started: 8th
Finished: 12th
Fastest lap: 1m27.607s (+1.758s, 15th)
Pitstops: One: lap 22 (4.29s) [Opt-Pri]
Points: 18 (12th)



“It was a disappointing afternoon, and I think we deserved more than that.

"I got hit from behind into Turn One and had to cut the chicane, unfortunately. Then, throughout the race I was held up by Daniel's Toro Rosso. My car was quicker overall, but  its straight-line speed just wasn't strong enough to get me up and alongside him to try a pass.

"We stopped one lap later than we‘d planned. and I lost a position to Jenson when the stop didn't go too well. From then on, I was stuck in a train of cars; and without a  straight-line speed advantage I just couldn‘t get past anyone."



Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

"Today's race was a disappointing end to a frustrating weekend.

"Jenson lost a few places at the start. and thereafter spent most of the race stuck behind one of the Toro Rosso cars — as indeed did Checo.

"Had that not been the case our cars would have been able to lap significantly faster than in fact they did. However, although as l say our cars were faster in terms of overall  lap-time, their comparative lack of straight-line speed prevented Jenson and Checo from being able to pass the Toro Rosso's in order to exploit that greater pace on a clear  track.

"Jenson was mighty at the end of the race, however, holding off Kimi [Raikkonen] to retain 10th place by just three-tenths of a second at the chequered flag.

"Checo was unfortunate to finish only 12th - a slower-than-usual pitstop costing him track position through no fault of his own.

"All in all, I'd summarise our weekend by saying that we've come away with a very hard-won world championship point."

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/220 <![CDATA[Niki Lauda on Murray Walkers F1 Greats]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/220 Tue, 03 Sep 2013 09:11:33 +0100 Niki Lauda, who is now featured in the film "Rush", presents many images to race fans the world over. He is The Man Who Came Back From The Dead, following his astonishing recovery from the fiery accident in the German Grand Prix of 1976 that so nearly killed him. He is a triple World Champion. The man who advised Ferrari in his retirement. The man who quit racing to start his own airline, and came back to win again. Lauda is all of these men, and more.



http://www.oil.ie/news/view/218 <![CDATA[Post-Race Report - 2013 Belgian Grand Prix]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/218 Tue, 27 Aug 2013 14:24:17 +0100 VODAFONE - McCLAREN MERCEDES

Spa-Francorchamps, Sunday August 25

“As always, it was really un to race around this magnificent circuit.”



Started: 6th
Finished: 9th
Fastest lap: 1m50.823s (+0.067s, 2nd)
Pitstops: Two: lap 17 (2.38s) and lap 34 (3.11s) [Opt-Pri-Pri]
Points: 47 (9th)



“We were really trying for a one-stop strategy at the start of the race, then we adapted that to a two-stopper later on. We gave it a go, but our pace still wasn’t quite as good as that of the cars in front of us, so we couldn’t really chase them down at the end of the race.

“Having said that, it was a decent race for us. Moreover, as always, it was really fun to race around this magnificent circuit – I really enjoyed riving the car today.

“In terms of performance there’s been a small but definite improvement, so we should be please with the progress we’ve made. I’m pretty happy with the feel of the car now, in fact; okay, there’s still room for improvement in terms of pace, but the good thing is that we know which areas we should be focusing on.

“So I’m looking forward to Monza - another great circuit – when hopefully we can take another small step. We’re not going to be fighting at the front, we know that; instead we’re concentrating on ourselves, gradually understanding more about the car, and progressively improving things.

“There are still a lot of grand prix left this season, and we can enjoy some of them, I’m sure.”




Started: 13th
Finished: 11th
Fastest lap: 1m53.427s (+2.716s, 16th)
Pitstops: One: lap 18 (2.68s) [Opt-Pri]
Points: 18 (12th)




“My race started pretty well. I managed to make up a couple of positions at the start, and then a few more in the first 10 laps, and at that point things were looking pretty good. I was happy with the balance of the car and we were on a good strategy.

“Then came the drive through, and after that it was always going to be tricky to score any points.

“What happened with Romain [Grosjean] was unfortunate. I got ahead of him, and took the corner, but I now understand where the penalty came from, even if I’m naturally disappointed for myself and for the team. These things are always difficult, but the team spirit at McLaren is unbelievably strong and now, together, we simply have to move on.

“What we must now do is look ahead to Monza, and do our very best to make up for the points we missed out on here at Spa.”



Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

“Jenson made a brilliant start to move from sixth place on the grid to fourth place after the fourth corner, and thereafter he drove a typically faultless race to finish just 13 seconds behind a podium finish.

“At one point we were considering a one-stop finish for him, and, if we’d been able to do that successfully, he may well have got that podium finish. As things turned out, it wasn’t to be; but, as I say, he drove an excellent race, and the eight points he scored were richly deserved, lifting out constructors’ world championship ranking to fifth place.

“Clearly, fifth place isn’t where we want to be, but it’s one place higher than we were this morning.

“As for Checo, he’ll be disappointed with having got involved in an accident with Romain, because, had he not done so, he’d definitely have scored points too.

“So we’re a bit disappointed overall, of course we are, but equally we’re pleased to see firm evidence of underlying improvement in terms of pace. We’re still not where we want to be, but the trend is clearly in the right direction.

“Looking forward, then, from here we go to Italy, where we hope that the underlying pace improvement will produce better on-track results. Having said that, we never underestimate out opponents, and we’re far from complacent about our chances. Nonetheless, we’ll be doing our utmost to put on a good show at Monza, a magnificent racetrack whose unique ambience always creates a very special vibe.”

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/217 <![CDATA[Pit Stop Horror]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/217 Fri, 23 Aug 2013 13:52:45 +0100 No one ever said that F1 Pit Stops are easy - Click on this link to view some F1 Pit Stop disasters.


http://www.oil.ie/news/view/214 <![CDATA[Murray Walker on Jenson Button]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/214 Thu, 08 Aug 2013 12:06:55 +0100

on Jenson Button in the third instalment from The Murray Walker Interviews.


http://www.oil.ie/news/view/210 <![CDATA[How I assess a F1 Drivers fitness by David Harvey - McLaren Performance Scientist]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/210 Wed, 31 Jul 2013 01:00:00 +0100 In a new series of videos exclusive to the Official Vodafone McLaren Mercedes YouTube channel, we take a look at some of the unsung heroes at McLaren who work hard to keep the cars and the drivers race ready. In this first instalment, we talk to Performance Scientist, David Harvey.


http://www.oil.ie/news/view/212 <![CDATA[POST-RACE REPORT - 2013 HUNGARIAN GRAND PRIX]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/212 Wed, 31 Jul 2013 01:00:00 +0100


Hungaroring, Sunday July 28

“We can take a lot of positives away from here.”



Started: 13th
Finished: 7th
Fastest lap: 1m26.195s (+2.126s, 11th)
Pitstops: Two: lap 24 (3.38s) and lap 37 (3.13s) [Opt-Pri-Pri]
Points: 39 (9th)
“That was a fun race – although I seemed to be a target for other cars! Sebastian [Vettel] tried many times to get past me, and clipped my rear wheel into Turn Two – he may have damaged his wing, but I was lucky not to puncture.
“With Romain [Grosjean], I don’t know what he thought – unless I took to the grass, it was inevitable we were going to touch! I don’t think he was thinking at that point.
“I ran almost half the race on the Prime tyre, which was the longest of anybody; it’s good to show we can do that. Our middle-stint pace on the Option was also very good, and I had a blinding first lap, jumping from 13th to eighth. We beat a Ferrari fair and square, and we’d also have beaten a Mercedes if Nico [Rosberg] hadn’t stopped – we can take a lot of positives away from here.”
“Seventh position might not look too exciting – particularly after we fought for fifth at the last race – but we’ve done a good job the weekend and taken a step forward – and that’s a nice little boost to send everyone off into the summer break.”



Started: 9th
Finished: 9th
Fastest lap: 1m32.143s (+2.074s, 10th)
Pitstops: Two: laps 27 (3.15s) and 28 (3.49s) [Opt-Pri]
Points: 18 (12th)
We really needed the starting tyre in the best possible condition to make a two-stopper work properly. After qualifying yesterday, I think we were in a good position to score some good points, but we were affected by the run on the used Prime from qualifying.
So, unfortunately, I think we lost out a little too much in the first stint; I struggled with the rear of the car, had to pit earlier than planned, and then ran into traffic and lost some more time, so it’s a bit of a shame.
Still, it’s a positive to get both cars into the points again. I think we can feel satisfied with the job we’ve done over the last couple of races – a result like this is encouraging for everybody in the team, and it’s a nice present with which to send us into the August break.


Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

Jenson controlled his pace brilliantly throughout today’s race, optimising a two-step strategy to score six valuable world championship points in Budapest.
Moreover, he was quick in his middle stint, on Options, which underlined the decent race pace that MP4-28 was able to produce on this tricky and idiosyncratic racetrack.
Checo was very unlucky to get boxed in at the start, losing places as a result, but thereafter he did a very solid and professional job, hanging on in there to bag two useful world championship points also.
Moreover, both Jenson and Checo deserve plaudits for their great professionalism here today, driving very cleanly in challenging circumstances made even trickier by the proximity of drivers on three-stop strategies who were able and willing to push harder than they were.
Now, as we go into mid-session break, I want to say two things: first, that it goes without saying that we’ll continue our utmost to score as many points as we can in the second half of the season, and, second, that everyone at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes richly deserves a good holiday after having worked spectacularly hard so far this year. Well done, guys.
Last but not least, I want to say ‘congrats’ to our old friend Lewis [Hamilton], who drove very well indeed to score his maiden victory for Mercedes-Benz AMG F1 here today.
http://www.oil.ie/news/view/204 <![CDATA[1995 Safety car hits Wurz]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/204 Fri, 12 Jul 2013 14:07:23 +0100 F1 Safety car hits driver

August 1995 - Alexander Wurz gets hit from behind by safety car.


http://www.oil.ie/news/view/203 <![CDATA[Post-Race Report - 2013 German Grand Prix]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/203 Thu, 11 Jul 2013 08:17:23 +0100 VODAFONE - McCLAREN MERCEDES

Nurburgring, Sunday July 7

“We didn’t put a foot wrong all weekend.”



Started: 9th
Finished: 6th
Fastest lap: 1m34.210s (+0.733s, 7th)
Pitstops: Two: lap 21 (4.09s) and lap 47 (3.23s) [Pri-Opt-Opt]
Points: 33 (10th)
“There are a lot of positives to take away from this weekend; our pace was reasonably good; it’s nice to be racing carts closer to the front, such as the Mercedes; our lap times compared to the first four cars at the front weren’t too bad either; and today’s points are badly needed right now.
“Unfortunately, the two Caterhams fighting in front of me in the closing laps probably cost me fifth place. When you’re fighting for position, you expect the backmarkers to move over, even if they’re fighting for position themselves. It’s a sha,e – those points could be so important for us later in the season.
“The Safety Car also didn’t help our strategy – but we were a lot stronger this weekend than we’ve been for the past few races.”
“We can be positive – as a team, we didn’t put a foot wrong all weekend, and we got the best out of what we have.”
“Overall, it’s a positive day for the team – now we just need to find some more pace in the car.””



Started: 13th
Finished: 8th
Fastest lap: 1m36.134s (+2.666s, 15th)
Pitstops: Two: lap 7 (2.90s) and 24 (3.64s) [Opt-Pri-Pri]
Points: 12 (13th)
My car performed a lot better today than it did yesterday. We had better pace and degradation that we’d expected; we managed a very long final stint and I think we maximised everything today. We should be happy.
After the Safety Car, it was like the start of a second race. I just focused on preserving the tyres over that long stint – the car and the tyres performed very strongly, but we ust lost out on the final corner. It was always going to be difficult to hold Mark [Webber] back.
This is a good step on from Silverstone – it’s been a very promising weekend, and I hope we can take another step forward for Hungary.


Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

Both drivers did a fantastic job this afternoon – they managed the limits of the tyre, pushed aggressively when it was needed and were always able to maximise the pace of the car. It’s just a pity that they lost position in the final lap.
That was a little bit frustrating; we had terrible traffic at the end, so Jenson lost a couple of seconds at a critical point in the race. That enabled Lewis [Hamilton] to close him down quicker than normal and take a position that we felt we could have kept.
The whole team did an extremely good job today; our strategy was perfectly managed, our pitstops were faultless and the engineers maximised the pace of the car.
We raced well, but we’re still not where we want to be, although there are positives to take away from today. We’ll be putting our heads down during the three-week break before Hungary and will be aiming to capitalise on the momentum we’ve gathered this weekend.
http://www.oil.ie/news/view/202 <![CDATA[Post-Race Report - 2013 Santander British Grand Prix]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/202 Tue, 02 Jul 2013 14:18:42 +0100 VODAFONE - McCLAREN MERCEDES

Silverstone, Sunday June 30

“We were very unlucky today.”



Started: 10th
Finished: 13th
Fastest lap: 1m36.356s (+2.955s, 16th)
Pitstops: Two: lap 11 (3.06s) and lap 32 (2.93s) [Pri-Opt-Opt]
Points: 25 (10th)
“I started on Prime tyre, but that quickly grained and gave me problems early on in the first stint. I was happier on the Option.
“Our pace wasn’t too bad, but the last stint was particularly tough. After the final Safety Car, there wasn’t a lot of thread left on my tyres, so getting them up to temperature was very tricky – we struggle with that anyway.
“Into the closing laps, I was vulnerable. All the cars on fresher tyres were fighting to get past, and as soon as I went offline to defend, it became even more difficult to get temperature back into the tyre.”
“For safety reasons, the reasons behind this weekend’s tyre failures need to be addressed. It’s dangerous for the driver of the car, because he can lose control; but it’s also dangerous for the driver of the car behind, because you can get hit by a belt of rubber.”
“Hopefully things can be changed for the next race.”
“Finally, I want to say a big ‘thank-you’ to all the fans who have supported us this weekend. Every year, your support seems to grow bigger and your passion for the sport grows deeper – it has been an honour and a privilege to race in front of such an enthusiastic bunch of people. Your support has truly made my weekend. So, thank you.”



Started: 13th
Finished: Ret – puncture damage
Fastest lap: 1m36.131s (+2.730s, 14th)
Pitstops: Three: lap 13 (2.90s),33 (3.46s) and 46* (2.93s) [Opt-Pri-Opt-Opt]
Points: 12 (13th) *retired at third pitstop
This was a big shame for the team - we needed this result.
My race had been going well. I’d been running inside the top 10 for most of the afternoon when my left-rear tyre suddenly exploded. I just felt an explosion along the Hangar Straight – there was nothing I could really do about it..
The tyres are a big concern. Luckily nothing too serious happened to anyone, but we need to sit down together, get an explanation and get something done.
Overall, we made a solid improvement through the weekend. We made some useful improvements and showed that our pace is a step forward. Those are all positives to take away.
We were just very unlucky today.


Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

This was a character-building weekend for Checo, who, through no fault of his own, had to overcome a number of setbacks on both Saturday and Sunday. He drove fantastically well today, showing the steeliness and resilience that has marked him out as such a popular hard-charger.
He drove well all afternoon, and was set for a deservedly strong points finish. To end his afternoon with another tyre failure was extremely cruel luck. Nonetheless, I’m pleased with the way he has quickly dealt with the adversity; this weekend will make him an even stronger competitor.
Jenson was unlucky too. We opted to keep him out during the final safety car period. We knew it was going to be difficult to keep him ahead of all the freshly shod cars behind him, but we were reasonably confident that he could still salvage a good result.
However, our confidence proved to be misplaced; he was unable to get heat into the tyres for the last sprint to the finish and, as a consequence, was powerless to defend, slipping down the order and out of the points.
I want to pay tribute to the tens of thousands of fans who have supported Formula 1 through all weathers this weekend. It goes without saying that the British fans are the greatest supporters we have, and their ongoing support for our team, even during a difficult weekend such as this, has been enormously gratifying. The fans have been absolutely fantastic.
Overall, this has been a difficult weekend for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes. However, we’ve learnt some useful lessons and we’ll be taking them into the next weekend’s race in Germany, where we’ll be seeking a better result.
http://www.oil.ie/news/view/199 <![CDATA[How Ayrton Senna was so fast]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/199 Tue, 25 Jun 2013 10:07:04 +0100 Was Ayrton Senna the fastest F1 driver of all time? Watch the driving techniques that made him so fast.

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/198 <![CDATA[Ayrton Senna calls Prost a coward]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/198 Tue, 18 Jun 2013 13:12:05 +0100 Murray Walker was the man who conveyed the Senna vs Prost story to the English speaking world. From the man who was at the zenith of the controversy when it first unfolded, here he is reliving arguably the most famous of all Formula One rivalries.

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/197 <![CDATA[POST-RACE REPORT - 2013 CANADIAN GRAND PRIX]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/197 Fri, 14 Jun 2013 08:28:36 +0100 VODAFONE - McCLAREN MERCEDES

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Sunday June 9

“Not the race we were hoping to have”



Started: 12th
Finished: 11th
Fastest lap: 1m17.369s (+1.187s, 7th)
Pitstops: One: lap 13 (2.83s) and 43 (3.15s) [Opt-Pri-Pri]
Points: 12 (13th)
“This wasn’t the race we were hoping to have.
“We tried our best to try and score a few points, but it was impossible to do any better than we did out there today. It’s a pity, because the car felt quite good during our installation laps. But the car didn’t work that well on the Option tyre, and we struggled to find enough grip.
“At Silverstone, I hope we can make a step forward. We brought some upgrades to this race, but didn’t really get the running we needed to verify them. Hopefully, they’ll work better at Silverstone.”



Started: 14th
Finished: 12th
Fastest lap: 1m17.458s (+1.276s, 8th)
Pitstops: One: lap 27 (2.29s) [Opt-Pri]
Points: 25 (10th)
This wasnt the race for us as a team. Its particularly tough because this circuit is usually very good to us.
Wth hindsight, I think we would have been better off starting on the Prime tyre, rather than the option. During my first stint, all the two-stoppers pitted ahead of me, then came back to overtake me, so it was a bit tricky.
However, we showed today that, irrespective of strategy, we wouldnt have gone any faster.
Our car tends to work better on fast and flowing circuits such as Malaysia or China so Im looking forward to my home race at Silverstone at the end of the month. We tried some new parts this weekend, but they werent really suited for this type of circuit they should work better at Silverstone, so Im feeling positive about the future.


Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

This was a difficult afternoon. Credit goes out to Jenson and Checo both drivers performed brilliantly, attacking when necessary, and driving with the foresight and caution needed to look after their tyres across long stints. They deserved to score points.
Unfortunately, with the benefit of hindsight, we were a touch too conservative with our tyre management this afternoon. The Prime turned out to be a stronger tyre than we anticipated, and we could have exploited it for longer and further in the race than we did.
The data that we have accumulated this weekend will nonetheless provide us with a useful basis from which to move forwards, and we have learnt some valuable lessons this weekend.
Our focus now turns to our home race at Silverstone. We will be doing our utmost to score a better result for the many British fans who will be supporting Vodafone McLaren Mercedes on home soil.
http://www.oil.ie/news/view/196 <![CDATA[MURRAY WALKER ON SENNA vs PROST]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/196 Thu, 13 Jun 2013 16:07:49 +0100 In a press conference, Ayrton Senna is critical of the way Alain Prost has negotiated a contract.

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/192 <![CDATA[Post-Race Report - 2013 Monaco Grand Prix]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/192 Wed, 29 May 2013 15:04:47 +0100 VODAFONE - McCLAREN MERCEDES

Circuit de Monaco, Sunday May 26

Anything can happen at Monaco and today it did.



Started: 9th
Finished: 6th
Fastest lap: 1m18.720s (+2.143s, 8th)
Pitstops: One: lap 26 (3.14s) [Opt-Pri. Restart: Opt]
Points: 25 (10th)
Thing werent looking very good initially, but the Monaco Grand Prix is one of those races where you need to hang in there until the very end, because anything can happen and today it did.
My opening laps were very good; I overtook Adrian [Sutil] and tried to have a go at Fernando [Alonso] at the hair pin. I tapped his rear wheel, so I wasnt really paying attention when Checo put a really good move on me out of the tunnel under braking for the Harbour Chicane.
After the restart, Adrian also made a really good move on me into the hairpin I didnt actually think it would be possible because Id tried it on Fernando earlier and it didnt work.
Then, in the last few laps, Checo and Kimi [Raikkonen] tangled and suddenly there was a battle behind them because they were circulating slowly in their damaged cars. So I took the opportunity to jump up the inside of Fernando at Racasse, which was quite fun, and came home sixth.
It was a pity that Checos late-race retirement meant that he couldnt score more heavily today that would have been a big boost for the team but I bagged a decent number of points and our pace is clear air was good, so there are positives we can take away from today.



Started: 7th
Finished: Ret overheating front brakes
Fastest lap: 1m19.530s (+2.953s, 14th)
Pitstops: One: laps 29 (2.91s) [Opt-Pri. Restart: Opt]
Points: 12 (12th)
Id had a great race Id been overtaking cars through the afternoon- but in my opinion Kimi didnt leave me enough room when I tried to pass him as we exited the tunnel, and as a result I got squeezed into the wall on the entry to the Chicane.
That was a real shame Id overtaken both Jenson and Fernando there, and Jenson had overtaken me there too, but I couldnt have avoided the crash with Kimi. Of course, any passing manoeuvre at Monaco is risky, but, at the end of the day, you have to leave each other a little room.
As a result of our contact, my cars brake ducts were affected and my front brakes overheated in fact, I basically ran out of brakes.
Its particularly frustrating to retire from a grand prix in which youve driven hard and fast, especially when youre so near to the finish. So, all in all, Im extremely disappointed for the team as much as for myself.


Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

Jenson drove well all afternoon to finish sixth and thereby score a useful eight world championship points.
Checo would have claimed a decent haul of world championship points but for a coming-together with Kimi that compromised the efficacy of his brake ducts and eventually caused him to lose his braking.
Hes disappointed, understandably, but the up-side is that he was combative and entertaining on almost every lap and, more importantly still, he was very quick.
McLaren has won the Monaco Grand Prix 15 times in the past considerably more than any other marque so of course were disappointed not to have been able to notch up win number 16 here today. But we were in the mix throughout, and its clear that MP4-28s developmental trend is positive.
Our next race will be the Canadian Grand Prix, which weve won 13 times in the past, which puts McLaren first-equal in the all-time Canadian Grand Prix win tally alongside Ferrari. Were not predicting Canadian Grand Prix win number 14 for McLaren in a fortnights time, but undoubtedly well be giving it 100% between now and then in our efforts to make ourselves as competitive as well possibly can.
http://www.oil.ie/news/view/188 <![CDATA[Post-Race Report - 2013 Spanish Grand Prix]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/188 Tue, 14 May 2013 19:36:16 +0100 VODAFONE - McCLAREN MERCEDES

Circuit de Catalunya, Sunday May 12

“A solid platform from which to move forwards from here on in.”



Started: 14th
Finished: 8th
Fastest lap: 1m27.957s (+1.740s, 14th)
Pitstops: Three: laps 11 (2.20s), 28 (2.64s) and 46 (2.80s)
Points: 17 (10th)
“This was an interesting race.
“The lap to the grid was very slow, which hurt us, and my start wasn’t great. I had no grip, so Turn One was a mess. I was unlucky to end up 17th at the end of lap one.
“We took the same approach as China, adopting a different strategy from the others. To finish eighth shows what a good job the team did with strategy. I don’t know whether we’ve improved our package or not, but we certainly beat some cars that we possibly shouldn’t have beaten.
“Still, it’s a positive that both cars finished in the points and hopefully this’ll be the start of an upward trend. We gathered a lot of useful information today and we’ll be working on that over the next few races in order to continue developing MP4-28.
“I want to say a big thank you for all the support I’ve received from the British fans this weekend. It’s great to see so many Vodafone ‘rocket red’ caps and T-shirts in the grandstands. Hopefully we’ll have a full house at Silverstone and we’ll be stronger there.
“There’s still a lot of work to do. It’s tough at the moment, but I’m pleased that we’re making the best of what we have.”



Started: 8th
Finished: 9th
Fastest lap: 1m27.251s (+1.034s, 10th)
Pitstops: Four: laps 10 (2.39s), 23 (3.96s), 30 (2.98s) and 50 (3.51s)
Points: 12 (11th)
“This wasn’t the race I’d hoped for. It’s so difficult to manage these tyres. We didn’t do a perfect job and like many drivers I required four pit stops.
“So I didn’t maximise the pull potential of our car today, so I wasn’t happy in that respect, but, having said that, I think it’s been a stronger weekend overall for us.
“Our car is still improving and I think we can do a slightly better job at Monaco. After that I hope we’ll be able to gradually close the gap to the cars in front of us over the next few races.”


Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

“Jenson drove a typically classy race to work his way back from a very unlucky start, which saw him drop almost to the back of the field, all the way to eighth place at the finish.
“To do that, on this circuit, where overtaking is notoriously difficult, and in this car, which we know is not yet as competitive as we need it to be, was a seriously impressive feat. And to do it on a three-stop strategy, managing the tyres with impeccable care yet still keeping the pace consistently strong while so doing, was more remarkable still.
“By contrast, like most drivers here today, Checo opted for a four-stop strategy – but, like Jenson, he also drove a very good race, finishing in ninth place not far behind his far more experienced team-mate. At the end of the race, Checo’s tyres required diligent nursing, but like Jenson he managed the situation very capably.
“We scored six world championship points today and of course we aren’t satisfied with that. Nonetheless, to score points with both cars in what was decidedly a technical race is a very creditable achievement, and constitutes a solid platform from which to move forwards from here on in.
“Next we go to Monaco, a grand prix that McLaren has won a record 15 times in the past – and, although we aren’t predicting a 16th McLaren victory on those famously tortuous streets this year, we’ll be doing our utmost there to score as many world championship points there as we possibly can.”
http://www.oil.ie/news/view/184 <![CDATA[POST-RACE REPORT - 2013 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/184 Wed, 24 Apr 2013 08:51:58 +0100 VODAFONE - McCLAREN MERCEDES

Bahrain International Circuit, Sunday April 21


That’s what this sport is all about; it’s called racing.”



Started: 12th
Finished: 11th
Fastest lap: 1m37.913s (+0.952s, 7th)
Pitstops: Three: laps 10 (2.76s, 20 (2.69s) and 39 (2.92s)
Points: 10 (11th)
“That was an incredible race – really enjoyable.
“I have to thank the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team first of all – we’ve been through some difficult times recently but they kept on supporting me. All in all, it’s been a solid weekend – we got pretty much the maximum from the car, ran a great strategy, looked after the tyres and scored some very useful points.
“I guess I was a little aggressive on the track today; banging wheels with Jenson was perhaps a little too risky, a little too hard, but the team never came on the radio to tell us to stop racing. There were no team orders.
“There was a lot of adrenaline from both of us and Jenson is always a very strong racer, but hopefully we’ll help each other a little more in the future.
“He was calm and friendly after the race, though, which was great; but that isn’t surprising because he’s a great guy as well as a great driver.”



Started: 10th
Finished: 10th
Fastest lap: 1m37.743s (+0.782s, 5th)
Pitstops: Four: laps 9 (4.43s), 21 (3.46s), 34 (3.04s) and 46 (2.81s)
Points: 13 (10th)
““Today wasn’t brilliant for me. Okay, the race was a lot of fun, but I didn’t get the result I wanted because I used up my tyres fending off Checo.
“There was a lot of action out there, and as I say I wasn’t really able to conserve my tyres as a result. That was partly because I had to work my way back through after my second pitstop, when I’d been fighting with Romain [Grosjean].
“But there was a lot of clean racing out there too – although as I say Checo was a bit tough, which was a little unusual. He did a good job overall though; he has a good pace and he looked after his tyres well. So, congratulations to him, because together we scored some very useful points for the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team.”
“We still don’t have the speed in the car, but it’s been a useful learning weekend for the whole team, we got some useful points on the board, and we head to the next race with a clearer idea of just what we can do.”


Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

The 2013 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix was a fantastic motor race, and Im not sure it was hugely entertaining for the tens of millions of viewers who watched it at home as well as for those lucky enough to be here at Sakhir to see it for real.
Checo drove his best race for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes so far, passing both Fernando [Alonso] and Mark [Webber] in the closing stages, to finish a fighting sixth at the flag.
It was a very good drive, especially when you consider that he was able to maintain such a strong race pace despite having sustained damage to his rear wing and one of his front-wing endplates.
Jenson would have finished right up there, too, had he not had to make an extra tyre stop with just 10 laps to go. Nonetheless, he too finished in a solid points-scoring position.
The two of them spent much of the afternoon in close proximity to each other sometime in nail-bitingly close proximity actually but thats motor racing. Both Jenson and Checo are fast, forceful and hungry for success and thats exactly how it should be. Its called racing, and we at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes always allow our drivers to race. Its what this sport is all about. Having said that, its probably fair to say that Checo was a little too combative with Jenson this afternoon, and I think he knows that.
From here we travel back to Woking [Surrey, UK] where well work hard on our upgrade package for Spain, where in three weeks time we hope to continue the process of demonstrating the fruits of our steady development of MP4-28 into the competitive machine we need it to be.
http://www.oil.ie/news/view/183 <![CDATA[Post-Race Report - Stewart Haas Racing STP 400]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/183 Wed, 24 Apr 2013 07:58:49 +0100  

Date: April 21, 2013
Event: STP 400(Round 7 of 36)
Series: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
Location: Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, Kan. (1.5-mile oval)
Winner:  Matt Kenseth of Joe Gibbs Racing (Toyota)
SHR Finish:
Ryan Newman (Started 9th, Finished 14th)
Tony Stewart (Started 18th, Finished 21st)
Danica Patrick (Started 25th, Finished 25th)
SHR Points:
Ryan Newman(17th with 200 points, 111 out of first)
Tony Stewart (21stwith 181 points, 130 out of first)
Danica Patrick(25th with 154 points, 157 out of first)







Ryan Newman led the way for Stewart Haas Racing (SHR) Saturday night at Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, Kan. by finishing 14th in the STP 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race.

Tony Stewart, driver of the No. 14 Mobil 1/Bass Pro Shops Chevrolet SS for SHR, finished 21st.
Danica Patrick, driver of the No. 10 GoDaddy.com Chevrolet SS for SHR, finished 25th in her 18th career Sprint Cup start and her second at Kansas.
Matt Kenseth won the STP 400 to score his 26th career Sprint Cup victory, his second of the season and his second at Kansas.
Kasey Kahne finished .150 of a second behind Kenseth in the runner-up spot, while Jimmie Johnson, Martin Truex Jr and Clint Bowyer rounded out the top-five.
With round either of 36 completed, Newman leads the SHR contingent in the championship point standings but dropped one spot to 17th. He has 200 points, 111 back of series leader Johnson and 40 points behind 10th place Menard. Stewart moved up one spot to 21st in the standings and has 181 points, 130 out of first and 59 behind Menard.
Eighteen races remain before the 12-driver, 10-race Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup begins September 15 at Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, Ill. Only the top-10 points are locked into the Chase. Positions 11 and 12 in the Chase are wild cards, awarded to the two drivers between 11th and 20th in points with the most wins. In the event of multiple drivers having the same number of wins, a driver’s point standing serves as the tiebreaker.
The next event on the Sprint Cup schedule is the Toyota Owners 400 Saturday, April 27 at Richmond (Va.)International Raceway. The race starts at 7:30 pm EDT, with live coverage provided by FOX.
http://www.oil.ie/news/view/182 <![CDATA[Post-Race Report - Stewart Haas Racing NRA 500]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/182 Wed, 17 Apr 2013 10:59:53 +0100  

Date: April 13, 2013
Event: NRA 500 (Round 7 of 36)
Series: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
Location: Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth (1.5-mile oval)
Winner:  Kyle Busch of Joe Gibbs Racing (Toyota)
SHR Finish:
Ryan Newman (Started 31st, Finished 10th)
Tony Stewart (Started 13th, Finished 21st)
Danica Patrick (Started 42nd, Finished 28th)
SHR Points:
Ryan Newman (17th with 169 points, 100 out of first)
Tony Stewart (22ndwith 158 points, 111 out of first)
Danica Patrick (26th with 135 points, 134 out of first)







Ryan Newman led the way for Stewart Haas Racing (SHR) Saturday night at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth by leading once for three laps en route to a 10th-place finish in the NRA 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race.

Newman, driver of the No. 39 Quicken Loans Chevrolet for SHR, scored his fourth top-10 finish of the season and his fourth top-10 in 20 career Sprint Cup starts at the 1.5-mile oval.
Tony Stewart, driver of the No. 14 Mobil 1/Bass Pro Shops Chevrolet SS for SHR, finished 21st.
Danica Patrick, driver of the No. 10 GoDaddy.com Chevrolet SS for SHR, finished 28th.
Kyle Busch won the NRA 500 to score his 26th career Sprint Cup victory, his second of the season and his first at Texas. Busch is now tied for 23rd on the all-time Sprint Cup win list with Fred Lorenzen.
Martin Truex Jr finished .508 of a second behind Busch in the runner-up spot, while Calr Edwards, Greg Biffle and Joey Logano rounded out the top-five. Jimmie Johnson, Aric Almirola, Brian Vickers, Brad Keselowski and Newman comprised the remainder of the top-10.
With round seven of 36 complete, Newman leads the SHR contingent in the championship point standings. He moved up six spots to 17th and is 100 points behind series leader Johnson. Stewart maintained his 22nd-place standing and is 111 points out of first. Patrick maintained her 26th-place standing and is 134 points behind Johnson.
Patrick, who is competing for Rookie of the Year honours against Ricky Stenhouse Jr finished 12 spots ahead of Stenhouse, who placed 40th.
The next event on the Sprint Cup schedule is the STP 400 Sunday, April 21 at Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, Kan. The race starts at 1 pm EDT, with live coverage provided by FOX.
http://www.oil.ie/news/view/181 <![CDATA[Post-Race Report - 2013 Chinese Grand Prix]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/181 Wed, 17 Apr 2013 10:32:24 +0100 VODAFONE - McCLAREN MERCEDES

Shanghai International Circuit, Sunday April 14

“We can take a lot of positives away from this weekend.”



Started: 8th
Finished: 5th
Fastest lap: 1m38.058s (+1.250s, 2nd)
Pitstops: Two: laps 23 and 49 [Pri-Pri-Opt]
Points: 12 (8th)
“I’m very happy to have finished fifth today – and the team should be too. The race was always going to be tricky; we weren’t quick enough to adopt the same strategy as the others, so we had to run longer that the rest and make two pitstops, rather than three.
For us, a two-stopper was the fastest way to he end of the race. It meant I had to let others past me and protect the tyres. If we couldn’t run to our target lap, it would’ve destroyed our race.
“I had to cruise when I’d normally fight the others. It’s not the most exciting way to go racing but we got 10 points today because we did it.
“We know we still have a lot of work to do to challenge at the front, but we can take a lot of positives away from this weekend.”



Started: 12th
Finished: 11th
Fastest lap: 1m41.281s (+4.473s, 14th)
Pitstops: Two: laps 24 and 31 [Pri-Opt-Pri]
Points: 2 (14th)
“This was a difficult afternoon for me – there’s a lot for us to analyse, and a lot to learn. It wasn’t my best weekend in terms of pace, so there’s some work to do.
“Congratulations to Jenson – he drove a fantastic race today. He found a better rhythm and really made the strategy work. I couldn’t find a flow throughout the whole race and was struggling with the car.
“I had a reasonably good first stint and thought we could achieve a good result with the strategy, but then we encountered degradation with the tyres and that compromised our pace.
“We still don’t have the speed in the car, but it’s been a useful learning weekend for the whole team, we got some useful points on the board, and we head to the next race with a clearer idea of just what we can do.”


Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

“Jenson drove a brilliantly executed race. He was extremely controlled throughout, completely understood the requirements of the strategists, and withstood the temptation to push when the right thing to do was conserve the tyres.
“Obviously the team had decided to opt for a two-stop strategy – a call that gave both drivers some work to do in the ace. They each had to drive in a very controlled way, look after their tyres, and be mindful that the result would be determined at flag-fall, not before. That requires a lot of discipline.
“The fact that we’re not yet in a position to realistically finish higher than fifth further highlighted the brilliance of Jenson’s drive.
“It was a long, hard race for Sergio today. Starting from 12th, the strategy didn’t quite work as well for him, but he did a great job today. He’s still learning, and he’ll take a lot away from this weekend – all of which will make him comeback stronger for the next race in a week’s time.”
http://www.oil.ie/news/view/177 <![CDATA[Post-Race Report - Stewart Haas Racing STP Gas Booster 500]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/177 Tue, 09 Apr 2013 13:32:43 +0100  

Date: April 7, 2013
Event: STP Gas Booster 500 (Round 6 of 36)
Series: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
Location: Martinsville (Va.) Speedway (.526-mile oval)
Winner:  Jimmie Johnson of Hendrick Motorsports (Chevrolet)
SHR Finish:
Danica Patrick (Started 32nd, Finished 12th)
Tony Stewart (Started 26th, Finished 17th)
Ryan Newman (Started 10th, Finished 31st)
SHR Points:
Tony Stewart (22ndwith 135 points, 96 out of first)
Ryan Newman (23rd with 134 points, 97 out of first)
Danica Patrick (26th with 119 points, 112 out of first)







Danica Patrick led the way for Stewart-Haas racing (SHR) Sunday at Martinsville (Va.) Speedway by finishing 12th in the STP Gas Booster 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race. Patrick, driver of the No.10 GoDaddy.com Chevrolet SS for SHR, scored her best Sprint Cup result finishing eighth in the season-opening Daytona 500.

Patrick’s drive came at one of the most difficult Sprint Cup venues. Martinsville is a .526-mile, paperclip-shaped track, with tight corners and short straightaways. The STP Gas Booster 500 marked Patrick’s 16th career Sprint Cup start but her first at Martinsville. Her rookie performance bested those of some other name drivers in their Martinsville debuts, most notably her team owner, as Tony Stewart finished 20th in his first Martinsville start (1999.) Five-time Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson finished 35th in his Martinsville debut (2002.) NASCAR Hall of Famer Rusty Wallace finished 15th (1984.) Dale Jarrett finished 14th (1984.) Dale Earnhardt Jr. finished 26th (2000.) Kyle Busch finished 39th (2005.) Matt Kenseth finished 21st (2000.) Kurt Busch finished 37th (2000.)
Stewart, driver of the No. 14 Rush Truck Centers/Mobil 1 Chevrolet SS, finished 17th Sunday in the STP Gas Booster 500.
Ryan Newman, driver of the No. 39 Quicken Loans Chevrolet for SHR, finished 31st after sustaining back-to-back, flat right-front tyres that left him eight laps down.
Johnson won the STP Gas Booster 500 to score his 62nd career Sprint Cup victory, his second of the season and hi eighth in Martinsville. Johnson is the winningest active Sprint Cup driver in Martinsville history. He trails only Richard Petty (15 wins) and Darrell Waltrip (11 wins) on the track’s all-time win list, which has played host to the Sprint Cup Series since 1949.
Clint Bowyer finished .627 of a second behind Jihnson in the runner-up spot, while Jeff Gordon, Kasey Kahne and Kyle Busch rounded out the top-five. Brad Keselowski, Jamie Mc Murray, Marcos Ambrose, Greg Biffle and Mark Martin comprised the remainder of the top-10.
There were 12 caution periods for 85 laps, with five drivers failing to finish the 500-lap race.
With round six of 36 complete, Stewart leads the SHR contingent in the championship point standings. He maintained his 22nd-place standing and is 96 points behind new series leader, Johnson. Newman fell three positions to 23rd, 97 point out of first. Patrick gained three spots to climb to 26th, 112 points behind Johnson.
Patrick, who is competing for Rookie of the Year honours against Ricky Stenhouse Jr., finished 13 spots ahead of Stenhouse, who placed 25th.
The next event on the Sprint Cup schedule is the NRA 500 Saturday, April 13 at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth. The race starts at 7:30 pm EDT, with live coverage provided by FOX beginning with its pre-race show at 7 pm.
http://www.oil.ie/news/view/176 <![CDATA[Tony Stewart has some advice for Danica Patrick]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/176 Fri, 05 Apr 2013 13:36:01 +0100 Stewart on Patrick's first visit to Martinsville Speedway: 'As an owner, I'm going to be very nervous. As a driver, I'm going to be laughing a lot, because I remember my first time here.'
MARTINSVILLE, Va. – Tony Stewart has advice for Danica Patrick's first visit to Martinsville Speedway, but he's not sure he wants to tell her.
"I'm trying to decide whether I want to or not," he said. "Part of me as an owner wants to tell her everything I know to help her get through it, but part of me is like, 'You know what? It doesn't matter what you say. You kind of just have to go do the first experience of it and get a feel for it on your own.' "
Stewart, speaking to Martinsville area business leaders Wednesday, chuckled as he looked out the window from a suite high above the speedway. He originally included Martinsville on Patrick's difficult 10-race schedule last season but said it fell through due to logistics.
Now, Patrick is running her rookie season in the Sprint Cup Series and will show up for the April 5-7 race weekend having never seen the paperclip-shaped track. Stewart said it will be interesting – and entertaining -- to watch Patrick learn.
"As an owner, I'm going to be very nervous," he said. "As a driver, I'm going to be laughing a lot, because I remember my first time here."
Stewart compared racing at Martinsville for the first time to being a kid jumping in a bounce house. A kid might be bouncing along on the inflated surface, he said, when another kid suddenly jumps at exactly the same time.
"It throws you this way and off this way and you'll be like, 'What happened?' "he said. "There will be a lot of those moments when we come back here."
Stewart has three wins and 15 top-10s in 28 starts at the 0.526-mile track.
Ninety percent of the bumping incidents at Martinsville, Stewart said, are accidental. But Patrick isn't used to getting bumped, and Stewart has noticed his driver quickly gets defensive when she believes someone is trying to take advantage of her.
"If there's one thing she won't put up with, she won't put up with anybody bullying her," he said. "She may be this tall, but I don't even pick at her very much, because she just throws it back.
"The hard part will be pulling the reins back. Somebody will bump into her and she'll want to knock them through the fence. It'll be like, 'Wait a minute, it was probably just an accident!' "
Source : USA Today 20 / 03 / 2013
http://www.oil.ie/news/view/174 <![CDATA[Post Race Report - Stewart Haas Racing Auto Club 400]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/174 Wed, 27 Mar 2013 06:31:12 +0000  

Date: March 24, 2013
Event: Auto Club 400 (Round 5 of 36)
Series: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
Location: Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, Calif. (2-mile oval)
Winner:  Kyle Busch of Joe Gibbs Racing (Toyota)
SHR Finish:
Ryan Newman (Started 20th, Finished 10th)
Tony Stewart (Started 8th, Finished 22nd)
Danica Patrick (Started 40th, Finished 26h)
SHR Points:
Ryan Newman (20th with 121 points, 78 out of first)
Tony Stewart (22nd with 108 points, 91 out of first)
Danica Patrick (29th with 87 points, 112 out of first)







Ryan Newman led the way for Stewart-Haas Racing (SHR) Sunday at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, Calif., by finishing 10th in the Auto Club 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race. Newman, driver of the No.39 WIX Filters Chevrolet SS, earned his fourth straight top-10 finish at Fontana, his eighth overall at the two-mile oval and his third this season.

Tony Stewart, driver of the o. 14 Rush Truck Centers/Mobil 1 Chevrolet SS for SHR, led twice for 18 laps and was in position for a top-five finish with 10 laps to go until a block by Joey Logano on the lap-190 restart forced Stewart low and impeded his momentum. Stewart lost valuable positions n the closing laps and finished a disappointing 22nd.
Kyle Busch won the Auto Club 400 to score his 25th career Sprint Cup victory, his first of the season and his second at Fontana.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. finished behind Busch in the runner-up spot as the raced ended under caution for a last-lap crash involving Logano and Denny Hamlin. Logano, Carl Edwards and Kurt Busch rounded out the top-five, while Greg Biffle, Matt Kenseth, Paul Menard, Kasey Kahne and Newman comprised the remainder of the top-10.
With round five of 36 complete, Newman leads the SHR contingent in the championships point standings. He gained three spots to climb to 20th, 121 points behind new series leader Earnhardt. Stewart picked up two positions to rise to 22nd, 108 points out of first. Patrick dropped one spot to fall to 29th, 112 points behind Stenhouse, who placed 20th.
The Series takes a rare weekend off for Easter before returning to action April 7 at Martinsville (Va.) Speedway for the STP Gas Booster 500. The race starts at 1 p.m. EDT, with live coverage provided by FOX.
http://www.oil.ie/news/view/173 <![CDATA[Post Race Report - 2013 Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/173 Tue, 26 Mar 2013 13:56:32 +0000 VODAFONE - McCLAREN MERCEDES

Sepang International Circuit, Kuala Lumpur, Sunday March 24

“It’s fair to say that we can see that progress is being made.”



Started: 10th
Finished: 9th
Fastest lap: 1m39.199s (1st)
Pitstops: Four: laps 7, 22, 33 and 54 [Int-Opt-Opt-Pri-Pri]
Points: 2 (10th)
“This afternoon my engineers sorted out a very good race strategy that enabled me to pass the cars immediately in front of me early on – so thank you and well done for that, guys.”
“Unfortunately, towards the end of the race, my tyres began to degrade a bit too much, especially my front left, and we therefore felt it would be too risky to drive to the finish on that set.”
“Consequently, we had no real option other than to make an extra pitstop, which caused me to lose position.”
“I still ended up ninth, which is two places better than I finished in Melbourne last weekend, so I think it’s fair to say that we can see that progress is being made.”
“In Shanghai in two weeks’ time let’s hope that that upward trend continues.”



Started: 8th
Finished: DNF
Fastest lap: 1m40.556s (+1.357s, 5th)
Pitstops: Three: laps 7, 21 and 35 [Int-Opt-Opt-Pri]
Points: 0 (DNF)
“We drove a good race today. Strategy-wise, we did everything right. We pitted on the correct laps and looked after the tyres exactly as we should have done."
“We’d have finished fifth but for the problem in the pitstop – maybe we’d have been in the battle for third and fourth. It’s very disappointing that we weren’t able to demonstrate that, of course."
“Even at the end we had a chance of scoring a point, but unfortunately I was struggling with my front left [tyre] by that stage. It kept locking up, and it was producing such a bad vibration that I think the guys were worried that it might damage the front left suspension if I carried on."
“However, as I say, apart from the pitstop problem, I think we did a pretty good job. We’ve made improvements over the past week, and the result of those improvements was that we were more competitive here in Malaysia than we were in Australia last weekend, so there are definitely positives that we can take away with us."
“Hopefully, in China in two weeks’ time, we can continue that steady improvement and score a few more points.”


Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

“After having finished only ninth and 11th last weekend in Melbourne, today in Sepang we saw clear evidence that all the hard work we’ve been doing over the past week has resulted in some significant gains in terms of car development."
“Obviously, however, we’re very disappointed that Jenson lost a hard-earned and we;;-deserved fifth place, perhaps even third of fourth, as a consequence of a pitstop problem caused by a wheel-gun issue. Jenson did absolutely nothing wrong and reacted correctly to the green light, by the way."
“Checo, too, put in a solid and plucky performance all weekend, earning his first points for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes this afternoon, and recorded fastest lap at the very end of the race."
“Clearly, therefore, although as I say we’re very disappointed for Jenson, the truth is that he could and should have finished at least fifth – and, although by our own high standards that’s not remotely good enough, it plainly shows that we’re going in the right direction from a car-development point of view."
http://www.oil.ie/news/view/171 <![CDATA[Stewart-Haas Racing Food City 500]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/171 Tue, 19 Mar 2013 11:58:59 +0000  

Date: March 17, 2013
Event: Food City 500 (Round 4 of 36)
Series: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
Location: Bristol (Tenn.) Motor Speedway (.533-mile oval)
Winner:  Kasey Khane of Hendrick Motorsports (Chevrolet)
SHR Finish:
Ryan Newman (Started 31st, Finished 7th / Running, completed 500 of 500 laps)
Danica Patrick (Started 41st, Finished 128h / Running, completed 495 of 500 laps)
Tony Stewart (Started 8th, Finished 31st / Running, completed 464 of 500 laps)
SHR Points:
Ryan Newman (23rd with 87 points, 79 out of first)
Tony Stewart (24th with 85 points, 81 out of first)
Danica Patrick (28th with 69 points, 97 out of first)
Ryan Newman, driver of the No. 39 Haas Automation Chevrolet SS, led the Stewart-Haas Racing(SHR) contingent Sunday at Bristol (Tenn.) Motor Speedway by finishing seventh in the Food City 500 NASCARSprint Cup Series race. IT was Newman’s second top-10 finish of the season and his 13th top-10 in 23 career Sprint Cup starts at Bristol.
Danica Patrick, driver of the No. 10 GoDaddy.com Chevrolet SS for SHR, finished 28th. It was Patrick’s 14th career Sprint Cup and her second at the .533-mile oval.
Tony Stewart, driver of the No. 14 Mobil 1/Bass Pro Shops Chevrolet for SHR, finished 31st after a cut left-rear tire sent him spinning into the turn one wall on lap nine of the 500-lap race. His crew repaired the No. 14 machine after a lengthy stay on the pit road. After returning to the track in 41st, Stewart gained 10 positions by the time the checkered flag dropped.
Kasey Kahne won the Food City 500 to score his 15th career Sprint Cup victory, his first of the season and his first at Bristol.
With round four of 36 complete, Newman leads the SHR contingent in the championship point standings. He gained eight spots to climb to 23rd, 79 points behind series leader and reigning Sprint Cup champion Keselowski. Stewart dropped six positions to 24th, 81 points out of first.
Patrick, who is competing for Rookie of the Year honors against Ricky Stenhouse Jr., finished 12 spots behind Stenhouse, who placed 16th.
The next event on the Sprint Cup schedule is the Auto Club 400 Sunday, March 24 at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California. The race starts at 3 p.m. EDT, with live coverage provided by FOX.


http://www.oil.ie/news/view/169 <![CDATA[Stewart-Haas Racing Kobalt Tools 400]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/169 Wed, 13 Mar 2013 07:00:08 +0000  

Date: March 10, 2013
Event: Kobalt Tools 400 (Round 3 of 36)
Series: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
Location: Las Vegas Motor Speedway (1.5-mile oval)
Winner:  Matt Kenseth of Joe Gibbs Racing (Toyota)
SHR Finish:
Tony Stewart (Started 9th, Finished 11th / Running, completed 267 of 267 laps)
Danica Patrick (Started 37th, Finished 33rd / Engine, completed 234 of 267 laps)
Ryan Newman (Started 14th, Finished 38th / Running, completed 234 of 267 laps)
SHR Points:
Tony Stewart (18th with 72 points, 57 out of first)
Danica Patrick (30th with 53 points, 76 out of first)
Ryan Newman (31st with 50 points, 79 out of first)
Tony Stewart, driver of the No. 14 Mobil 1/Bass Pro Shops Chevrolet SS, led the way for Stewart-Haas Racing (SHR) Sunday at Las Vegas Motor Speedway by finishing 11th in the Kobalt Tools 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race.
Danica Patrick, driver of the No. 10 GoDaddy.com Chevrolet SS for SHR, finished 33rd. Ryan Newman, driver of the No. 39 Quicken Loans Chevrolet for SHR finished 38th. Newman’s car suffered an engine failure and he completed only 234 of 267 laps.
Matt Kenseth won the Kobalt Tools 400 to score his 25th career Sprint Cup victory, his first of the season and his third at Las Vegas. Kenseth celebrated his 41st birthday Sunday and became the third driver in Sprint Cup history to win on his birthday. Cale Yarborough accomplished it twice, while Kyle Busch did it once.
Kasey Kahne, who led six times for a race high 114 laps, finished .594 of a second behind Kenseth in the runner up spot, while Brad Keselowski, Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards rounded out the top five. Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Martin Truex Jr, Kevin Harvick and Paul Meard comprised the remainder of the top 10.
With round three of 36 complete, Stewart leads the SHR contingent in the championship point standings. He is 18th, 57 points behind series leader Johnson. Patrick is 30th, 76 points out of first. Newman is 31st, 79 points behind Johnson.
Patrick, who is competing for Rookie of the Year honors against Ricky Stenhouse Jr, finished 15 spots behind Stenhouse, who placed 18th.
The next event on the Sprint Cup schedule is the Food City 500 Sunday, March 17 at Bristol (Tenn.) Motor Speedway. The race starts at 1 p.m. EDT, with live coverage provided by FOX.


http://www.oil.ie/news/view/149 <![CDATA[2012 BRAZILIAN GRAND PRIX]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/149 Tue, 27 Nov 2012 08:36:39 +0000 Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, Interlagos, Sunday November 25

It was crazy out there!

182nd victory for McLaren
78th victory for McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Mobil 1 and Enkei
34th victory for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes
15th victory for Jenson
7th victory of the season for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

Started 2nd
Finished 1st
Fastest lap 1m18.108s (+0.039s, 2nd)
Pitstops Two: laps 23 (3.81s) and 57 (2.63s) [Opt-Pri-Int]
Points 188 (5th)

“Everyone who took part in today’s race deserves respect – it was crazy out there!

“The conditions were always going to trigger plenty of action, because some cars could generate the required tyre temperatures and others couldn’t. So, for most of the race, you were on a tyre that didn’t feel quite right for the conditions, but for which the lap-times looked okay compared with those of the cars on the other tyre. I spent so much time speaking on the radio to my engineer, Dave [Robson], trying to understand what was going to work and what wasn’t.

“I had a lot of fun racing with Lewis, especially for the first 10 laps. We had a really good, clean fight. It’s a pity he wasn’t still there at the end – but it was nice to have such a great dice with him in our last race as Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team-mates. And I really want to say this: ‘It’s been so good working with you, Lewis. Over the past few years, we’ve driven a lot of great races together. It’s been fab.

“Going back to the subject of today’s race, the Safety Car made life more difficult for us – we lost the 40-second buffer we’d built up – but then the rain really came down, and the race became all about choosing the best time to switch to the Inters.

“Then the challenge altered, and it became all about nursing the car to the end. There was a lot of standing water about, especially where Paul [di Resta] had his accident. I’d been through there on the previous lap and had a big snap too, which was a pretty scary moment.

“Last but not least, congratulations to Sebastian [Vettel]. To win three world championships in a row is a great achievement.”

Started 1st
Finished Ret, 54 laps – accident damage
Fastest lap 1m18.069s (1st)
Pitstops Two: laps 10 (5.83s) and 18 (3.34s) [Opt-Int-Pri]
Points 190 (4th)

“Huge congratulations to Jenson – and to Sebastian too.

“It’s a shame we weren’t able to seal second position in the constuctors’ world championship together, but we did our best. Congratulations to Sebastian, too – his team kept it together and, under a lot of pressure, they pulled through today.

“Now that the 2012 season is done and dusted, I feel a bit numb. It’s been a day of mixed emotions. I’m sad that I didn’t finish the race, but I’m excited about the future. I’ll miss my friends and Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, but I’m optimistic about what lies ahead for me. I feel comfortable going into this winter because I feel I did a good job this year. I gave 2012 everything I had. I couldn’t have done anything more.”

As for today, I don’t remember too much about the accident with Nico [Hulkenberg], but he came to see me after the race, which was nice.

“It’s been a brilliant experience to be a part of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team over the past six years. I want to thank everyone and sincerely wish everyone the very best for the future. They’ve been fantastic, so supportive, and they continue to do an amazing job.

“So, to all of you at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, I’ll miss each and every one of you.”

Team principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes
“Jenson drove a millimetre-perfect race today, brilliantly managing the changeable and challenging weather conditions that always bring out the very best in him, and notched up his 15th grand prix victory as a result.

“Lewis was driving equally well when a coming-together with Nico cruelly ended his race. The points we thereby lost were what prevented us from overhauling Ferrari’s constructors’ world championship points total today.

“It would have been fantastic if we could have scored the one-two finish that was clearly within our reach but for that collision, not least for Lewis, whose superb record for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes warrants setting out here: 110 grands prix, 21 wins, 49 podium places, 26 pole positions, 12 fastest laps and 913 world championship points. On behalf of everyone at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, we wish him well.

“As for Jenson, the superb winner of today’s race, I speak on behalf of everyone at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes when I say how delighted we are that he was able to win here today, thereby book-ending his 2012 season with a magnificent victory to go with his season-opening win in Melbourne. He also won in fine style at Spa, of course.

“And here’s one for the train-spotters: Jenson has now scored more podium places in the three seasons he’s driven for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes [25] than he’d scored in the 10 seasons he’d driven for his previous teams [24].

“So there are many reasons for us to be cheerful today. We’ve won the season’s last two grands prix, both wins the result of our car’s sheer pace, and that achievement gives us an extremely solid platform from which to develop our 2013 car over the next few months in readiness for the new season.

“Finally, congratulations to Sebastian and commiserations to Fernando [Alonso]. Either of them would have been a worthy world champion. But, after a grand prix as thrilling and as suspenseful as the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix, it’s fair to say that the ultimate winner today was Formula 1.”


http://www.oil.ie/news/view/148 <![CDATA[Stewart-Haas Racing: Ford EcoBoost 400 Race Report]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/148 Tue, 20 Nov 2012 13:17:40 +0000

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/147 <![CDATA[2012 UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/147 Tue, 20 Nov 2012 11:35:15 +0000 Circuit Of The Americas, Sunday November 18

“What made the difference today? I wanted it more, that’s what!”




Started 2nd

Finished 1st

Fastest lap 1m39.709s (+0.362s, 5th)

Pitstops One: lap 20 (2.39s) [Opt-Pri]

Points 190 (4th)


“I’m massively proud and extremely happy. I nearly lost my voice because I was screaming so much on the in-lap – not cool at all!


“To overtake both Red Bulls in the race was the coolest thing for me. The backmarkers really came into play today – and, finally, they worked in my favour. I’ve often been caught out when I’ve been trying to get through traffic, but things finally went my way today.


“When Seb [Vettel] was delayed by a backmarker, I knew I had to grab my chance, so I turned the engine up to maximum revs and pushed like crazy. Along the back-straight I went to the to the outside, but Seb closed the door, so I moved to the inside, and he came back towards me. I was very lucky. It was very close.


“What made the difference today between Seb and me? I wanted it more, that’s what!


“I won the last United States Grand Prix, in 2007, so, to come back and win it again – in front of such a great crowd – feels very special indeed. There are a couple of grands prix that are somehow out on their own: there’s Monaco, Silverstone, Montreal, Spa and Monza. Now you can this circuit to that list – it’s already one of the best racetracks in the world, maybe even right up there in the top three.


“It’s a brilliant feeling to be finishing the season on a high. Hopefully, we’ll go to Brazil next week with the same level of performance – I’d love to win my final two races for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes.”




Started 12th

Finished 5th

Fastest lap 1m40.150s (+0.803s, 6th)

Pitstops One: lap 35 (2.90s) [Opt-Pri]

Points 163 (6th)


“Starting on the dirty side of the racetrack was very tough – I ended up 15th by the end of the first lap. So fifth was probably the best result I could have had. I had a lot of fun this afternoon, and fought a lot of good battles on my way through.


“There was lots of action and lots of overtaking – and most of it was very clean, which was good to see.


“Obviously, however, fifth place wasn’t the result I’d have ideally liked, but the car was working really well, and, with a better grid position, I could definitely have been right up there. Still, big congratulations to Lewis and the whole Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team.


“It was great to race in front of so many fantastically enthusiastic American fans – they looked like they really enjoyed themselves. Before we arrived here, we knew we were going to have to put on a good show, and I think we did just that. There was action and suspense all the way through, which is exactly what you need to create a great sporting spectacle.


“I really hope the US will now embrace Formula 1 at last.”



Team principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes


“Today was a brilliant day for Lewis Hamilton, a brilliant day for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, and a brilliant day for Formula 1.


“From the dirty side of the track, Lewis made a very good start but was nonetheless unsurprisingly passed by Mark [Webber], whose P3 grid slot had afforded him appreciably better traction off the line than Lewis had enjoyed from P2. But Lewis quickly caught and passed Mark, and then set about closing the gap to Seb.


“Their battle was long and intense, two great drivers at the top of their form, their cars never more than a few metres apart and often almost nose to tail, but, when Lewis made his move, he made it beautifully. From that moment onwards, try as Seb might to mount a counter-attack, Lewis was in supreme command: right on the limit yet in total control, the man of the match at his brilliant best.


“As for Jenson, he drove an excellent recovery race, handicapped as he had been by a throttle pedal problem in yesterday’s qualifying session that had prevented him from qualifying better than 12th. And worse was to come: at the start of the race he was boxed in by several other cars, dropping further places immediately. Thereafter, however, he drove hard and well, climbing all the way up to fifth position at the chequered flag, having managed his tyre wear superbly at the same time as pulling off some extremely gutsy overtaking moves: 10 world championship points extremely well earned.


“Lewis’s victory was Vodafone McLaren Mercedes’ sixth grand prix win of the 2012 season and McLaren’s 12th grand prix win on United States soil. It goes without saying that we’re utterly thrilled to have won in Austin here today – just as we were absolutely delighted when we won the last United States Grand Prix, in 2007, at Indianapolis.


“I’ve already said that today was a brilliant day for Lewis Hamilton, a brilliant day for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, and a brilliant day for Formula 1. But, just as important as any of that, I believe it’s fair to say that it was also a brilliant day for motorsport in the United States. The Austin racetrack is a magnificent one, and today it staged a wonderful motor race. The city of Austin has welcomed us and our sport, and on behalf of everyone at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes I want to extend our friendship and gratitude in return.


“Next weekend we’ll be in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and you may be well sure that Lewis and Jenson will be doing their utmost to record Vodafone McLaren Mercedes’ seventh win of the 2012 season over the daunting bumps and turns of the famously serpentine Interlagos circuit. But we’re already looking forward to coming back to Austin next year, and putting on another truly great show, on a truly great racetrack, in a truly great city, in a truly great country.


“Until next year, then, that’s all folks!”

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/118 <![CDATA[Mobil 1 Oil: An Aerodynamic Aid]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/118 Tue, 20 Nov 2012 00:00:00 +0000

Bylined article by Bruce Crawley, Global Motorsport Technology Manager, ExxonMobil Lubricants and Specialties

The new season hit the starting blocks with two dramatic races in Australia and Malaysia, heralding an exciting season in 2012.

Key to Vodafone McLaren Mercedes’ success in a year with no less than six former world champions on the grid, will be the car’s aerodynamics. With exhaust-blown diffusers effectively a thing of the past, the Mobil 1 engine oil in the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-27 race car has enabled the team to increase rear downforce by improving aerodynamic performance.

Quest to be the Best

Martin Whitmarsh, Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, recently commented at the launch of the MP4-27 “While there are clear visual changes to this year’s car, there’s greater change beneath the skin, with lots of fresh thinking applied.” With no stone left unturned in the quest to be the best, our Mobil 1 engineers have developed a breakthrough engine oil for 2012 that allows a significant increase in the engine operating temperature.

Cool Performance

The MP4-27 uses oil and water radiators to help cool the engine. Located in the right-hand side pod, the oil radiator and Mobil 1 technology provide an almost equal share of the engine cooling requirement.

Running Hotter

There are several advantages of being able to run the engine hotter. Drag can be reduced by re-optimization of the radiator and aero packaging. Increased rear downforce can also be achieved through aerodynamic improvements to the exit ducts.

Grand Prix Engine Oil Cooling Package Explained.

The Mobil 1 engine oil flows through the radiator cooling down by approximately 40°C, whilst the air channelled through the side pod inlet heats up about 75°C.

In to Win

The excellent thermal performance of Mobil 1 technology is one feature that allows both higher operating temperatures whilst still protecting the engine and is a real advantage. When the winning margin can be fractions of a second, using the right engine oil can make the difference.

Race Technology in Your Car

The tough testing ground of Grand Prix racing provides the ideal environment for Mobil 1 engineers to develop advanced engine oils which can help optimize the performance of your car. Similar to the advancements in Grand Prix race cars, recent developments in road cars often put increased pressure on the oil in your car to perform. Mobil 1 synthetic engine oils are formulated to help keep your vehicle running like new.

As technology partners of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, Mobil 1 engineers will continue their research and development in a bid to help team drivers, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, lift the Constructors Championship at the end of a season that promises to be one of the most exciting yet. We’re certainly off to a good start.

For more information on Mobil 1, the world’s leading synthetic engine oil brand, visit mobil1.com

About Mobil 1

The world's leading synthetic motor oil brand, Mobil 1 features anti-wear technology that provides performance beyond conventional motor oils. This technology allows Mobil 1 to meet or exceed the toughest standards of car builders and to provide exceptional protection against engine wear, under normal or even some of the most extreme conditions. Mobil 1 flows quickly in extreme temperatures to protect critical engine parts and is designed to maximize engine performance and help extend engine life.

About Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

New Zealand racing driver Bruce McLaren founded the McLaren team in 1963. It entered its first Grand Prix race in 1966 and won its first Grand Prix in 1968. More than 40 years and 176 Grand Prix victories later, McLaren is still renowned as one of the sport’s most successful competitors and as one of the world’s most illustrious high-technology brands.

The McLaren Group has grown to encompass much more than just racing. It houses McLaren Electronic Systems, a cutting-edge electronics division that not only services the entire Grand Prix grid but also many racing series across the globe. McLaren Applied Technologies creates cutting-edge solutions for modern industry while McLaren Automotive not only produced the 1990s’ original supercar, the McLaren F1, and the unique Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren but is now building its own high-performance sports car – the extraordinary MP4-12C.

After a highly successful 2011 campaign, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes continues with the proven double world-champion line-up of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button for 2012.

ExxonMobil, Mobil 1, the 1 Icon and the ExxonMobil logotype are trademarks of Exxon Mobil Corporation or one of its subsidiaries.

Side Pod. Increased downforce and reduced drag equals faster lap times.

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/119 <![CDATA[Mobil 1 Motorsport: Formula One Heritage]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/119 Thu, 15 Nov 2012 00:00:00 +0000

Mobil 1 Motorsport: Grand Prix Heritage

Technical Partnerships

  • ExxonMobil’s 30-year involvement in Grand Prix Racing has seen it partner with three multi-race and championship winning teams1
  • 2012 sees the continuation of ExxonMobil’s Technology Partnership with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes through the development of lubricants and fuel for the race car


Mobil 1 Race Performance

  • Mobil 1TM engines are supplied to each driver for the entire racing season
  • Mobil 1 separates and cools over 300 moving parts in the V8 engine
  • Mobil 1 withstands engine forces 8,500 times greater than the force of gravity
  • Mobil 1 performs effectively from -50°C to over 300°C (hot enough to melt tin and close to the melting point of lead)
  • The thickness of a film of Mobil Racing Synthetic Gear Oil is less than 1 micron – approximately 80 times thinner than a human hair
  • Mobil 1 absorbs the stresses generated from a race engine which has an output of over 760bhp
  • Mobil 1 helps reduce friction, improving engine efficiency and increasing power output


Mobil 1 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

  • 71 Grand Prix victories (from 293 races)
  • 216 Podium Finishes
  • 68 Pole Positions
  • 21 1-2 Finishes
  • 4 World Championships (3 x World Drivers & 1 x World Constructors)


Mobil 1 in Grand Prix Racing

  • 30 years in Grand Prix Racing
  • 6 World Drivers’ Championships
  • 5 World Constructors’ Championships
  • 498 Championship races
  • 113 Grand Prix victories


Refers to number of years of use of ExxonMobil products as part of Formula OneTM racing partnerships


http://www.oil.ie/news/view/143 <![CDATA[Stewart-Haas Racing: Advocare 500K Race Report]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/143 Tue, 13 Nov 2012 11:33:37 +0000

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/121 <![CDATA[A victory lap for the Mobil 1 forensics team]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/121 Tue, 13 Nov 2012 00:00:00 +0000 Bruce Crawley, Global Motorsport Technology Manager, ExxonMobil Lubricants and Specialties

The first half of the season has been one of the most eventful and exciting in recent years, with surprise wins and a genuine sense of unpredictability running throughout. With the first seven Grands Prix of the season won by seven different drivers from five different teams, keeping up to speed trackside has been vital to delivering a competitive advantage. Everyone knows that these upgrades made during the season can be game-changing – but lesser-known is the extent of the detective work that has to be done to make them. This is where, for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, the team from Mobil 1 provide the priceless analysis needed to identify problems early and set them straight.

At the end of the 2008 Turkish Grand Prix, a routine trackside oil test conducted by the Mobil 1 technology team detected a fault with driver Lewis Hamilton’s engine. Post-race evaluation identified a defective pump, which was then replaced. The following race, this engine powered Hamilton to victory at the Monaco Grand Prix, and he went on to win the season championship. 

Trackside partnership

The relationship between Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and Mobil 1 has resulted in an impressive 73 race wins and four championships. Part of that success can be attributed to trackside support. Because not only does Mobil 1 provide their high-performance lubricant products and fuel for every race, they also bring the expertise of their engineers. 

Race-day oil analysis.

Before and after each track session, an expert embedded in the team takes oil samples which are tested on the spot in the portable Mobil 1 Analytical Centre. The analysis gives detailed information on the health of the engine, monitoring its inner workings.

Winning technology.

Mobil 1 specialists keep their eyes open for microscopic traces of metal and contamination in the oil that can provide an early warning of potential issues. The ability to pinpoint the precise source of a potential problem helps improve reliability and keeps the car running at peak performance. For more information on Mobil 1, the world’s leading synthetic engine oil brand, visit mobil1.com.

About ExxonMobil Lubricants and Specialties

ExxonMobil Lubricants and Petroleum Specialties Company is a leading marketer of finished lubricants, asphalts and specialty products, as well as one of the world's largest suppliers of lubricant base stocks.

About Mobil 1

The world's leading synthetic motor oil brand, Mobil 1 features anti-wear technology that provides performance beyond conventional motor oils. This technology allows Mobil 1 to meet or exceed the toughest standards of car builders and to provide exceptional protection against engine wear, under normal or even some of the most extreme conditions. Mobil 1 flows quickly in extreme temperatures to protect critical engine parts and is designed to maximize engine performance and help extend engine life.

ExxonMobil, Mobil 1, the 1 Icon and the ExxonMobil logotype are trademarks of Exxon Mobil Corporation or one of its subsidiaries.


http://www.oil.ie/news/view/122 <![CDATA[DR Tony Harlow, Consultant Engineer for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/122 Thu, 08 Nov 2012 00:00:00 +0000 Consultant Engineer for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes – Mobil 1 Motorsport ExxonMobil Lubricants & Petroleum Specialties Company

Tony Harlow is one of ExxonMobil’s longest-serving technology experts and since 1995 he has been seconded with the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team as a consultant engineer for the ExxonMobil technology partnership.

In this role as Mobil 1 Motorsports “man in the pits,” Harlow is responsible for the coordination of race fuels and lubricants supply, as well as the technical and analytical support on fuels and lubricants at races using his mobile laboratory which is based with the team and ExxonMobil research centres. Prior to this role, Harlow was a research associate at ExxonMobil in the UK, where he coordinated the research and development of automotive fuels and lubricants with worldwide automotive and truck manufacturers. During his career, Harlow has gained a host of experience in motorsport lubrication, after holding a series of roles in Grand Prix racing, rally and sportscar teams, including working with the Mobil 1 development and technical support for Williams and Benetton Formula 1 Teams and support for works Opel Rally and BMW-Alpina Sportscar Teams.

Harlow was born in Lincolnshire, England, in 1942 and holds Bachelor of Science, DIC and PhD qualifications in Physics from Imperial College, University of London and TU Karlsruhe, Germany. Harlow speaks fluent French and German and has worked for ExxonMobil since 1971.

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/142 <![CDATA[STEWART-HAAS RACING: AAA TEXAS 500 RACE REPORT]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/142 Wed, 07 Nov 2012 09:10:58 +0000

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/141 <![CDATA[ MOBIL 1 RACING NEWSLETTER - ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/141 Wed, 07 Nov 2012 08:47:24 +0000 VODAFONE McLAREN MERCEDES


Yas Marina Circuit, Sunday November 4

“Two big races remaining to get back to the front”




Started 5th

Finished 4th

Fastest lap 1m44.533s (+0.569s, 4th)

Pitstops One lap 29 (3.0s) [Opt-Pri]

Points 153 (6th)

“Congratulations to Kimi [Raikkonen] – he’s a man of few words, but he’s all about racing. He deserved this victory today.

“For me, it was quite a fun race. I had a few good battles out there – with Mark [Webber], Sebastian [Vettel] and Pastor [Maldonado] – and they were particularly good fun. But, unfortunately, I didn’t have the pace in the car to take the fight to the leaders today. 

“The car felt very different from how it had on Friday – I just couldn’t find the grip, which was strange. And, at the end, I couldn’t have kept Sebastian back – he was on newer Options [tyres], so it was impossible to get the same amount of traction from my older Primes as he was getting from his newer Options.

“Lewis’s retirement meant we dropped more points to Ferrari in the constructors’ world championship. That was a great pity, but we have two big races remaining in which to make up the balance.”




Started 1st 

Finished Ret – 19 laps, fuel pressure

Fastest lap 1m47.266s (+3.302s, 16th)

Pitstops n/a

Points 165 (5th)

“I’m gutted; I’d had really good pace all weekend and I feel certain we could have won today."

“I had a fuel pressure problem – it was very sudden, I was just entering a corner and the car just died on me."

“The only mistake I made all weekend was having a brief moment on lap two, when my brakes weren’t fully up to temperature and I locked up into Turn Eight. After that, however, everything was going really well. The car was a dream to drive – I was cruising and still pulling away when I had my problem."

“Nonetheless, we’ll have more opportunities in Austin and Sao Paulo. I hope we can get back to the front – I’d love to take a win or two more for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes before the end of the season.”



Team principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

“From the point of view of sheer pace, Lewis totally dominated the 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend – until loss of fuel pressure ended his race when he was serenely managing a comfortable lead."

“Until that point, he’d had the race in the bag, and it goes without saying that the entire Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team is absolutely gutted that through no fault of his own he wasn’t able to win here today. Lewis, too, is understandably disappointed – but he’s also as keen as mustard to give it his very best shot to win the season’s final two grands prix, at Austin and Sao Paulo."

“Jenson, too, drove a gutsy and spirited race, ending up fourth, having been overtaken at the end by Seb, who was on fresher tyres [than Jenson was] and whose car had been re-geared prior to the race for better top speed."

“To Kimi, who is of course an old friend of ours, having won nine grands prix for McLaren Mercedes during his time with us [2002-2006], I want to say ‘Well done’. Today we saw a great drive by a great driver."

“Last, here are two brand-new McLaren-related milestones for all you train-spotters out there. First, until Lewis’s race came to an end on lap 20, he’d taken McLaren’s aggregate of kilometres spent in the lead of world championship grands prix past the 50,000km mark. And, second, in scoring 12 world championship points for fourth place, Jenson established a new benchmark in Formula 1: 56 points-scoring grands prix on the trot for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, eclipsing the previous record which had been held hitherto by Ferrari."

“Neither of those stats provides much comfort today for anyone at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, but they certainly both bear witness to a truly impressive magnum opus of on-track McLaren achievement in Formula 1, going back all the way to 1966, and I salute all the many men and women whose sterling efforts have contributed to that."


“Next we go to Austin, a new venue for our sport. Lewis won the last United States Grand Prix – at Indianapolis in 2007 – and you may be well sure that he, Jenson and everyone else in our team will be aiming to make it two United States Grand Prix victories on the trot for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes.”

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/114 <![CDATA[MOBIL 1 RACING NEWSLETTER - EVENTS]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/114 Tue, 06 Nov 2012 00:00:00 +0000 China driver appearance with Lewis Hamilton

On 11th April 2012, 2008 Formula 1™ World Champion Lewis Hamilton joined the Team’s technology partner for a showcase event at the Ritz Carlton Portman. The driver visit took place to kick off the 2012 Chinese Grand Prix which took place in Shanghai.

The objectives of the event were to:

  • Leverage the world’s most renowned motorsports event and enhance Mobil 1’s motorsport leadership
  • Reaffirm Mobil 1’s brand & technology leadership and explain why it is the number one choice of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team
  • Increase Mobil 1 and VMM’s share of voice and maintain leadership status

At the event, ExxonMobil executives joined the company’s long-time partner, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, and a special guest, the leading Chinese driver Cheng Congfu, in discussing why Mobil 1 remains the No. 1 choice for racing success, the benefits of using fully synthetic motor oil and the rigorous testing process that goes into guaranteeing that Mobil 1 products always deliver performance proven under the most demanding and extreme of conditions. The panel exemplified how the ExxonMobil and Vodafone McLaren Mercedes partnership continues to produce the ideal synergy for translating Mobil 1’s winning record on the track into the same performance, efficiency and reliability for drivers on the road.

With a huge media crowd which included TV, Press, Radio and online digital, Lewis discussed Mobil 1’s technological support for the Team and the transfer of winning technology from track to road. Dr Tony Harlow, the Mobil 1 Motorsport Technical engineer, was also on site to answer any technical questions put forward by the media.

Various backdrops, posters, direction boards and cut-outs were produced, as well as web banners and press releases. The Press Conference helped to leverage Mobil 1’s long-standing relationship with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and demonstrate Mobil 1’s proven technological leadership and its ultimate performance and protection.

PR Outcome Summary:

  • 79 media outlets attended the event
  • 285 media placements: 32 TV, 23 print (newspaper), 2 radio, 59 video, 164 online and 5 blog & BBS
  • Total EAV (as of Apr. 24th) : USD 2,340,444
  • Weibo Live Streaming was used during the press conference. 3,200 people watched the event through live streaming on Weibo.
  • As of April 16th, event video, including webcast and TV coverage re-runs, has been viewed 73,478 times.

Moscow City Racing
On Sunday the 15th July 2012, Formula 1TM came to the iconic city of Moscow as the teams from the world of Formula 1TM gave Russian race fans a taste of the world’s most popular motorsport.

Race fans in Russia have been enjoying the event for the past 5 years, since its debut in 2008. Since that moment Moscow City Racing has become one of the top sporting events in Russia. Support has been growing for the last 4 years with more than two million people turning up to witness the show.

This year, despite heavy rain overnight that threw the schedule back, little would dampen the spirits of the thousands in attendance who were able to witness the unique sights and smells of throbbing Formula 1TM machinery, and as always, visitors enjoyed the ultimate performance and high speed of world-famous drivers for free.

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and partner Mobil 1 visited the show, along with the Scuderia Ferrari team. 2008 World Champion Lewis Hamilton could be seen driving the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-27 race car, showing his appreciation to the crowd by doing a few doughnuts along with Giancarlo Fisichella for the Scuderia Ferrari team.

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/140 <![CDATA[Stewart-Haas Racing: TUMS Fast Relief 500 Race Report]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/140 Tue, 30 Oct 2012 11:07:26 +0000

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/139 <![CDATA[2012 INDIAN GRAND PRIX]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/139 Tue, 30 Oct 2012 10:49:09 +0000 Buddh International Circuit, Sunday October 28

“Some fantastic battles – so close, so tight, yet so clean”



Started: 3rd

Finished 4th

Fastest lap 1m28.944s (+0.741s, 5th)

Pitstops One: lap 32 (3.12s) [Opt-Pri]

Points 165 (5th)

“I don’t yet understand why I got such a poor start – it lost me ground and then I fell under attack from the guys behind. During the first lap, I was primarily focusing on not colliding with Jenson, then I saw Fernando [Alonso] in my right mirror. He was towing me from very far back. Even if I’d had a better start than I did, the guys in front were still maybe a bit too fast, particularly in the first stint. 

“During that first stint I started having a downshift problem – I was having to change down with my right hand instead of my left, so the team elected to change the steering wheel at the pitstop. 

“I’ve never had to change a steering wheel during a race before. We’ve done it in Barcelona testing before, but never in a race. Even so, the guys did it fantastically quickly, under immense pressure, so I want to say ‘well done!’ to them all. I took the wheel off before I’d even stopped the car, and threw it out of the car. The team then fitted a new one, I clicked it into first gear, and I was away – all in just a bit over three seconds flat.

“I tried to chase down Mark [Webber] in the closing laps, but by then it was too late and he was going too quickly for me to be able to mount a serious challenge. But I never give up, and, right until the very last corner, I thought I might just be able to catch him, but in the end it wasn’t to be.

“Still, I loved it out there today – I can’t remember the last time I’ve pushed so far, so hard, for so long, right on the limit – it felt great. It felt fantastic, in fact, to be in the middle of such a battle. 

“I’m so proud of all the guys in the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team, too – it was a really great race.”




Started 4th 

Finished 5th

Fastest lap 1m28.203s (1st)

Pitstops One: lap 25 (3.34s) [Opt-Pri]

Points 141 (6th)

“The start of the race was my highlight – there were just millimetres between Lewis, Fernando and me. I’ve never had a start quite like that before – unbelievably hard-fought – and none of us hit each other. It was so close, so tight, yet so clean. It’s just a pity that the rest of the race wasn’t as enjoyable!

“My first stint was pretty disappointing; I think maybe we struggled more on the Options [tyres] than the other runners did, so I couldn’t keep the guys behind me. I then made my pitstop earlier than anticipated, so that we could find a better balance on the harder tyre, but that didn’t work out because I got stuck behind Romain [Grosjean], which lost me more time. 

“But getting fastest lap on the final lap was great, and I think there’s plenty of potential that we can build on and take with us to Abu Dhabi next weekend.”



Team principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

“We scored 22 world championship points here today, but we’d hoped to score quite a few more than that.

“We found it difficult to coax sufficient pace out of the Options, but our car was the fastest in the field on the Primes. The trouble was, by the time we were running on Primes, the gap to the cars ahead was a bit too large. Even so, Lewis pushed as hard as he possibly could in the closing stages, carving chunks out of the gap between him and Mark ahead, and, if the race had been just a few laps longer, I’m certain he’d have fancied his chances of getting past.

“Jenson, too, drove superbly, in difficult conditions, losing quite a bit of time while stuck behind Romain, but he made as rapid progress as Lewis did once he’d got onto Primes. Indeed, he drove the fastest lap of the race on the very last lap. It was McLaren’s 150th fastest lap in world championship grand prix racing, incidentally. 

“Finally, here’s another stat for the train-spotters out there: today, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes tied Ferrari’s all-time record of 55 consecutive world championship grands prix in the points. We started that run in Australia in 2010, which race Jenson won for us of course; indeed, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes has scored points in every single grand prix since Jenson joined our team. 

“In Abu Dhabi, in a week’s time, we’ll be seeking to establish a new benchmark: 56 consecutive world championship grands prix in the points. In fact, of course, we’ll be aiming to do a bit more than that: there are three grands prix still to run this season, and you can be well sure that everyone at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes will be doing his or her level best to win as many of them as we possibly can.”

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/116 <![CDATA[MOBIL 1 RACING NEWSLETTER - Race Report Overview : Monaco Grand Prix]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/116 Mon, 29 Oct 2012 00:00:00 +0000 27th May 2012

Started: 3rd
Fastest lap: 1m18.806s
Finished: 5th
Points: 63 (4th)

“I had a pretty poor start – I didn’t understand why that happened – and I was lucky not to get caught up in the first-corner crash. During the race, I struggled in the low-speed corners and found looking after the rear tyres tough. To make them last as long as we did, while trying to keep up with the pace of the guys in front, was one of the trickiest things I’ve had to do in a race.

I lost time at my pitstop and gave away a place to Fernando [Alonso], and then Sebastian [Vettel] was able to get past me after he made his own stop. After that, it was impossible to overtake.

Today wasn’t the best result for me – I really dislike going backwards in a race – but I think I got everything I could out of the car.

We came away with some points, and there are many more races ahead, but we’ve definitely got some work to do because, race by race, we’re struggling to keep up with the leaders.

The other teams are picking up serious pace, too. We can’t let them pull away from us – but we’re a fantastic team, we’ll knuckle down together, and we’ll really push on now.”

Started: 12th
Finished: Retired
Fastest lap: 1m19.923s
Points: 45 (7th)

“At the start, Kamui [Kobayashi] almost landed on top of me because he’d been launched off someone else. Then I almost got stuck at the exit of Sainte Dévote, but I just managed to squeeze through. After my stop, I got caught behind Heikki [Kovalainen] – we weren’t really fighting, but if you position your car in the right place around here then it’s impossible to overtake. That’s quite frustrating when you’re so much quicker than the guy in front.

Finally, I had a look up the inside of Turn 15 [Swimming Pool exit], we touched, and I had a puncture. Game over. Today’s result stems from a poor qualifying performance and being unlucky at the start. Also, when you start from the mid-grid, you’re more prone to incidents.

It wasn’t my day today – but hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.”

Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

“This year’s Monaco Grand Prix won’t go down as one of the most triumphant in McLaren’s glorious Monte-Carlo history – since, although Lewis finished just four seconds behind Mark [Webber] today, in truth the smallness of that deficit was partly occasioned by the unique combination of the drivers’ need to drive with tyre conservation in mind and a circuit on which overtaking is well-nigh impossible.

As a consequence, Mark was able to back the field up in the closing stages, without risking his lead. Still, Lewis scored a useful 10 points, and lies only 13 points off the drivers’ world championship lead.

Jenson had a frustrating afternoon, striving to make up ground from 12th on the grid, the result of which was ultimately a lap-71 DNF. Our next stop will be Montreal, another non- purpose-built racetrack, but one on which overtaking is at least feasible.

Jenson won brilliantly there last year, and Lewis won superbly there the year before – so, although we weren’t able to add to our unrivalled record of 15 wins here at Monaco this afternoon, you can rest assured that in two weeks’ time we’ll be aiming to score a hat-trick of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Canadian Grand Prix victories.”

Race Report Overview - European Grand Prix
24TH June 2012

Started: 9th
Finished: 8th
Fastest lap: 1m44.806s
Points: 49 (8th)

“This was a really difficult race to read. I got a poor start, was boxed in at Turn One, and had to lift to prevent Fernando [Alonso] and myself hitting the wall at Turn Two. I don’t think we did a bad job in terms of strategy – the car felt good and kept improving during the race – but, when the Safety Car was deployed, I think a few others lucked in to a better strategy. And, today, also, we just didn’t get lucky.

Finally, massive congratulations to Fernando – he did a great job. Hopefully we can do the same thing at our home grand prix in two weeks’ time!”

Started: 2nd
Finished: Retired
Fastest lap: 1m44.007s
Points: 88 (3rd)

“Big congratulations to Fernando – he did a great job today to come from all the way back in 11th. We lost some points today – fortunately, however, a couple of other drivers fighting at the front also missed out, so it’s not the end of the world. It just makes things a little bit tougher.

Today was just a bad day in the office – but that’s motor racing, and I’m already looking forward to the next grand prix, my home race at Silverstone.”

Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

“I suppose you’d have to describe the 2012 European Grand Prix as an exciting race for spectators, but a frustrating race for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes.

Clearly, we’d like to have scored more points than we did today.

But, as I’ve said before and I’m quite sure I’ll have cause to say again, the comparative performance of Formula 1TM cars is extremely close this year – probably closer than ever before – and this year’s races are consequently very unpredictable.

Having said all that, it goes without saying that everyone at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes is looking forward immensely to our home race, the Santander British Grand Prix at Silverstone, on whose famous Tarmac we hope to put on a fantastic show, and record an excellent result, in front of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable motorsport fans in the world.”

Race Report Overview - Santander British Grand Prix
8TH July 2012

Started: 8th
Finished: 8th
Fastest lap: 1m36.173s
Points: 92 (4th)

“It wasn’t a great race for me – I just wish we could have done more for the fans today. We tried as hard as we could, but we simply didn’t have the pace this afternoon.

My tyres were still good at the end of my first stint, and I was able to hang on to Fernando [Alonso]. So it’s hard to understand how we could be leading the race at one point and then fall back to eighth place, especially as our car doesn’t feel bad overall.

I raced my heart out and was flat-out right to the end. We’re still in the hunt for the world championship – and, if we can find a bit of lap-time, we can stay in the hunt, too.

I gave the fans a little donut on the slow-down lap – simply because I wanted to say thank-you to everyone who came out to watch us here today. I’d love to have done better in my home Grand Prix, but, regardless, the fans were fantastic throughout the weekend.”

Started: 16th
Finished: 10th
Fastest lap: 1m36.086s
Points: 50 (8th)

“It was good to get a point in my Grand Prix, but of course that’s not what we ought to be doing: we’re a front-running team and we’ve got a bit of work to do to start running at the front again. I don’t think we made any mistakes with our strategy today; we’re just not quite quick enough at the moment, that’s all.

Most important of all, though, I’m a bit sorry for the Silverstone fans, because they’ve been truly amazing this weekend. Like them, we wanted a lot more from today’s result. So we’re sorry, guys; we weren’t able to fight at the front today, but hopefully we’ll be back there soon.”

Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

“A dry race wasn’t what we were expecting – and, undoubtedly, had it been a wet race, as was predicted, our competitiveness relative to that of our opposition would have been significantly enhanced.

Lewis drove an excellent stint on his initial set of Prime tyres, making consistent progress throughout the first third of the race. Thereafter, with hindsight, perhaps we should have given him more laps on his Options, because, from the very beginning of his third stint, he was never happy with his second set of Primes.

For Jenson, the 2012 Santander British Grand Prix was always going to be a bit of a struggle, starting it as he did from 16th place on the grid. Again, as with Lewis, had it rained earlier this afternoon [rather than only after the race had ended], as it did yesterday and on Friday, and as it was forecast also to do today, undoubtedly he’d have been able to make up more places, more quickly, than in the event he did. As it was, he earned a single world championship point for his efforts, which was meagre reward for a pretty gutsy performance.

Next we travel to Germany, and Hockenheim, the home Grand Prix of our engine partners Mercedes-Benz, whose Mercedes AMG HighPerformancePowertrains V8s have served, and continue to serve, us so well. But, before then, we’ll go back to Woking [Surrey, UK], to the McLaren Technology Centre, with a determination to work as hard as is humanly possible to develop our car such that we can put on a fine and competitive show in the homeland of the famous three-pointed star.”

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/111 <![CDATA[MOBIL 1 RACING NEWSLETTER - INSIDE TRACK: NASCAR]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/111 Thu, 25 Oct 2012 01:00:00 +0100 Driver: Tony Stewart
Season Standings: 8th
Team: Stewart-Haas Racing
Hottest: Stretch in March-April and the three races before Kentucky

Indianapolis finish: 10th

Stewart did not like his poor-handling car in practice or in qualifying but did not seem to mind a top-10 finish. He struggled with a tight car but managed to gain 12 spots in 50 laps after starting 28th. He dropped back outside the top 30 after a tire got away during a pit stop on Lap 74. Stewart made his way his through the field and reached the top 10 with about 10 laps left. He has five top-10 finishes in his past seven races. His record at Indianapolis has been impressive, with eight top-10s in his past nine Brickyard races.

What he said: “We just didn’t start the weekend off good enough, but I will say that I’m really proud of [crew chief] Steve Addington, [competition director] Greg Zipadelli and all of our engineers and everybody who worked hard [Saturday] night to make this car what it was [Sunday]. It was a lot better, but this is where we should’ve unloaded instead of trying to be good for the race.”

Driver: Ryan Newman
Season Standings: 14th
Team: Stewart-Haas Racing
Hottest: The same stretch in March-April as Stewart

Indianapolis finish: 7th

Newman has kept within a few cars lengths of a Chase spot. At Indy, he qualified 11th but fell outside the top 15 while battling a tight car. His Chevy would loosen as the day wore on, but he could not crack the top 10 until his final stop with 33 laps left. His crew made one last adjustment and got him out in seventh place, where he would take the checkered flag. Newman has three consecutive top-10 finishes. He remains just outside the final wild-card spot. Newman is 15 points or another win away from the Chase.

What he said: “We finally got good track position there toward the end, and we were able to keep it. The Quicken Loans Chevrolet was good. We just didn’t have quite the speed we needed. The guys gave me a great pit stop at the end. It was a fantastic stop, and I’m proud of them.”

Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup, Round 8 at the Budapest Grand Prix, Hungary

Christian Engelhart celebrated his first Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup victory of the season on the Hungaroring on the outskirts of Budapest. This marks his second win in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup since Istanbul 2011. Kévin Estre is the new point’s leader. Driving for Hermes Attempto Racing, the Frenchman won the replacement race for the cancelled Barcelona round on Saturday and finished fifth on Sunday.

In sweltering temperatures, Christian Engelhart immediately sprinted clear at the head of the pack from the first row and put a comfortable gap between him and his pursuers. Putting in a strong drive, the Dane, son of former DTM champion Kurt Thiim, fended off Sean Edwards in hot pursuit behind him over the entire race distance and brought home his best performance so far in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup. Sean Edwards’s delight over his third place was short-lived. The Monaco winner was disqualified because his vehicle did not conform to the regulations.

This handed last year’s winner, Poland’s Kuba Giermaziak (VERVA Racing Team), his first podium result of the year. Fourth place went to Michael Ammermüller (Germany). The ex- Formula 1TM test driver competing for VELTINS Lechner Racing, who finished second on Saturday, defended his lead in the rookie classification and now sits two points ahead of Nicki Thiim. Sixth place went to Austria’s Norbert

Siedler behind 2011 Rookie of the Year Kévin Estre who took the overall lead of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup for the first time.

Driver comments:
Christian Engelhart (winner): “I’ve waited a long time for this win, and that it has finally happened makes it all the more wonderful. It’s a great feeling. We all worked hard for this. My start was brilliant. I immediately pulled alongside Sean and we took the first corner side by side. After two laps my car ran even better and it gave me the chance to catch my breath.”

Points’ standings after 8 of 10 races *

1. Kévin Estre (F), Hermes Attempto Racing, 105
2. René Rast (D), Lechner Racing Team, 104
3. Norbert Siedler (A), VELTINS Lechner Racing, 99
4. Sean Edwards (GB), Konrad Motorsport, 93
5. Michael Ammermüller (D), VELTINS Lechner
Racing, 87
6. Nicki Thiim (D), Hermes Attempto Racing, 85

1. Hermes Attempto Racing, 190 points
2. VELTINS Lechner Racing, 183 points
3. Konrad Motorsport, 169 points

*Although the race in Barcelona was cancelled, the extra points for pole position were still awarded.

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/131 <![CDATA[STEWART-HAAS RACING: Hollywood Casino 400 Race Report]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/131 Tue, 23 Oct 2012 12:22:30 +0100

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/115 <![CDATA[MOBIL 1 RACING NEWSLETTER - Race Report Overview : Bahrain Grand Prix]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/115 Tue, 23 Oct 2012 01:00:00 +0100 22nd April 2012

Started: 2nd
Finished: 8th
Fastest lap: 1m37.733s
Points: 49 (2nd)

“There are good times and bad times in motor racing. I guess this was just one of those days. By rights we should have been fighting to finish in the top four today, but it didn’t work out like that in the end. The delays in the pits were a big part of that, of course. For the driver sitting in the car, that’s always frustrating, because you’re just waiting and there’s nothing you can do to help.

We lost a bit of world championship momentum today – but, on the plus side, we still picked up four world championship points, and every point you score is valuable in a season as close-fought as this one.

Now we’ll head into the European season, and it’s clear that we’ve got to do two things: we’ve got to work on the pace of our car and we’ve got to improve our pitstops.”

Started: 4th
Finished: Retired
Fastest lap: 1m38.046s
Points: 43 (4th)

“I didn’t have a very good balance today: I was struggling all afternoon with oversteer. We were taking front wing out of the car all the way through the race, in fact.

However, my final stint was a long one, and, if I hadn’t struck trouble, I reckon things would have got quite interesting in the final laps. Some drivers had pushed harder at the start of that stint, but I’d been looking after my tyres. Into the last five laps, I started pushing pretty hard, and I caught up with Paul [di Resta] and Nico [Rosberg]. But, just as I braked for the final corner [on lap 53], the right-front corner lifted up in the air and I realised I had a [left-rear] puncture. So I quickly radioed the team, and pitted. In the last few laps, the car sounded really noisy. I think the initial problem was an exhaust failure, then my puncture, and then a differential failure; so I had to retire. It’s been a pretty difficult weekend for the whole team.”

Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

“Clearly, our performance was disappointing this afternoon. Having said that, both Lewis and Jenson drove very well in extremely challenging conditions. Lewis pulled off some sensational passing manoeuvres in his efforts to push his way through to the front, but in the end he was let down by two slow pitstops, both of which were caused by delays at the left-rear corner of his car. Jenson’s pitstops were trouble-free, by contrast, so we’ll have to investigate what the problem was with the left-rear corner of Lewis’s car.

Jenson, too, had a frustrating run, which was finally curtailed by a puncture and a problem with both his differential and his exhaust, the combination of which forced us to retire his car. Again, we’ll investigate what caused those problems in due course. Lewis, in second, is just four points off the lead. Lewis and Jenson are as resilient as they are competitive, so you can be well sure that in Spain they’ll both do their utmost to score as many points as possible in an effort to put Vodafone McLaren Mercedes back at the top of both the drivers’ and the constructors’ world championship standings. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the 2012 season is shaping up to be both gripping and unpredictable. Some races you win, some you don’t. That’s motor racing. But, above all, motor racing is a team sport – and  I probably know better than anyone what a superb bunch of men and women the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team is made up of, which is why I’m utterly certain that every last one of them will now work as hard as is humanly possible to make sure that, on the sweeping curves of the Circuit di Catalunya, we’re back where we belong: at the front.”

Race Report Overview - Spanish Grand Prix
13TH May 2012

Started: 24th
Fastest lap: 1m28.918s
Finished: 8th
Points: 53 (3rd)

“I’m proud of my performance today, and proud of the team too. They did a great job: a real improvement with the pitstops, following our difficulties in that area recently. All in all, then, I think today’s result was the best we could do. I was the only driver to attempt a two-stop strategy, and I’m glad I was able to made it work. People often say that I have an aggressive driving style, but my final stint on the Prime tyre was 31 laps, so I reckon I proved today that I can make tyres last.

It was a huge challenge to come through the field from the back, but I never gave up for a single second, right up to the finish line. Before the race I said I’d race my heart out, and that’s exactly what I did. For me, that’s what racing is all about. Today was all about damage limitation. But, now, looking at the bigger picture, I can’t really complain because, despite the setbacks I’ve had this season, I’m still only eight points behind the leader of the drivers’ world championship.

The team has been working extremely hard, and our car is quick. So, when things go right, I think we’ll be in a great position – and it’ll come to us before too long. Finally, big congratulations to Pastor [Maldonado] and everyone at Williams – it’s a fantastic result for them and this is a great day for him personally.”

Started: 10th
Finished: 9th
Fastest lap: 1m28.624s
Points: 45 (6th)

“Congratulations to Pastor! His was a great drive and I’m sure it will instil a lot of confidence in him and the Williams team.

“The Formula 1TM form-book is very mixed-up at the moment, which is unusual, but that’s the way it appears to be going this season. As for us, well, a lot of my afternoon was spent stuck in traffic, and I had a Sauber breathing down my neck for most of the race. All in all, we weren’t quite quick enough today – but that’s something I need to solve myself. I need to find a set-up that suits me better as I feel like I have pretty poor grip at the moment.

“Having said that, I’m already looking forward to Monaco and a much better weekend there. It’s a circuit I love and hopefully a place where we can achieve a good result.”

Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

“Before I say anything else, I want to offer my very hearty congratulations to Williams, to Pastor and particularly to Sir Frank for a stunning victory here today.

“For Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, following our disappointments yesterday, today was always going to be about recovery. Even so, Jenson will be disappointed: he struggled with balance and grip all afternoon, and won’t be satisfied with the brace of world championship points that his ninth place delivered him. Lewis, having started in 24th and last place following his qualifying penalty yesterday, drove an absolutely storming race to eighth place at the chequered flag, all but catching and passing Nico [Rosberg] for seventh place on the final lap. Like Jenson, he won’t be content with the four world championship points he earned this afternoon, but in truth he should be immensely proud of his performance here.

“Lewis was the only driver to make a two-stop strategy work today – and that, given that his race strategy called for him to drive exceptionally hard and extremely fast in heavy traffic all afternoon, pulling off some sensational passing manoeuvres on a circuit on which overtaking is notoriously difficult, was a truly magnificent feat. Make no mistake about it, the 2012 Santander Spanish Grand Prix was one of the most impressive races that Lewis has ever driven. His performance combined fabulous verve with commendable caution – and I’d go so far as to say that, rising above the frustration he inevitably felt yesterday evening, he’s inspired each and every one of us at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes with his stirring drive today.

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/130 <![CDATA[Stewart-Haas Racing: Charlotte 500 Race Report ]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/130 Tue, 16 Oct 2012 09:56:26 +0100

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/129 <![CDATA[2012 KOREAN GRAND PRIX]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/129 Tue, 16 Oct 2012 09:47:08 +0100 Korea International Circuit, Sunday October 14

“Days like these show what’s in your heart when you keep fighting…”
Started: 3rd 
Finished 10th 
Fastest lap 1:42.721s (+0.684, 9th)
Pitstops Three: lap 13 (3.00s), 26 (3.99s) and 42 (2.50s) [Opt-Pri-Pri-Opt]
Points 153 (4th)
“I’m exhausted.
“I was told after the race that my car had suffered a rear anti-roll bar failure a few laps into the second stint. It was safe to drive – and I was trying my best with it, pushing all the way – but it was extremely hard to maintain a good pace. The balance was switching from corner to corner, the car was moving around along the straights, and it was eating up the tyres, which meant we lost further ground by being forced onto a three-stop strategy.
“To make things even more difficult, I then picked up some stray run-off Astroturf, which tangled itself around my sideboard winglet for the final few laps. It stalled the diffuser – so I had no rear downforce at the end, which made it even trickier to hang on to 10th place. 
“In terms of winning the world championship, logic suggests that that’s probably it for me. Having said that, there are a lot of points still up for grabs, so I’ll keep pushing. Stranger things have happened, and I’ll never give up.
“It doesn’t feel great to experience days like these, but every cloud has a silver lining. Put it this way: it’s good to see what’s in your heart when you keep fighting. Days like these show the true spirit within.”
Started 11th 
Finished Retired, lap one: accident damage
Fastest lap - 
Pitstops -
Points 131 (6th)
“I got a really good start and was able to get past both Mercedes. Into the first corner, there was a slight incident in front of me [when Sergio Perez braked late and tapped the car in front], so I was forced to run wide and push Nico [Rosberg] off the circuit. 
“Nico and I then had a good drag-race down the back straight on lap one. I braked really late for Turn Three, then suddenly Kamui’s [Kobayashi] car was climbing all over my car’s right-hand side. 
“It’s extremely disappointing. This is a long race, with so much opportunity for everyone. It’s a great circuit for overtaking, so it’s surprising to see people behaving like that on the first lap.
“I no longer have a realistic chance to win the world championship, so I’ll be enjoying myself over the final four races. Scoring points for the team in the constructors’ world championship will be the most important priority, so I’ll be focusing on picking up as many as I possibly can.”
Team principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes
“Lewis may have scored only a single world championship point this afternoon, but I’m happy to be quoted as saying that it was probably the hardest won and most heroically fought world championship point in McLaren’s long history.
“His car suffered a rear anti-roll bar failure early on – and that destroyed his car’s handling balance and made it impossible for him to look after his tyres. The fact that he nonetheless hung on in there, through thick and thin, battling wheel to wheel with drivers whose cars were undamaged, was truly mighty. 
“Then, finally, to add insult to injury, he picked up a strip of stray run-off Astroturf, and that further compromised his car’s performance – yet, even so, despite not being able to shake it off as it flapped about in the air-stream, he still clung on to 10th place. Believe me, it was an epic, stirring, majestic drive. 
“As for Jenson, well, what can I say? He made a very good start and would, I’m sure, have driven a great race this afternoon. But he wasn’t given the chance to show what he could have done because he was taken out, hit from behind, through no fault of his own.
“So today wasn’t a good day at the office, obviously. But motor racing is like that sometimes. And we’ll fight on. That’s what Vodafone McLaren Mercedes’ incredible team spirit is all about. That’s why McLaren has won one in four of all the grands prix that have been staged since our team first entered world championship grand prix racing 46 long years ago. And that’s why we’ll be moving heaven and earth to win the four grands prix that still remain this year.
“It won’t be easy, but I promise you we’ll all be giving it our very best shot.”
http://www.oil.ie/news/view/127 <![CDATA[2012 JAPANESE GRAND PRIX]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/127 Fri, 12 Oct 2012 01:00:00 +0100 Suzuka Circuit, Sunday October 7

“Good, combative racing; super-slick pitwork; and some valuable points”



Started 8th 

Finished 4th 

Fastest lap 1m36.606s (+0.832s, 2nd)

Pitstops Two: laps 13 (2.49s) and 35 (3.68s) [Opt-Pri-Pri]

Points 131 (6th)

“Fourth definitely isn’t a bad result – particularly considering I started from eighth. I ran as high as third during the first stint, but in hindsight it was probably an error to make our first pitstop so early. Both Kamui [Kobayashi] and I were compromised behind a Toro Rosso, and that cost both of us a bit of time to Felipe [Massa]. He’d started on a brand-new set of tyres, and that makes a big difference: you can go longer and keep the speed up, so he was able to jump both of us after the first stops.

“Towards the end, I was able to push and start catching Kamui. But he controlled his final set of tyres very well – I could get close to him, but the only way I was going to get into the DRS zone was by braking extra-late into the chicane, and, every time I tried, I locked up and ran wide.

“Still, this result isn’t too bad – we got some more points – we just didn’t have the pace to go for the win today.”



Started: 9th 

Finished 5th

Fastest lap 1m37.760s (+1.986s, 11th)

Pitstops Two: lap 16 (3.79s) and 31 (2.52s) [Opt-Pri-Pri]

Points 152 (4th)

“Congratulations to Jenson – he drove well all weekend, and, between us, we got some decent points for the team today.

“I was very fortunate to stay out of trouble at the start; there were lots of cars going off the track, so I just concentrated on bringing the car through undamaged.

“I pushed as hard as I could throughout the whole race. It was a bit of a struggle in the first stint – I had a lot of understeer – but after a while the car started turning again. From that moment on, it felt really good, and I was able to push; but it was too late to have much of an effect on the result.

“This just wasn’t the weekend for me. With better qualifying, we can get better results – and that’ll be our aim in South Korea next week. 

“I’m already looking forward to it.”


Team principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

“When you consider that Red Bull’s drivers lined up for this afternoon’s race from P1 and P2, and our two drivers started it from P8 and P9, the fact that they extended their constructors’ championship lead over us by just five points has to be seen as a decent bit of damage limitation on our part.

“Both Jenson and Lewis drove good and combative races, scoring 22 world championship points between them; but, obviously, given our impressive points-scoring record over the past few grands prix, we’d hoped to achieve rather better than fourth and fifth when we arrived in Suzuka earlier this week.

“We didn’t optimise our performance in qualifying yesterday, and today we struggled with our tyres at various times during the race. Moreover, Jenson was unlucky to get stuck behind Daniel [Ricciardo], and lost quite a bit of time after his first pitstop as a result. 

“Lewis’s second stop was excellent – a superb strategy call backed by super-slick work by our pitcrew – and as a result Lewis emerged from the pitlane more or less alongside Kimi [Raikkonen], edged ahead of him through Turn One, then skilfully held him at bay and collected 10 valuable points for fifth place as a result.

“From Japan we fly to South Korea, where we’ll be looking to score strongly. The tussle for this season’s world championships – both drivers’ and constructors’ – will be extremely hard-fought. But all at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes will dig very deep over the final five grands prix in a big effort to ensure that we’re right there, in the mix, competing for ultimate honours, when the dust finally settles on what’s shaping up to be an extremely exciting battle.

“Bring it on!”

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/126 <![CDATA[Stewart-Haas Racing: Good Sam Roadside Assistance 500]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/126 Thu, 11 Oct 2012 01:00:00 +0100

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/113 <![CDATA[MOBIL 1 RACING NEWSLETTER - RUSSIA : BIGGEST FAN SEARCH]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/113 Wed, 10 Oct 2012 01:00:00 +0100 Mobil 1 are on the hunt for the ultimate motorsport fan in Russia.

On the 23rd April this year ExxonMobil launched the Biggest Fan Search competition to give Russian motorsport enthusiasts the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills for a chance to become an Ultimate Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team member in one of the final Formula 1TM  Grand Prix events of 2012.

The Biggest Fan Search consists of three main stages, with points being awarded for each:

  • To enter the competition, participants were required to purchase a bottle of Mobil 1 oil, and register at www.mobil1.ru before June 17th by using the promo code on the bottle.
  • The next stage of the campaign was an online quiz on the www.mobil1.ru website, this took place from June 18th to July 15th.
  • The final stage of the race started on July 16th. Participants’ skills and knowledge were tested whilst playing a series of online games, competing in a motorsport ‘virtual career’, starting with karting and finishing with Grand Prix Racing.

Two exciting motorsport events completed the BFS program. On June 23rd Mobil 1 Festival took place at Tushino Ring Autodrome, where Mobil 1 invited the participants from both consumer and trade promotions to compete in karting races, watch the drifting races, and learn some interesting facts about motorsport history.

Mobil 1 participation in Moscow City Racing has also become an integral part of the Biggest Fan Search program. For one day only, some of the biggest stars in motorsport turned the streets of Moscow into a racing track. With the support of its long-term technical partner Mobil 1, the legendary Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team has traditionally taken part in the show. This year it was represented by Lewis Hamilton, 2008 FIA Formula 1™ World Champion. Winners of interim BFS stages were invited to the Mobil 1 Suite’s special VIP zone at the event.

The main winner of the campaign is soon to be revealed. The participant who collected the highest amount of points during the whole competition will be treated to a racing weekend alongside the legendary Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team at the end of the 2012 season.


ExxonMobil’s Mobil 1 sponsorship of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes is leveraged through a custom built hospitality suite at a selection of Grand Prix races throughout the year. This facility offers an exclusive opportunity for ExxonMobil Affiliates to entertain their guests throughout a race weekend in a discreetly branded, exciting and emotive environment.

• The Mobil 1 Racing Suite experience opens new doors & builds relationships
• Mobil 1 Racing hospitality creates an environment for relationship marketing
• High level customers invited to Mobil 1 Racing hospitality should feel that their business is valued
• Mobil 1 Racing Suite creates an environment where ExxonMobil affiliates can spend quality time with their customers, whilst delivering an experience that greatly enhances their guests’ view of the ExxonMobil organisation
• The 2012 Mobil 1 Grand Prix hospitality program aims to successfully:

- Transform moments in to relationships
- Deliver against Mobil 1’s brand promise
- Provide an opportunity to maximise events as a business tool to all ExxonMobil affiliates

For more information about how we can help you, please contact: frances.casey@marketingminds.co.uk.

Mobil 1 Racing Experience Hospitality is now available to order. Race information sheets are available to view from the Mobil 1 Motorsport website.

Please visit: http://www.mobil1motorsport.com.

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/123 <![CDATA[Stewart-Haas Racing: Sylvania 300 Race Report]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/123 Tue, 09 Oct 2012 01:00:00 +0100

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/120 <![CDATA[2012 SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/120 Thu, 04 Oct 2012 01:00:00 +0100 Marina Bay circuit, Sunday September 23

“We’ll be fighting for the win in all six remaining races”

Started 4th
Finished 2nd
Fastest lap 1m52.625s (+1.592s, 4th)
Pitstops Two: laps 14 (3.73s) and 33 (3.33s) [Opt-Pri-Pri]
Points 119 (6th)

“It’s nice to be back on the podium – and, if I finish every remaining race in the top one or two, that’ll be perfect.

“During the first stint, I even thought I had a chance of winning because I was able to go longer than the cars around me. But then they didn’t seem to struggle much on the harder tyre, so the advantage swung away from me. I had a good second stint, but the harder tyre didn’t feel quite as good for me [as the softer tyre]. Then I didn’t really have good balance in the final 10 laps.

“I still have a slim chance of winning the drivers’ world championship, but I’m just enjoying my racing at the moment. I think our car will be competitive at Suzuka, and we’re doing a very good job as a team too. Of course, it’s disappointing that we had a reliability failure with Lewis’s car, so that’s something we need to solve, particularly as we’re doing such a good job in every other area.

“If we can solve our reliability issues, we’ll definitely have a chance of fighting for the win in all six remaining races.”

Started: 1st
Finished Ret: gearbox failure
Fastest lap 1m55.541s (+4.508s, 19th)
Pitstops One: lap 12 (2.94s) [Opt-Pri]
Points 142 (4th)

“It’s heart-breaking not to have finished the race today.

We definitely had the pace to win this weekend. In fact, before I retired, I was cruising; just managing the gap back to Seb [Vettel].

“Then I started to experience difficulty with the gearshift, then I lost third gear, and then the ’box kept dropping into neutral.

“Obviously, I was disappointed, but the good thing we can take away from this weekend is that we have extremely good pace. As a result, I think we can really attack in the next few races. It’s going to be hard to close the gap to guys like Fernando [Alonso] and Sebastian [Vettel], especially when they keep finishing race after race, but I’ll never give up.

“There are six more races, and I need to go and win all six.

“I’ll fight until the end.”

Team principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes
“Until his run was curtailed by gearbox failure on lap 23, Lewis was driving towards what would have been the perfect end to a weekend throughout which his pace had been consistently awesome.

“Clearly, for him not to have been able to score the 25 world championship points that his pace looked like netting him was a great disappointment for all of us at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes. But, as TV viewers the world over will have seen from his post-race interviews, Lewis is a fighter and he won’t give up.

“Neither will we. There are six grands prix left to run this season – which equate to a potential 150 world championship points for any driver to score – and you should be in no doubt that Lewis will be aiming to get as close to that 150 target as possible.

“In the constructors’ world championship, too, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes remains very much in the hunt – bolstered in no small measure by the 18 world championship points that Jenson’s solid run to second place occasioned here today.

“We’ll keep pushing. Roll on Suzuka.”

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/112 <![CDATA[MOBIL 1 RACING NEWSLETTER - AVAILABILITY OF NEW ASSETS]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/112 Tue, 02 Oct 2012 01:00:00 +0100 2012 MOBIL 1 FORUMULA 1TM IMAGES

AVAILABLE NOW. Mobil 1 Formula 1TM images that can be used to support your local marketing initiatives. The images consist of a variety of studio shots of both drivers and their cars. Images are available in branded (Johnnie Walker) and unbranded specification.

For guidance on use within your local market please contact: nicola.tonna@marketingminds.co.uk (other images are available).

Mobil 1 Virtual Cutaway

Want to find out more about how fully synthetic Mercedes Formula 1 team go faster, then visit
Mobil lubricants help the Vodafone McLaren www.mobil1motorsport.com/virtualcutaway.

To support VIP visits to the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, United Kingdom, Mobil 1 Racing has created a new film sequence to provide an insight in to the role of Mobil 1 motor oil in the success of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team. Featuring drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button and also Team Principal Martin Whitmarsh the sequence is available for use to support your marketing initiatives. The film can be previewed from the Mobil 1 Motorsport site (www.mobil1motorsport.com) or please contact nicola.tonna@marketingminds.co.uk for more details.

Play to win - get your name on Lewis, Jenson or Tony’s real-life race cars this season!

Want to see your name on Lewis, Jenson or Tony’s real-life car at the end of the season? Clock up a winning performance in our interactive new Mobil 1TM Racing Academy and you’ll get your chance www.mobil1racingacademy.com.

The 2012 motorsports season is off to a thrilling start and the Mobil 1TM team is offering fans across the world the chance to join in on the action with its new online 3D game: Mobil 1 Racing™ Academy. Players have the unique opportunity to follow in the footsteps of 2008 Formula 1™ World Champion Lewis Hamilton and three-time NASCAR® champion, Tony Stewart, as they progress from grassroots series to the very top of motorsport in the Mobil 1 Racing Academy, a free online gaming experience.

Players experience the game on three distinct skill levels for each idol. Those tracing the career of Lewis Hamilton will compete in Karting, then Formula 3, and finally Grand Prix racing. Those racing as Tony Stewart will progress from Midget Car, to IndyCar, and finally to NASCAR®. Fans will be mentored by the two superstars every step of the way, with tips for each series, game-stage relevant career overviews and sound bites to encourage the players.

Points are awarded to players according to race place and game level, with a 1st place score in the Grand Prix and NASCAR levels generating more points than an equivalent placing in the Karting or Midget Car levels. Each month one winner will be chosen from each series (Grand Prix and NASCAR) based on their total point score. These winners will be offered an incredible, money-can’t-buy prize - their place in motorsport history. The top scorers will either have their names placed within the Mobil 1™ logos on Vodafone McLaren Mercedes cars at the USA Grand Prix in Austin, or Stewart-Haas Racing cars at the NASCAR Kobalt Tools 500 in Phoenix.

The Mobil 1 Racing™ Academy builds on the successes of 2010’s Mobil 1™ Global Challenge—ranked amongst the top ten internet-based games that year—and 2011’s Mobil 1 Track Challenge, which hit number one on Viralchart.com and boasted over 10 million individual gameplays.

Mobil 1 to kick off 2012 “Will you Be The One” Contest Offering the Grand Prix Experience of a Lifetime

- Mobil 1 to send grand prize winners to the Austin, Texas Grand Prix to experience the thrill of the track in person

- This is the third year Mobil 1 is launching “Will you Be The One?” to reward motorsport fans

Mobil 1™ launched its third annual popular online contest, “Will You Be The One?” on July 16th, 2012, once again offering Asia Pacific motorsport devotees an exciting racing experience. Building on two successful campaigns in 2010 and 2011, this year’s contest engages players across Asia Pacific by showing them a virtual enactment of racecar driving online. Fans who register by signing up at www.mobil1.com are entering to win the trip of a lifetime to this October’s Grand Prix race in Austin, Texas.

From July 16th, 2012, fans who sign up on the Mobil 1 “Will You Be The One?” website will be competing for weekly prizes, and a trip to Austin, Texas in October 2012. They will learn the mechanics of driving and how Mobil 1 engine oil boosts the performance of the world’s fastest cars through interactive driving games. Participants who sign up their friends and spread enthusiasm for the campaign will raise their chances of winning the grand prize!

“Mobil 1’s “Will You Be The One?” contest is an exciting way for Grand Prix racing fans to experience what it is like driving on the racetrack. The virtual movements and interactions really show users how technology and important components like Mobil 1 engine oil keep our cars in top form.”

The Mobil 1 “Will You Be The One?” campaign kicked off in September 2010 to offer motorsport followers the chance to engage in thrilling Formula racing experiences. Twenty-four winners of the 2010 “Will You Be The One?” contest invited to train with Grand Prix race car professionals and bond together with like-minded motorsport lovers across Asia at the Global Racing Schools in Zhuhai, China. Last year, winners of “Will You Be The One?” were sent to the Korean Grand Prix to see first hand the excitement on the race track in a real Grand Prix experience. “Mobil 1 is devoted to making the dreams of racing enthusiasts come true.” Mr. Eric Carmichael, Asia Pacific Marketing Manager, ExxonMobil Lubricants and Specialties Company said, “We are excited to begin another contest that will reward fans and allow them to join in the Formula 1TM racing experience.”

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/110 <![CDATA[MOBIL 1 RACING NEWSLETTER - LEWIS HAMILTON'S 100TH GRAND PRIX RACE WITH MOBIL 1]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/110 Thu, 27 Sep 2012 01:00:00 +0100 The 2012 Santander German Grand Prix marked Lewis Hamilton’s 100th race with Mobil 1.

This achievement was celebrated with the presentation of a personalised bottle of champagne to Lewis Hamilton by Alan Kelly, President of ExxonMobil Fuels, Lubricants &
Specialties Marketing Company, Nigel Searle, Vice President Sales and Tony Weatherill, Motorsports Marketing Manager.

Lewis Hamilton is no stranger to the benefits provided by Mobil 1, as the world’s number 1 synthetic engine oil has been used by Lewis on his journey from karting, through GP2 and finally to Formula 1TM, the pinnacle of motorsport.

Mobil 1 was there when Lewis won the World Championship in 2008 and continues to support the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team with a range of performance products from gear oil to a wheel bearing grease. Our trackside motorsport technical teams, under the leadership of Bruce Crawley ensure that these products deliver the maximum performance and reliability benefits.

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes prides itself on the longevity of its partnerships, and at the 2012 Canadian Grand Prix three of them reach a significant milestone. ExxonMobil, Mercedes-Benz and Enkei have each started 300 grands prix with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes.

The partnership took to the grid for the first time at Interlagos on March 26, 1995, with Mika Häkkinen and Mark Blundell finishing fourth and sixth in MP4/10s powered by an all-new Mercedes-Benz 3.0-litre FO110 engine.

Two years later, David Coulthard delivered the first of the partnership’s 72 wins so far at the first race of the 1997 season, in Melbourne, Australia. The results of these partnerships have been outstanding:

- Four World Championships
- 72 grand prix wins
- 20 one-two finishes
- 70 pole positions
- 81 fastest laps

Additionally, the partnership has clocked 183,972.5 racing kilometres together, led 4614 racing laps and (we estimate) carried out an astonishing 1,832,114 gear-changes.

Martin Whitmarsh, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team principal, said:

“300 grands prix is a significant milestone in the partnership between Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and ExxonMobil, Mercedes-Benz and Enkei. The technical landscape of Formula 1TM  has changed massively since our partnerships began, but our commitment to excellence has been constant. We all want to win."

Racing is in our DNA
Formula 1TM  races through our veins. Innovations flows in our bloodstream. To mark our 300th race with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, we’ve put our DNA under the microscope to see what makes Mobil 1 unique. Explore it with us.

Following the fantastic achievement of 300 Grands Prix as a Technology Partner of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team, Mobil 1 Racing have launched a new website documenting all 300 races throughout the 18 year partnership.

With interviews from past and present drivers, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team management and Mobil 1 technical engineers the site presents a look at our DNA under the microscope to see what makes Mobil 1 unique.

To see it for yourself, please visit: www.mobil1motorsport.com/300gpswithMcLaren.

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/109 <![CDATA[MOBIL 1 RACING NEWSLETTER - 2012 Canadian Grand Prix Race Report]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/109 Tue, 25 Sep 2012 01:00:00 +0100 10th June 2012

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Started 2nd
Finished 1st
Fastest lap 1m17.020s
Points 88 (1st)

“It’s a phenomenal sensation to come back to Canada and put on a performance like we did today. This win feels as good as my first Formula 1TM  victory back in 2007. In fact I’d say it’s one of the best races I’ve had for a very long time. I feel fantastic, to be honest. Just brilliant. I could hardly believe it when I was driving across the line. That emotion inside, it’s like an explosion. It’s really just incredible. It’s what I love best about motor racing.

I always knew today’s race was going to be incredibly tough. So, in the first stint, I was really pleased that I could keep up with Seb [Vettel], and at that point I already felt sure I’d be involved the fight for victory. Our strategy was always for a two-stopper: we knew it was going to be the fastest way to get to the finish.

I looked after my tyres really well today, and I used them knowing we were going to two-stop. I had 100 per cent control and understanding of what was happening in the race – it was one of our best races for that. I told my race engineer, Andy [Latham], to keep the information flowing, and he was fantastic today. I always knew where I was losing or gaining time, which really helped.

Every win is different. Every victory is new, special and fresh. And to see the team all wearing their Vodafone ‘rocket red’ victory T-shirts, knowing the guys back at the factory are doing the same, makes everything feel even more special. Finally, the support from the fans has been amazing – this victory is dedicated to them. I’m so grateful to be here today.”

2012 Canadian Grand Prix Race Report

Started 10th
Finished 16th
Fastest lap 1m17.843s
Points 45 (8th)

“First of all, big congratulations to Lewis and to the whole Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team – they found a lot of speed today and Lewis did a great job.

For me, though, I didn’t find the speed today, and I couldn’t seem to look after the tyres.

Generally, the past few Grand Prix weekends haven’t been great for me. But every time you make changes to the car, you’re hopeful that it’s going to go well and give you an improvement, so hopefully we’ll be able to solve it sooner rather than later.”

Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

“A hat-trick of Canadian Grand Prix wins for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes [2010, 2011, 2012]! Five wins out of the past seven Canadian Grands Prix for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes [2005, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012]! The 13th Canadian Grand Prix win in our history – more than any other team! A third Canadian Grand Prix win for Lewis [2007, 2010, 2012]! And Lewis is now leading the Drivers’ World Championship! And all of that in the historic 300th Grand Prix of the McLaren-Mobil1-Mercedes-Enkei partnership!

So, yes, today was a very good day. Lewis drove brilliantly. He shadowed Seb for the first dozen-or-so laps, then closed right up on him as the first pitstop window approached. When Seb took on fresh rubber on lap 16, Lewis really got the hammer down, made his stop on lap 17, and rejoined the race just ahead of Seb. Then, when Fernando [Alonso] made his pitstop, and re-emerged just ahead of Lewis, he [Lewis] showed his innate racer’s instinct by passing him [Fernando] in short order and then steadily pulling away. It was a majestic performance by a master of his craft at the peak of his form.

For Jenson, by contrast, today was another day on which we, his team, failed to provide him with the tools with which to do the brilliant job we all know he’s capable of, and which he did so superbly here last year. He lost track time on Friday through no fault of his own, was unable to qualify as well as he would have done had he not lost that track time, and may have been further troubled today by a suspension set-up, different from Lewis’s, that left him with excessive rear tyre wear. We’ll have to check that out.

Lastly, I want to pay tribute to Akebono, whose brake callipers coped brilliantly on the circuit that by some margin poses the biggest braking challenge of the Formula 1TM  year.”

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/108 <![CDATA[MOBIL 1 RACING NEWSLETTER - 2012 Santander German Grand Prix Race Report]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/108 Thu, 20 Sep 2012 01:00:00 +0100 22nd July 2012

Hockenheim Circuit
Started 6th
Finished 2nd
Fastest lap 1m19.719s
Points 68 (7th)

“I had a really good race and really enjoyed myself out there. I made a good start, pulled off some good moves on both Nico [Hukenberg] and Michael [Schumacher] and had strong pace all afternoon. Sebastian [Vettel]’s pass was a pretty straightforward matter: the rules state that you can’t go off the track to gain an advantage. The thing is, there would have been more opportunities for him before the end of the race as my rear tyres were damaged. That’s because I had to push hard to try and catch Fernando [Alonso], which meant I had nothing left for the end of the race. We pretty much ran out of rubber two laps before the chequer.

There are two strong positives to take away from today: firstly, although it proved very difficult to overtake, we’re right up there with Ferrari and Red Bull in terms of speed. Our upgrade package is working well: if we can sort out qualifying, we’re in the mix, and we’ll have a really good chance of winning races this season.

Secondly, although there’s previously been some negative talk about our pitstops, the boys did an unbelievable job today. My fastest stop was a 2.31s – the blink of an eye, and, I’m told, the fastest pitstop in history. They were phenomenal and gave it absolutely everything today – all our effort is really paying off now. I’m already looking forward to Hungary – it’s a special place for me, and I feel really encouraged that we can have another great race next weekend.”

2012 Santander German Grand Prix Race Report
Started 7th
Finished Retired
Fastest lap 1m20.091s
Points 92 (5th)

“My second-lap puncture was incredibly unfortunate: there was debris scattered across the full width of the track and I didn’t have any option other than to drive straight through it. What’s more frustrating is that, at the time, I was the eighth car through – so to be the one to get the puncture is just cruel luck.

It was immediately clear that my car didn’t feel the same after the puncture. However, after a few laps, I was able to adapt my driving style, and the car had good pace during the middle stint. However, with the damage to the rear, I think we were lucky to get that far, to be honest.

At least I was able to have some fun out on track – my pace was good enough to be able to match the leaders during the middle stint. And that’s encouraging for me, because we know our car’s been genuinely quick this weekend. A big thank-you to everyone back at the factory for all their efforts to get a lot of new parts onto the car this weekend – every little bit helps, and we know there’s even more in the pipeline. We’ll put that pace in our pockets and take it to Hungary next weekend. I’m back in the car in five days’ time – and that’s the best possible news for me after a day like today.”

Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

“A great drive from Jenson today – a little frustrating to have started sixth, which meant he lost time at the start of the race [behind Hulkenberg and Schumacher], but he drove brilliantly to catch and battle the leaders.

He wasn’t quite able to bridge the gap to Fernando because, frankly, we were saving fuel at that stage, his rear tyres had gone off a little bit because he’d been behind the Ferrari for some time, and also because Fernando’s never an easy driver to overtake. Indeed, Ferrari are doing a great job at the moment – but we know they’re beatable. I think it’s important to place some of the credit for Jenson’s second place with our pitcrew: their second stop for Jenson was the fastest Formula 1TM pitstop of all time, with a stationary time of just 2.31s. That’s quite unbelievable and not only a testament to our belief in the processes and equipment we put in place to improve our performance, but also to the commitment and determination of the guys on the ground to improve and refine their technique. Well done to everyone for a quite phenomenal achievement!

Lewis was incredibly unfortunate to be a victim of the Turn One debris – there wasn’t anything
he could have done to avoid it. Unfortunately, the puncture damaged the rear of his car, prompting us to monitor the data carefully to track all the vital signs. It’s a terribly disappointing conclusion to his 100th grand prix.”

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/106 <![CDATA[MOBIL 1 RACING NEWSLETTER - 2012 Hungarian Grand Prix Race Report]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/106 Tue, 18 Sep 2012 01:00:00 +0100 29th July 2012

Hungaroring Circuit
Started 1st
Finished 1st
Fastest lap 1m25.831s
Points 117 (4th)

“Well, what can I say?! I’m over the moon! The team did a fantastic job! Absolutely brilliant! It was a really enjoyable race – but it wasn’t at all easy. In fact, I reckon that it was one of the toughest races I’ve ever driven – but, guess what, I’ll savour it all the more for that.

I was under a lot of pressure throughout all 69 laps. First, Romain [Grosjean] and then Kimi [Raikkonen] were right behind me, all the way through, and I had to look after my tyres without letting my pace drop, which was pretty tricky at times. It was a case of managing the gap behind me, over the whole lap, every lap. In particular, I had to make sure that, every lap, I always had a big enough gap at the last corner, so that I wouldn’t be overtaken in the DRS zone on the pitstraight. And I managed to do that every time.

As I say, the team did an absolutely incredible job – and the support we’ve had here in Budapest, not only from the visiting British fans but also from the local Hungarian fans, has been phenomenal. And to be able to win a Grand Prix on the weekend that the Olympic Games started in the UK too, well, I feel like we’ve done our part to contribute to what I hope will be many more British successes over the Olympic Games period. Someone has just told me that we’ve scored Britain’s first gold medal of 2012. Well, it isn’t really that, is it? But it’s the first British victory of the Olympic Games period, which is pretty cool.”

Started 4th
Finished 6th
Fastest lap 1m25.677s
Points 76 (7th)

“First of all, I want to say a big ‘Well done!’ to Lewis and the entire Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team. Fantastic job, guys!

For me, though, I guess today was quite a bit more frustrating than it was for Lewis. Having said that, I was really pleased to be able to get ahead of Seb [Vettel] on the opening lap, passing him on the outside of Turn Two, and to be able to hold a very solid third place at that point. I was on the leaders’ pace too. In fact, even after the first stop, I could still see the leaders – so we were obviously still pretty close.

There are lots of positives to take away from this weekend: our car is obviously quick, as I was able to show at Hockenheim and Lewis was able to confirm here, and in the second half of the season I know that everyone at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes will work as hard as possible to maintain and continue that upward performance development curve.”

Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

“Lewis drove with tremendous composure all afternoon, and the result was a meticulously judged victory, wrought under intense pressure throughout. He made a superb start from pole position, then controlled the race with masterful authority, all the while balancing the necessity to execute rapid laps against the equally pressing requirement to conserve his tyres.

The 25 points he annexed today have taken his season-so-far total to 117. Although he’s still a little way behind the Drivers’ World Championship leader, he’s now very well placed to mount an assault on the Drivers’ World Championship crown over the remaining nine races of the season. Believe me, it’s still all up for grabs.

Jenson had a frustrating race but nonetheless managed to score a useful eight points as a result of finishing in sixth place. Like Lewis, he’ll come back from the mid-season break ready to attack the second half of the season with energy and enthusiasm. And, again, also like Lewis, he’ll be aiming to score plenty of points, at Spa-Francorchamps and Interlagos and everywhere in between.

Yesterday Lewis scored the 150th pole position in McLaren’s history – and today he notched up our 178th Grand Prix victory. It was his 101st Grand Prix – and it’s difficult to imagine a better way for him to have begun his second century of Grand Prix appearances, isn’t it?”

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/105 <![CDATA[MOBIL 1 RACING NEWSLETTER - Inside Track: Formula 1]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/105 Tue, 11 Sep 2012 01:00:00 +0100 We have already reached the halfway point of the 2012 Formula 1TM season, so lets take a look at the race by race driver’s standings so far:

Australia: BUTTON (1st); HAMILTON (3rd); POLE (Hamilton); Fastest lap (Button); Winner (Button)
Malaysia: BUTTON (14th); HAMILTON (3rd); POLE (Hamilton); Fastest lap (Räikkönen); Winner (Alonso)
China: BUTTON (2nd); HAMILTON (3rd); POLE (Rosberg); Fastest lap (Kobayashi); Winner (Rosberg)
Bahrain: BUTTON (Retired); HAMILTON (8th); POLE (Vettel); Fastest lap (Vettel); Winner (Vettel)
Spain: BUTTON (9th); HAMILTON (8th); POLE (Maldonado); Fastest lap (Grosjean); Winner (Maldonado)
Monaco: BUTTON (Retired); HAMILTON (5th); POLE (Webber); Fastest lap (Perez); Winner (Webber)
Canada: BUTTON (16th); HAMILTON (1st); POLE (Vettel); Fastest lap (Vettel); Winner (Hamilton)
Europe: BUTTON (8th); HAMILTON (Retired); POLE (Vettel); Fastest lap (Rosberg); Winner (Alonso)
Great Britain: BUTTON (10th); HAMILTON (8th); POLE (Alonso); Fastest lap (Räikkönen); Winner (Webber)
Germany: BUTTON (2nd); HAMILTON (Retired); POLE (Alonso); Fastest lap (Schumacher); Winner (Alonso)
Hungary: BUTTON (6th); HAMILTON (1st); POLE (Hamilton); Fastest lap (Vettel); Winner (Hamilton)
Abu Dhabi


FIA Formula 1TM  Drivers’ Championship


FIA Formula 1TM Constructors' Championship

03 LOTUS F1 TEAM; 192
12 HRT F1 TEAM; 0

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/104 <![CDATA[MOBIL 1 RACING NEWSLETTER]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/104 Thu, 06 Sep 2012 01:00:00 +0100 Issue 03: August 2012

Welcome to the third issue of the Mobil 1 RacingTM newsletter highlighting all the major news and developments within our motorsports activities.

It’s also an opportunity to keep you up to date on the assets, collaterals and benefits that these motorsport partnerships can provide in supporting your own business whether you are in the PVL, CVL, Industrial, Aviation and Marine sectors.

The season is flying by and we’ve found ourselves at the halfway point already. The Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team has shown its capabilities this year already with convincing wins in Australia for Jenson and Canada for Lewis. The Canadian Grand Prix also marked the achievement of 300 Grands Prix as a partner of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes.

The Championship is still wide open for both drivers and every point counts!

We would very much appreciate any feedback on this third issue and would encourage any views or comments.

Tony Weatherill
Motorsport Marketing Manager

In this issue we feature:

  • Formula 1TM race by race standings, 11 out of 20 races completed
  • Lewis Hamilton’s 100th Grand Prix race with Mobil 1
  • Congratulations on 300 Grand Prix races for Mobil 1
  • The Mobil 1 Racing DNA website is revealed!
  • Availability of new motorsport assets:

- 2012 Mobil 1 Formula 1TM images
- Virtual Cutaway
- Mobil 1 in Formula 1TM video

  • Recent events:

- China driver appearance with Lewis Hamilton
- Moscow City Racing

©2012 Exxon Mobil Corporation. All trademarks used herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of Exxon Mobil Corporation or one of its subsidiaries unless indicated
otherwise. ™2012 Stewart-Haas Racing. NASCAR® is a registered trademark of The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, Inc.


People Focus

Name: Bruce Crawley
Title: Global Motorsport Technology Manager
Company: ExxonMobil

Bruce W. Crawley is one of ExxonMobil’s foremost technical experts and leads a team of scientists and trackside engineers who develop innovative products and support motorsport partnerships in Formula 1TM, NASCAR, LMS, ALMS, WTCC, FIA GT and SuperV8 racing series.

Bruce began his career in the automotive industry serving an engineering apprenticeship and earned a bachelor’s and a doctorate degree at Brunel University in London England. He joined ExxonMobil in 1982 and has enjoyed a career in a variety of positions in research and development, marketing and sales functions.

“I have had a passion for automotive engineering, materials science and motorsport since my early school days and designed and built my first engine powered go-kart when I was 14 years old. My current position presents me with some very demanding and exciting challenges which involve continually improving our knowledge, understanding and products performance and then translating this into a competitive edge on the track to help the driver’s win races. Recently we have also been focusing on communicating in more detail how the superior performance of our products and engineering expertise enable lap time reduction and improved reliability. Contributing to the success of a racing team is all about understanding how our products influence car performance and developing new ones at a very rapid pace. This makes it a brilliant learning platform as we have a direct influence on the car design, and you’re always under pressure to be innovative, to come up with new ideas and solutions”.

Just one of the reasons why Mobil 1 is the world’s leading synthetic motor oil with technology to help keep your engine running like new.

http://www.oil.ie/news/view/100 <![CDATA[Win Incredible VIP Trip to United States Grand Prix with Road to Austin Competition from Mobil 1]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/100 Mon, 23 Jul 2012 14:22:36 +0100
  • Enter ‘Road to Austin’ online racing competition and set fastest time to win VIP Grand Prix trip to Austin, Texas
  • Use your driving skills and knowledge of motorsports and Mobil 1 to unlock time bonuses and reach Austin faster than your opponents from across Europe
  • Winner and a friend to meet Vodafone McLaren Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton and experience Grand Prix from ‘behind the scenes’

    With the 2012 motorsports season shaping up to be one of the most exciting in years, Mobil 1 is offering fans the chance to get in on the action with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team at the 2012 United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas.
    The free to play Mobil 1 Road to Austin competition, available here, tests players’ driving skills and motorsports knowledge. To win, fans race against the clock on a route which takes them through Europe, passing famous monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, Brandenburg Gate and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, finishing in Austin.
    Throughout the race, players are challenged with multiple-choice questions to test their knowledge of Grand Prix racing and Mobil 1, with correct answers taking 15 seconds from their overall time. Once players reach the end of the track, they can either enter their details and submit their score or return to the start to have another shot at improving their time and chances
    Competitors will also be offered the option to play the Mobil 1 Racing Academy game – upon which the Road to Austin competition is based. Here they can race through different racing series such as karting and midget cars, as they follow the careers of Lewis Hamilton and NASCAR driver Tony Stewart.
    The winner and a friend will fly business class to Austin, Texas, where they will enjoy luxury accommodation before joining the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team for the duration of the race weekend at the new Circuit of the Americas.
    The exclusive access includes a private tour of the team’s garage and the opportunity to meet the team’s drivers, with the chance to watch the qualifying sessions and Grand Prix from exclusive Mobil 1 hospitality. The experience also includes spending money and a gift pack.
    Terms and conditions of entry apply. To view full competition Terms & Conditions please visit http://www.mobil1.co.uk/performance/racing-academy-game.aspx.
    Mobil 1, the world’s leading synthetic motor oil brand, has been provided to motorsport teams across the globe to maximise car and driver performance. As the Technology Partner of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1™ team and the Official Motor Oil for NASCAR®, Mobil 1 now enters its 37th year at the forefront of automotive lubrication innovation, delivering excellent performance for all drivers, regardless of conditions.
    About ExxonMobil Lubricants and Specialties
    ExxonMobil Lubricants and Petroleum Specialties Company, a division of Exxon Mobil Corporation, is a leading marketer of finished lubricants, asphalts and specialty products, as well as one of the world's largest suppliers of lubricant base stocks.
    About Mobil 1 motor oil
    The world's leading synthetic motor oil brand, Mobil 1 features anti-wear technology that provides performance beyond our conventional motor oils. This technology allows Mobil 1 to meet or exceed the toughest standards of car builders and to provide exceptional protection against engine wear, under normal or even some of the most extreme conditions. Mobil 1 flows quickly in extreme temperatures to protect critical engine parts and is designed to maximize engine performance and help extend engine life.
    Mobil, Mobil 1 and the 1 Icon are trademarks or registered trademarks of Exxon Mobil Corporation or one of its subsidiaries. All other marks used are the property of their respective owners.


    http://www.oil.ie/news/view/87 <![CDATA[The Rise of Tony Stewart]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/87 Wed, 11 Jul 2012 01:00:00 +0100 Three time NASCAR champion, three time Driver of the Year, owner and driver. Those are a few ways to describe the great Tony Stewart.

    Tony Stewart was inspired by his dad to get into racing at a very young age. He has driven stock cars, sprint cars, Indy cars and taken part in midget racing. He has earned the NASCAR Champion and Driver of the Year titles three times and is the only driver in history to have won a championship in IndyCar and NASCAR. Tony is also the owner and driver of his team, Stewart-Haas Racing, the owner of the Eldora Speedway and the co-owner of two other racetracks.

    Tony Stewart also goes by the name “Smoke” which came from his tendency to slip the right-rear tyre and blow engines. Smoke founded the Tony Stewart Foundation in 2003 which donates funds to care for chronically ill children, drivers who have suffered motorsports injuries and to support animal organisations. To find out even more about this great driver, watch this video.

    http://www.oil.ie/news/view/83 <![CDATA[The Porsche Juniors]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/83 Thu, 05 Jul 2012 01:00:00 +0100 Klaus Bachler and Michael Christensen have a chance to become world renowned drivers thanks to the Porsche Junior Driver Program. The program provides financial, technical and driver support for talented young drivers. The two were chosen from a huge crop of candidates after enduring intense mental and physical tests.

    The program has been running since 1997 and develops young drivers to have a career in Porsche motorsport. It’s very similar to the One from a Billion Hunt. Six contenders were chosen from around the world and competed for two spots. The finalists’ ages ranged from 18 to 21 years and they spent time training on a track in Vallelunga, Italy. They are taken through fitness tests, sponsor obligations and media coaching as part of the program. Professional driver of ten years, Sascha Maassen, is also involved and trains the drivers whilst striving to decrease their driving mistakes.

    Klaus from Austria and Michael from Denmark are names the motorsport world will soon become familiar with!

    http://www.oil.ie/news/view/79 <![CDATA[Circuit of Wicklow - 1978]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/79 Thu, 07 Jun 2012 01:00:00 +0100 It was 1978 and some of Ireland’s top drivers had made their way to the Circuit of Wicklow, an event sponsored by Mobil. The 70 daredevil drivers were going to race through the Garden Country’s forest roads.

    The Circuit of Wicklow was kicked off with a ‘breakfast at Burkes’ sponsored by Sylvester Burke, Burke Lubricants the Mobil distributor in County Wicklow. Sylvester, a car enthusiast, often sponsored major local events. When asked what it meant to be involved with the Circuit, Syl said: “An awful lot because there is practically no motor racing in the country now and any event we can get for the country is a major bonus.”

    The atmosphere in Wicklow town on Sunday evening where the enthusiasts finished up was more akin to Silverstone after a major motor racing event. *

    "Some of the guys in this race today are ranked very highly in Europe so their presence here alone, particularly at the end of a long season, is proof of the importance of this event," Sylvester added. *

    Sylvester paid tribute to the Forestry Department and its workers to allow the event to go through the forest roads of Glenealy and Glenmalure as the county's roads weren't conducive to motor racing. Among the drivers that took part were Noel and Damien Driver, Pat O’Neil, Tom McGee, Michael Fortune, David James, Tony Ferris, Colm Whelan, Martin Nugent, Ivor Murphy, Liam McGuinness, D.Barry, T.Chadwick, Innes Sheane, Peter Murphy, Niall Driver, F.Corrigan and Mark O'Carroll.

    *Quoted from the article below.

    Burke Lubricants would like to thank Myles Carroll from Aughrim Motors Limited for keeping this newspaper article for 23 years and passing it on to Burke Lubricants as part of the 40th Anniversary celebration.


    http://www.oil.ie/news/view/60 <![CDATA[The Complexity of an F1 Steering Wheel]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/60 Mon, 16 Apr 2012 01:00:00 +0100 Over the years the F1 vehicle has developed and changed dramatically. The car has gotten lower and the cockpit narrower. The steering wheel has had to change too in order to accommodate the differences. From the days of being made completely out of wood and having no buttons, steering wheels have developed to include nearly twenty buttons and paddles and that number can change according to the preferences of the driver.

    F1 safety is of vital importance and the steering wheel plays a big part in the rapid release of the driver in dangerous situations. The FIA technical regulations state that the driver needs to be able to get out of his vehicle in under five seconds and by only removing the steering wheel.

    This video takes a look at the development of the F1 steering wheel over the years and the motorsport technology that goes into perfecting the driver’s connection to his machine.



    http://www.oil.ie/news/view/47 <![CDATA[Safety in Formula 1]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/47 Thu, 15 Mar 2012 00:00:00 +0000 Formula 1 is a dangerous sport. Such a high risk factor puts everyone involved in varying levels of danger, which is why there are so many safety measures and requirements that need to be adhered to in order to avoid tragedy.

    Safety is one of the key factors when designing an F1 car; the car needs to be able to protect the driver. Many safety and design advancements have been made over the years to ensure the safety of the drivers whilst maintaining the performance aspect. The clothing also plays a vital part in F1 safety. Fireproof clothing and carbon proof helmets need to be worn and there is even protection against neck injuries. Essential when you consider the G-forces these drivers are exposed to.

    Outside of the safety of the vehicle and driver, there is also the safety car. The car is sent out when an accident has occurred on the track and the other drivers need to be diverted to avoid disruption. The cars follow behind the safety car until the track has been cleared.

    There is a high level of safety involved with F1 and improvements are being researched constantly in order to maximise entertainment and excitement without endangering lives.

    http://www.oil.ie/news/view/41 <![CDATA[The Grip of an F1 Car]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/41 Thu, 16 Feb 2012 00:00:00 +0000 Grip is a vital component when creating competitive F1 cars and the recent changes to tyre regulations have made them more important than ever. Grip is the downforce and traction of the vehicle. The faster the speed, the more important grip becomes.

    There are two types of grip: aerodynamic and mechanical. The aerodynamic grip and downforce is generated by the wings and the air around the car. The mechanical grip is generated by the setup of the vehicle and mechanical characteristics of the chassis. The mechanical grip is mostly generated from the tyres, suspension and steering systems. The right tyres working together with the mechanical grip create a winning combination. The tyres that are now used on the tour are the Pirelli tyres.

    In this video, we go through to the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Technology Centre to view the mechanical aspects and importance of mechanical grip, and how tyres in particular can be used to improve race times.

    http://www.oil.ie/news/view/40 <![CDATA[Step Behind the Scenes]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/40 Tue, 14 Feb 2012 00:00:00 +0000 Johnnie Walker has celebrated its partnership with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes with a behind-the-scenes video campaign. The Step Inside the Circuit videos take fans on a journey into the experience of being an F1 driver, specifically Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.

    This video was filmed whilst Hamilton and Button were in India for the Grand Prix, which was held at the brand new Buddh International Circuit. Hamilton has toured India before but it was Button’s first time in the country, and in true Indian style, he drove around the circuit in a traditional tuk tuk. After great preparation, Button finished second place in the Grand Prix.


    http://www.oil.ie/news/view/37 <![CDATA[Smoke, the Driver of the Year]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/37 Tue, 07 Feb 2012 00:00:00 +0000 Tony ‘Smoke’ Stewart has been named the Driver of the Year. Tony has won this prestigious award three times now; the previous being in 2002 and 2005.

    The Richard Petty Driver of the Year is decided by the National Motorsports Press Association panel. This annual award was started in 1969 in memory of the leader of cup victories, Richard Petty. The winner is chosen based on a vote by the NMPA panel. Tony beat his Cup challenger, Carl Edwards, with 15 votes to 1.

    Tony moved rapidly up the ranking with a Chase-record of five victories. He then went on to win the NASCAR Chase for the Spirit Cup. The 40-year-old is one of nine drivers to have won three or more Cup Championships.

    Fellow Mobil 1 teammate, Lewis Hamilton, even recorded a message of congratulations. Well done, Tony! Here’s to a year of victories. 

    http://www.oil.ie/news/view/39 <![CDATA[The Big Reveal]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/39 Thu, 02 Feb 2012 12:59:28 +0000 McLaren was the first of the front-line Formula 1 teams to reveal their 2012 season challenger. The Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-27 was debuted on the 1st of February at the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, England. Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton attended the unveiling. “As you can see, this is a beautiful car. Many you see will not be,” said Button, speaking of the new design.

    The rear bodywork is narrower than the previous models to improve the airflow at the rear. Other changes are the exhaust regulations, which will reduce down-force and grip, and the front end of the chassis is lower then before. Whilst it does resemble the MP4-26, the major systems have been updated and re-designed.

    Button and Hamilton won six races last year with the previous model. Button will be the first of the pair to try out the MP4-27. However, Oliver Turvey will test the vehicle before Button uses it at Spain’s Circuito de Jerez on the 7th of February for the first F1 track testing session.

    http://www.oil.ie/news/view/34 <![CDATA[The Hunt for One]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/34 Fri, 27 Jan 2012 00:00:00 +0000 Life for Arjun Maini from Bangalore will never be the same again. The 14-year-old was the chosen winner of the One from a Billion Hunt and will be nurtured for the next five years to become a Formula 1 driver. Along with Arjun, Indian teenagers between the ages of 14 and 17 had the opportunity of taking part, thanks to the Sahara Force India F1 team and Mobil 1.

    The competition travelled through seven cities in India over the course of a few months to find the first Indian Formula 1 driver. From thousands of applicants, ten finalists were chosen and flown to the UK to undergo training. They spent a week at Silverstone circuit (where the Drive of a Lifetime also took place) and received a Formula 1 driving education.  

    Arjun and the two runner-ups have a place in the academy for the next five years. The Hunt will occur every two years and will allow more teens to make their dreams a reality.

    http://www.oil.ie/news/view/31 <![CDATA[Drive of a Lifetime]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/31 Thu, 19 Jan 2012 12:10:14 +0000 Twenty prizewinners. Three days of McLaren training. One winner to take it all. The prize? Getting to drive Lewis Hamilton’s 2008 championship-winning McLaren Mercedes MP 4-23.

    This global competition is part of Johnnie Walker’s Drive of a Lifetime program and allows a member of the public the opportunity to race on the famous Silverstone circuit in the UK.

    This video is what dreams are made of. The winner was Serbian banker, Djorge Simic, who’s emotions swung from nervousness to excitement. The professionals advised him to remain calm, despite that being the last reaction he would feel driving a race car. But after his run, he excitedly jumped up and down and then thanked all those involved.


    http://www.oil.ie/news/view/21 <![CDATA[Mobil & McLaren: 11 Years of Racing & Innovation]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/21 Mon, 26 Dec 2011 22:00:00 +0000 This video tells of the 11-year-long business relationship between ExxonMobil and McLaren. It takes a look at what they've done together and the new range Mobil is working on. 


    http://www.oil.ie/news/view/16 <![CDATA[F1 Car Made of 1500 Mobil 1 Bottles]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/16 Mon, 05 Dec 2011 22:00:00 +0000 Check out this great stop-motion video of performing artists Lori and Hans building a lifesize F1 car out of old Mobil 1 bottles.

    It takes the concept of kitcars to another level. The artists used over 1500 bottles to construct the model, and the end result is an impressive piece of engineering. It's certainly the lightest car on the track. Perhaps it's a sign of things to come and in a not-so-distant future Lewis Hamilton will be winning races in a car constructed from recycled plasic.


    http://www.oil.ie/news/view/15 <![CDATA[ Lewis Hamilton talks about his Vodafone McLaren Mercedes]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/15 Fri, 30 Sep 2011 14:10:36 +0100 He set the Formula One World alight in 2008 with his Championship winning performances, and this year has been a serious contender to regain the title. Check out the video below to watch Lewis Hamilton take viewers underneath the hood of his McLaren Mercedes.



    http://www.oil.ie/news/view/3 <![CDATA[Mobil 1 Car Swap]]> http://www.oil.ie/news/view/3 Mon, 19 Sep 2011 10:14:06 +0100 Picture this scene. Designed to throw a spotlight on Mobil 1, the world’s leading synthetic motor oil brand and its rich heritage in supporting the world’s greatest motorsports stars, ExxonMobil recently brought together two of the most recognisable names in global motorsports for a once-in-a-lifetime event. Formula One™ 2008 World Champion Lewis Hamilton of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and two-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Tony Stewart of Stewart-Haas Racing arrived at the legendary Watkins Glen International Raceway in New York state to put their driving skills to the ultimate test. How? By swapping cars with each other.

    Champions out of their comfort zones
    While thousands of motorsports fans took their seats in the stands, the world’s media from as far as Russia and Brazil gathered to witness the hotly-anticipated event after months of buzz. On a slightly wet and windy afternoon, the two drivers stepped onto the grid for a challenge that both were visibly eager for – no mean feat when your day job is motor racing! Lewis Hamilton geared up to drive the No. 14 Mobil 1/Office Depot Chevrolet Impala, while Tony Stewart was fitted for Lewis’s championship-winning Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-23, two vehicles that had little in common besides their reliance on Mobil 1 lubricants to help give them championship-winning performance.
    Talking each other through how to get the best out of their own vehicles, Tony and Lewis first took a trip around the track together to test out the damp conditions and get to know the legendary twists and turns of what was once the home of the American Grand Prix. After trading a few jokes about what would befall the driver who damaged the other’s car, the two drivers were ready to start their engines.
    Eagerly awaiting their chance to put the pedal to the floor, each driver took his turn to race a few laps around the 3.4-mile, 11-turn lap Watkins Glen circuit. Both drivers were clearly thrilled to get behind the wheel, with Lewis finishing his run with celebratory “doughnuts” at the end of the track! On climbing out of the MP4-23, Tony Stewart gushed that “there’s not a present you could put under the Christmas tree that’s going to compare to this experience today”.
    At the post-event press conference hosted by Formula One™ legend David Coulthard and attended by Alan Kelly, President of ExxonMobil Lubricants and Specialties, both drivers were brimming with enthusiasm about their experience, taking questions from the hundreds of journalists that had gathered to report on the event. Lewis Hamilton described how it was “good to be out there and be a kid again” whilst Tony Stewart said it was “truly the experience of a lifetime”. The event was a resounding success, reported on by the BBC (Europe), Speed TV (USA), Auto Plus (Russia) and some of the most important sports publications in the world, reaching audiences of millions with Mobil 1 messaging.
    Share the action with your own customers.
    Mobil 1’s own TV show, the Grid, was there to capture every moment of the drivers’ challenge. The cameras went behind the scenes to speak to the drivers about what the experience was like, what they had expected and what they learned from their time swapping cars. By uploading the Grid1.TV media player onto the Mobil-branded part of your website, you can now share this experience with your customers to help promote your company’s offer and sales of Mobil branded lubricants in your local area. The Grid1.TV media player is an easy tool to embed in your website and now you can include all the action from the Car Swap! Visit the Grid1.TV media player section on DNet today to find out how easy it is to use this tool – and all the buzz from the Car Swap - to help bring more traffic to your website and communicate your offer, with the ultimate aim of increasing sales of Mobil lubricants.